WND geniuses blame the tragic shooting on ‘drifting away from the instructions of God’ and ‘no gun zones’

I’ve been waiting for the right wing spin after the slaughter of innocent children today in Connecticut. Like Mike Huckabee, WorldNetDaily’s genius readers are laying the blame on our Godless society.  Of course, they cannot comprehend any type of reasonable gun regulations, so they’re essentially admitting that to them, God is not all powerful. So, after a non-powerful post, WND readers were asked (in Republican caps,) “Who or what do you blame most for the kindergarten massacre?”

And the survey says:

A society that keeps drifting away from the instructions of God (42%, 41 Votes)
Some actually blame gun free zones.












As noted here earlier, it’s only a matter of time before Republicans state, If only those Kindergarteners were armed.

This is how WND’s email was presented:





You are deemed ‘gun grabbers’ to the gun nuts at WorldNetDaily if you advocate for reasonable gun regulations. Meanwhile, lives were devastated today. After the incident kids were told to run out of the school *with their eyes closed.* That is the reality of it right there. “With their eyes closed.”  I read through those words countless times on the AP. The horrific reality is that not only are 24 others injured, and that as the kids fled to the school while leaving behind 26 dead corpses including 18 children – but the lives of the parents of the children, the grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors and friends are all effected today.

WND readers of course find a correlation with abortion. Because, meh, I don’t know:


  • Shall not be infringed.

Abortions murder 100,000 X the children every year than murders using guns do, but the socialists are ok with abortions deaths and don’t cry a tear real or fake for them.
This isn’t about preventing murder, it’s about enslaving Americans by removing their last line of defense from tyrany.

God Bless

  • 100% on the money. The people calling for gun bans would not have lifted a hand to stop the abortion of those very same children. Typically the pro-death (abortion) group also favors doing away w/capital punishment for convicted murderers, too.

    A woman’s right to choose her own destiny and not her rapist’s is now being paralleled with the tragic shooting which has appalled America. Republicans, if you’re soul searching, try harder. This visual from WND portrays the Republican mindset that after a child is born they are no longer pro-life.

    • Hank

      I don’t understand how you guys (bloggers) can come running out of the gate politicizing this. I just don’t have it in me to debate the pros and cons of Gun Control today. My head and heart is more here:

      “What I can’t wrap my head around, because I am a mother and grandmother, is the total feeling of despair that the parents must have had the moment they got to the school and were waiting for their children to come out but they never did.”

      Too sad……too desperately sad to be discussing the politics of gun control right now.

    • MM

      America is fricken Crazy – Thank God I live in Germany and my 5 year old daughter can live without the fear of being killed by an insane gun wielding freak. You guys cling to the 2nd amendmant like it’s the holy grail. You don’t realize that America isn’t the freeest country on Earth. You guys are living in a dream world….

    • Hank

      “I’ve been waiting for the right wing spin…”….as you were busily ramping up the left wing spin?? 😉