Dad visits kid’s school, doesn’t hear ‘liberty’ in Pledge of Allegiance, threatens he has “spilled blood before” & will again

January 12, 2013

I’m not certain that liberty means what this father of a student thinks it does. In reaction to his protest of how kids were saying the Pledge of Allegiance a County Sheriff deputy had to be stationed at Mill Creek Elementary School near Geneva, Illinois.  Colin McGroarty didn’t hear the word ‘liberty’ clear enough, so he sent what the school deemed as threatening emails.









The father stated that he is not a threat to the kids and that,”America, God and children are what is important to me.” So, after he wasn’t threatening the kids, he spoke in front of them then told them to go home and ask their parents about Hitler – which should scare the crap out of their parents.

The Daily Herald reports:

Wednesday evening, they said, the parent emailed the school board, administrators and some Mill Creek school parents, and posted a message on social media, charging that the school did not recite the Pledge of Allegiance correctly, leaving out the word “liberty.”He said Wednesday was the first time he was there to hear the kindergartners say the Pledge of Allegiance.

He thought he heard the word “liberty” removed. But more importantly, he said, was that the pledge was immediately followed by students’ recitation of the school creed. In it, students are asked to treat others with respect, follow school and classroom rules and “to try their best.” He said he was upset they pledged this while still holding their hands over their hearts and facing the U.S. flag.

There should be a break between the pledges, he said, and students should not be facing the flag. He called it “conditioning a child” to blindly obey authority without knowing what is in the rules they are promising to obey. “In the beginning of the Hitler Youth movement, people made similar promises,” McGroarty said.

So then McGroarty tried to speak with the principal but he could not get in, so he returned to the library, but then asked a librarian to call the principal. The librarian refused,  so he said he told the children: “Children, do not blindly follow to swear allegiance and to follow rules without knowing what they are,” and that’s when he told the children to ask their parents about Nazis. (It’s for “liberty” so don’t let this disturb you.)

McGroarty said the district is reacting out of fear in light of the recent school shootings in Connecticut. But he says he is “hypersensitive” to the safety of children, due to his own background (on his Facebook page, he says he was abused as a child.) “For anybody to do that kind of stuff (shooting) to kids just tears me to the bone,” he said.

On his Facebook page it reads:

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”

On spilling blood:

When he emailed school officials that he had “spilled blood before” and would do so again to defend freedom, McGroarty said, he was not threatening violence; he was speaking as a military veteran who had sworn to protect the U.S. and defend its Constitution. Veterans, he said, will understand that.

(my bold)

Mr. Man has been banned from school premises. Golly, I can’t imagine why. I thought the Republican and libertarian mindset believed that schools were indoctrinating America’s children. It seems to me that if he did not hear a word correctly during the Pledge, there are far better ways to go about it, like, oh, I don’t know….asking if anyone else heard it correctly first. Or, take your kid out and homeschool ‘em. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Being on lockdown with Dad 24/7 would be a great childhood.

Except for this:

He then took his children home with him to Rockford. (Their mother has primary custody, but they were supposed to stay with him that night, McGroarty said.) The mother has since obtained an order of protection against McGroarty, and the children were returned to her.

I’m certain it was an oversight on the school’s part or he can’t hear worth a fuck unless…the kids are all in it too. Those sneaky kids!

In all sincerity, I hope the father gets the help he needs. Sooner, rather than later.

H/T: My Twitter friend @Truth_Tweeters with thanks.

Image: Daily Herald.

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  • Joe Zamecki

    Religion it an utter and total scam, and this news report underscores that fact.

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