Anti-gay Christian Activist Facing 25 years after filming her 14 year old daughter having sex multiple times

It seems that Republicans that screech the loudest against equality are usually the ones that should be reined in for actual sexual misconduct, and not their perceived instance of such. It’s easy to blame the FABULOUS people because their rights have been limited for quite some time.  This is a prime example: A lawyer in New Hampshire is facing 25 years in prison after filming her 14 year old daughter having sex with two men on multiple occasions. Lisa Biron, 43, of Manchester was convicted by a jury yesterday. It took the jury only one hour. Oh yeah, and Biron works vigorously against gay rights with a Christian-right organization.











Salon reports:

Biron, arrested by the FBI last November, was accused of eight felony counts involving the videotaping of men having sex with a 14-year-old girl who was identified by the Associated Press as her daughter. She also allegedly made a cellphone video of herself having sex with her daughter.

Biron, who claimed on her Facebook page (which was taken down, according to the Concord Monitor) that the Bible was her favorite book, had worked with Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), formerly the Alliance Defense Fund, in defending a Pentecostal church in Concord in a tax fight against the city.

The Arizona-based ADF calls itself a “servant ministry” that seeks to transform the legal system and advocate “for religious liberty, the sanctity of life, and marriage and family.” The group issues dire warnings about “the homosexual agenda” and offers a book (available for a donation of $35) by its president, Alan Sears, and senior director Craig Osten, with that title. In the book, the authors claim that “the homosexual agenda” will destroy religious liberty and free speech. In one chapter, they claim that homosexuality on college campuses leads to pedophilia, and that homosexuality and pedophilia “are intrinsically linked,” a falsehood long perpetuated by the anti-gay right to demonize LGBT people.

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Gosh, where have we heard that well propagated lie before? Rush Limbaugh among so many others springs to mind.

You can read more here. 

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  • Taryn Will Torres

    Disgusting fowl human being! You threw rocks and now you are judged.

    • danah_gaz

      Wait. Rapey lawyer lady is also poultry? Ewwwww. I’ll never eat turkey again.

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    • microdot

      That’s the wrong punch line and I can tell the real joke if you have perhaps 15 minutes…The actual punch line is people who live in grass houses shouldn’t stow thrones….I have another joke and it would take about 10 or minutes but the punch line is, If the foo shits, wear it…..

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    • Anomaly One Hundred

      NO NEED TO GO ALL REPUBLICAN CAPS ON ME. READING IS HARD. IT SAYS, “where have we heard that well propagated lie before?” OH look! Google and here it is:

    • Cosmic_Surfer

      Reading can be both fun and educational if done correctly.
      I do understand the “Dumbing Down of America” syndrome has been in full, glorious, swing since unfurled by the Neo-Con Don and his puppeteers – that plan to end the threat of a strong and well educated middle class by systematic (and quite effective, I might add) destruction of BOTH the Middle Class and the education system (more ketchup – chocked full of vitamins and preservatives to make you big and healthy like BULL) …BUT I digress.

      Not everything Rush says is true. After the opening intro in which his name is stated, that’s where truth ends…And yes, I have been listening to Rush for 20 years, give or take (where else does a girl get a good laugh at the expense of the willfully ignorant, homophobic, Islamophobic and just plain angry xenophobic fools and their leader in fear mongering and inciting stupidity besides Rush – well WND, NewsMax and quite a few #tcot messages on twitter help ………..but Rush merges it all in one big package like Christmas with the Army of God)…BUT I digress.

      It is quite apparent that Rushie is the blob sitting at the right hand if God – How dare anyone take his name in vain even if that writer actually didn’t (though THIS writer will). Quick to jump on the poor Rush the Martyr bandwagon aren’t we?

      • aspromised

        Wow, you really nailed the important part of the story here.

    • doug daluga

      Did you read the story? I says nothing about Rush “condoning these actions.” It says that Rush and the perpetrator espouse the same anti-gay lies.

      “In one chapter, they claim that homosexuality on college campuses leads to pedophilia, and that homosexuality and pedophilia “are intrinsically linked,” a falsehood long perpetuated by the anti-gay right to demonize LGBT people.”

      Rush said this as recently as this week.

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      Hey dude, your caps lock is on. Just trying to help.

      • danah_gaz

        He needs a lot more help than that.

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      This was before the string of beard trophy wives, between gay lovers, or just after forcing his housekeeper to score Oxycontin for him… I’m not sure exactly.

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    Does this count as home schooling? What twisted reasoning was behind each of the two faces of Byron? Everything is AFU with this picture

  • DoubleDogDiogenes

    Looks more like religious fundamentalism leads to pedophilia!