Arkansas Senate to vote on legislation proposed by GOPer to allow concealed handguns in Church

The Arkansas Senate is voting on legislation that would allow concealed handguns in churches, the first of several gun-related measures expected in this year’s session. And why not? The GOP Bible clearly says, “Get ’em with a Glock.”














The AP reports: “The Senate on Thursday planned to vote on a proposal by Republican Sen. Bryan King of Green Forest that would remove churches from the list of places where concealed weapons are prohibited. King’s proposal would leave it up to churches and other places of worship to determine whether to allow concealed handguns and who can carry them. King’s proposal was backed Wednesday by the Senate Judiciary Committee. A similar measure by King was approved by the House two years ago, but failed before a Senate committee. Democratic Gov. Mike Beebe has indicated he’ll likely sign the measure if it reaches his desk.”

So many things that could go wrong but if Jesus said it’s cool, go for it. But, I recall a powerful thing called prayer. Of course, it didn’t work for Rick Perry when he prayed for rain so perhaps that’s why they are revising the Bible while in God’s house again.


  • Jimbeau
  • smgess

    I guess this is so when the armed homeless guy shows up, instead of offering him food, clothes, and shelter as Jesus directed, they can just put him out of his misery? Hope no one shoots a child by accident. Morons…another state never to move to…the list is growing!

  • Kenneth Williams

    What could possibly go wrong.

    • wcarver

      Another reason for preachers to have a Bushmaster under the pulpit. <>