Breitbart blogger goes to Steubenville, within an hour or so determines there is no cover-up of evidence

Steubenville, Ohio is all over the news lately. The action taken by Anonymous/KnightSec to raise awareness over a girl’s rape has garnered much respect for the activists, except for those trying to make the protests in the small town political, which it is not. Case in point: Lee Stranahan. Stranahan is a far right wing writer who attempted to ‘expose’ Occupy Wall Street with funding from Citizens United — it doesn’t get better than that. His supposed ‘in-depth’ footage, which seemingly is set out to propagandize the masses against a formidable movement, also includes the shrieking Andrew Breitbart among others so very similar to himself. And now Stranahan is in Steubenville. Please note the irony: From the fringe factor on the right that hates on women’s rights, Stranahan is going to unearth evidence to prove to the world that reports of a girl’s rape are biased — this coming from a man who is one of the most biased bloggers on the Internet.  No love for Jane Doe from Lee.

Lee explains:

“And I won’t be lectured on respect for women by the party of Anthony Weiner and John Edwards, who called the mother of his child a slut.”



Stranahan posted a picture of Steubenville’s sunrise 3 hours ago, then 2 hours later allegedly met with one of the townspeople. In that same hour Stranahan had a bite to eat at Yorgo’s Gyros-Potatoes, then within minutes determined that there is “no cover-up of evidence” in Steubenville. Why even go there, if he’s not going to actually investigate properly?

Before we get to Lee’s ‘reporting’, here’s his hero, Andrew Breitbart in a drunken rage and this seems appropriate after watching the unhinged blogger call Occupiers “filthy animals”  while adding,  ‘Stop raping people!” And Stranahan, by the way, just extolled Breitbart’s rant in his twitter timeline. Yikes.

Stranahan (aka: Mr Citizens United) took to twitter a few days ago, going after @KyAnonyous and the collectivist group in general.











We had a ‘special’ moment.














What’s the point? Well let’s see, aside from one of his followers calling me a ‘dumb count’ (the irony was so thick on twitter that day), Stranahan seems to be at war with the Internet, which he uses to circulate his views on a daily basis just like most of us. Where Lee failed (again) is not investigating Steubenville’s past, which is embedded with corruption and gives leeway to crime due to hero-worshipping the high school football team. But instead, the Breitbart blogger seems to be trying vigorously to find an angle which favors him/his party/his site or gains him some sort of notoriety.

Behold, Lee is now in Steubenville, checked into a hotel room, had a bite to eat and is already interviewing people (What people? Which people?) and claims that the New York Times article had an “agenda.”

NYT excerpt:

“The thing I found most disturbing about this is that there were other people around when this was going on,”  William McCafferty, the Steubenville police chief, said of the events that unfolded. “Nobody had the morals to say, ‘Hey, stop it, that isn’t right.’










Stranahan works fast! He’s interviewed the townspeople, and now he’s even talking to fifth-graders — who I might add, should be in school and he should have the parent’s permission to talk to them, at least morally.  But these aren’t just fifth graders from Steubenville. Superman Stranahan is somehow obtaining information on other town’s kids miles away. Obviously he has ESP.






For the sake of everything decent Lee, do look into this seemingly incestuous (meant metaphorically) town where everyone is connected to the damned football team. Stop with the knee jerk responses Lee and go be an actual journalist.

Oh, I see he’s using twitter to obtain sources for him. Suddenly, the Internet is a good go-to source.

I’m going to post a list of claims about #Steubenville I suspect are false : if anyone have a cite to show otherwise, please send it.

‘Please continue’  Lee….your war is with the Internet.  There is nothing political here, but I’m sure you’ll find an angle. While he’s attempting to unearth evidence, he’s doing so in a biased manner, instead of an objective one. Again. 

Now the entire Internet is a….. leftist plot! Idea: Perhaps if Anons all wore revolutionary garb with tea bags hanging of the brim of their hats, that would throw him off. Prepare yourselves for the typical Stranahan-tactic of besmirching one’s political foes, even if in reality, it’s simply an effort to bring justice. Just like his film ‘Occupy Unmasked,’  stay tuned for ‘Anonymous Unmasked.: This should be fun. I attended Occupy events and for the record, I never raped anyone. Not even once! And for the record, one of the guys that protested alongside me was a Ron Paul supporter (I have a picture around here somewhere of Mr. Man and his ‘End the Fed’ sign). Oh my Gawd, so Occupy was not a Democrat-Maoist-Marxist-Commie plot after all!

You can’t cut the head off of a leaderless movement. He failed with Occupy and he’ll fail again. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Thank Gawd for the Internet:

We live in an age when social media exists as evidence that can’t just disappear, and Alexandria Goddard, who runs a crime blog called, turned up those deleted pictures from the night in question. Like this one:


















It’s all cool guys! Lee Stranahan, the far right wing blogger has determined within a couple of hours that there is no cover-up of evidence. We can all sleep well tonight.





Without the evil Internet, this heinous crime would have been swept under the rug while cheering on the next football game.

I have ESP too, just like Lee. From his Twitter picture and my ESP-ness, I have determined that he left his teeth at home. Again. I undertand Lee. I’m no spring chicken either. There Lee, that’s how you do biased reporting.











I don’t care if a blogger is left or right wing — just report this case. What happened was wrong. And if Lee is doing this — women know that it is — out of a partisan disrespect to women, remember that we rocked the vote in 2012 which was the cataclysm for death throes we’re witnessing coming from Lee’s beloved Tea Party. By the way, the last time I heard from Lee he said, “You’re too dumb to not block.” His words hurt me so badly. OK, I’m lying. I laughed. As a woman, I am grateful that this heinous crime was brought out into the open, and mostly, it was male Anons that had the respect to do so, so I had no doubt that Lee would go after them, so I’ve been watching his Twitter timeline.


That ‘Dumb Count’ @Anomaly100.

PS: Conservative blogger Lee Stranahan’s porn image gallery “now contains 30% more pussy.” You just can’t make this shit up.

  • Just checking

    So a FAR right wing blogger with zero credibility calls a woman “dumb” then goes to Steubenville to demonize the Anons who exposed the Rape Crew. Let’s talk about “dumb”.

  • Holly Briley

    I would suggest this blogger pull his head out of his ass.

    • That Guy

      Stranahan seems to have his head lodged in there firmly. You can’t fix stupid.

  • catrsimportant

    Yeah, also see the website leestranahanwatch dot com. Lee is KNOWN for his “erotic photography” with some disturbing titles and imagery — he’s a BDSm photographer. He also published an alleged rape victim’s name on his blog because he wanted to debunk her in the George Zimmerman case. What a class act.

  • Biting Reality

    Stranahan – once a horse’s ass, always a horse’s ass (no real disrespect for horses except for the faux demonic monstrosity creature Steubenville claims as “Big Red”).

  • Bonnie Bathory

    this guy is such a douche bag

  • USMCBoonieRat

    Briebert is dead. But in order for clowns like this one to keep an audience they continue to use the name for recognition. Only the stupid accept anything these people say anymore

  • OsborneInk

    Stranahan once claimed to be progressive, but he left Bob Cesca’s blog under a cloud of butthurt because the commenters always ripped his conspiracy theories to shreds. Then he became Breitbart’s Renfield, helped him smear Shirely Sherrod, stuck his nose into Weinergate, etc. In 2012, Stranahan was pushing a ridiculous story about Brett Kimberlin and SWAT calls and liberal bloggers supposedly coming after him, threatening to rape and eat his family (not even making that up). His attempt to sweep me and my friends into that ludicrous tinfoil hattery earned my negative attention for the rest of the year. His presence at that fake-ass AFP tent incident in Michigan was your primary evidence that it was bullshit. Whenever he rears his toothless head, just assume that whatever Stranahan does/says is a lie.

  • Pinback_Sherman

    Breitbart was one of the most heinous people I’ve seen. I’m glad he’s taking a dirt nap. Wish Lee would too.

  • flan59

    You gave him way too much of your time and energy.

    • OsborneInk

      You know, when I was writing about Stranahan last year, everyone had that reaction. It’s the same reaction I got from people when I started writing about Andrew Breitbart: “why would anyone waste their time?” My answer is a question: “do you want this man smearing YOUR progressive social mission like ACORN? Aren’t you going to fight back?”

      Because when we don’t fight back — when we let the blogstupid get ahead of us — we get “Fast & Furious’ed.” That story burned quietly in a couple of low-rent RW blogs for two years before blossoming into a full-fledged nontroversy on Capitol Hill, at which point it was suddenly worth blogging about. Until then, the attitude was “why would anyone waste their time on those guys?”

      • flan59

        I can see that point, but it also gives him some sort of credibility and he has lost that already, at least in the main stream, in my opinion. But I can also see how continuing to expose his lies that you are doing a service, so thanks.

  • Doesn’t matter

    He keeps saying “we know he had video of Obama in college.” No we don’t. Breitbart said he had video of Obama in college. Nobody had ever seen it. If you have footage of something and you want it to get out, you don’t just talk about it, you get it out.