Crazy Talk: Sarah Palin uttered 189,000 words on Fox News, was paid $15.85 per word

Fox News just ‘let go’ of Sarah Palin ending her $1 million annual contract. Smart Politics breaks down an estimation of how much Palin was paid for each word. The half-term Governor of Alaska was recently interviewed at Breitbart, with this Palin-esque quote which leaves us a reminder as to why she’s slipping quickly into irrelevance, “Predicting the future has never been easier because here we are!”

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According to this, Sarah Palin unleashed more than 189,000 words over 150 appearances on various FOX broadcasts during her three years as an analyst at the network, or $15.85 per word. God was mentioned 57 times, Christians and Christianity 16 times, Moses three times, and Jesus once. Palin mentioned “Muslim” 13 times and “Islam” on six occasions.”

“Palin discussed President Obama by name 786 times compared to just 41 mentions for her self-proclaimed favorite former president Ronald Reagan (as told to Gretchen Carlson) with 41 and Abraham Lincoln with three.Religion was frequently peppered into Palin’s commentary and the former governor uttered “Amen” 111 times across her 151 appearances.”

“Right on!” was mentioned 5 times:  “heck” 28 times, “darn” nine times, “hell” seven times, and “damn” twice.

What did we, as Americans do, to deserve this? Palin was paid an average of $15.85 for the 189,221 words she uttered — which seemed to spew out of her mouth in the form of a verbal omelette. While we recover from the divisiveness and spitefulness, which Sarah propagated, Fox talkers are echoing the same juvenile behavior. And even worse, her Fox News colleagues — also millionaires — never called her out for her dishonesty.

Image: Jezebel. 

  • Amber Thompson

    Smart is not a word I would use for her.

  • Robert Spiess

    I for one will not miss the word salad that Caribou Barbie utters and while It’s bad karma to wish ill on a person I do hope she slips and falls face first in a big steaming pile of Moose shit…