Dad visits kid’s school, doesn’t hear ‘liberty’ in Pledge of Allegiance, threatens he has “spilled blood before” & will again

I’m not certain that liberty means what this father of a student thinks it does. In reaction to his protest of how kids were saying the Pledge of Allegiance a County Sheriff deputy had to be stationed at Mill Creek Elementary School near Geneva, Illinois.  Colin McGroarty didn’t hear the word ‘liberty’ clear enough, so he sent what the school deemed as threatening emails.









The father stated that he is not a threat to the kids and that,”America, God and children are what is important to me.” So, after he wasn’t threatening the kids, he spoke in front of them then told them to go home and ask their parents about Hitler – which should scare the crap out of their parents.

The Daily Herald reports:

Wednesday evening, they said, the parent emailed the school board, administrators and some Mill Creek school parents, and posted a message on social media, charging that the school did not recite the Pledge of Allegiance correctly, leaving out the word “liberty.”He said Wednesday was the first time he was there to hear the kindergartners say the Pledge of Allegiance.

He thought he heard the word “liberty” removed. But more importantly, he said, was that the pledge was immediately followed by students’ recitation of the school creed. In it, students are asked to treat others with respect, follow school and classroom rules and “to try their best.” He said he was upset they pledged this while still holding their hands over their hearts and facing the U.S. flag.

There should be a break between the pledges, he said, and students should not be facing the flag. He called it “conditioning a child” to blindly obey authority without knowing what is in the rules they are promising to obey. “In the beginning of the Hitler Youth movement, people made similar promises,” McGroarty said.

So then McGroarty tried to speak with the principal but he could not get in, so he returned to the library, but then asked a librarian to call the principal. The librarian refused,  so he said he told the children: “Children, do not blindly follow to swear allegiance and to follow rules without knowing what they are,” and that’s when he told the children to ask their parents about Nazis. (It’s for “liberty” so don’t let this disturb you.)

McGroarty said the district is reacting out of fear in light of the recent school shootings in Connecticut. But he says he is “hypersensitive” to the safety of children, due to his own background (on his Facebook page, he says he was abused as a child.) “For anybody to do that kind of stuff (shooting) to kids just tears me to the bone,” he said.

On his Facebook page it reads:

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”

On spilling blood:

When he emailed school officials that he had “spilled blood before” and would do so again to defend freedom, McGroarty said, he was not threatening violence; he was speaking as a military veteran who had sworn to protect the U.S. and defend its Constitution. Veterans, he said, will understand that.

(my bold)

Mr. Man has been banned from school premises. Golly, I can’t imagine why. I thought the Republican and libertarian mindset believed that schools were indoctrinating America’s children. It seems to me that if he did not hear a word correctly during the Pledge, there are far better ways to go about it, like, oh, I don’t know….asking if anyone else heard it correctly first. Or, take your kid out and homeschool ’em. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Being on lockdown with Dad 24/7 would be a great childhood.

Except for this:

He then took his children home with him to Rockford. (Their mother has primary custody, but they were supposed to stay with him that night, McGroarty said.) The mother has since obtained an order of protection against McGroarty, and the children were returned to her.

I’m certain it was an oversight on the school’s part or he can’t hear worth a fuck unless…the kids are all in it too. Those sneaky kids!

In all sincerity, I hope the father gets the help he needs. Sooner, rather than later.

H/T: My Twitter friend @Truth_Tweeters with thanks.

Image: Daily Herald.

  • Paul Browne

    I’m easy going and can see most things from both sides.Just some points about this article.

    1. There are no comments. I think the tone of this article is such that it scares people from commenting.

    2. This guy is an ex-vet, divorced father. He will be sensitive about his views on his kid’s upbringing. Give him a break.

    3. He IS right about the gap between the Pledge of Allegiance and the school stuff. I’m British, and we don’t do things like the Pledge of Allegiance here, but I can fully understand why he’s a bit freaked by the school equating the State with the school. I’d freak out if my kid’s schools started doing that. The school are out of order.

    4. The implication that the father needs mental health is unworthy and just wrong. Have some class.

    • Anomaly One Hundred

      He threatened the schoolboard. I hope he gets the help he needs. If that’s wrong then your definition of right is out of whack. As for comments, I just published this a couple of minutes ago. The number of comments do not determine the veracity of a post anyway. Thanks for dropping by.

      • Paul Browne

        How did he threaten the schoolboard?

        • Anomaly One Hundred

          Did you read the article, or is your comment just random? The principal stayed far away from him, then the librarian, then he sent a threatening email to the schoolboard. Listen, every post I make is well linked. There’s a reason that I do that. Follow the links. My sanity is not in question here. I do not go to my kid’s school and raise hell if I’m not sure “Liberty” was not stated in the Pledge of Allegiance. Now THAT is crazy.

          • Paul Browne

            He e-mailed the school…….?? E-mailed?? Does that sound like he is threatening them? The man is a divorced father with partial residency of his kid. What do you want him to do to appear sufficiently unthreatening? Embroider a message to the Principal and Librarian? The principal’s job is to deal with parent’s concerns. The fact that the Principal didn’t do their job is very concerning. Obviously the principal’s school board will look into their behaviour.

          • Anomaly One Hundred

            Yeah, well you see, if you tell them the word liberty was not audible and that you’re prepared to spill blood because you’ve done it before, that’s a threat. That’s not even a veiled threat. It is what it is.

            And by the way, he has a restraining order against him. His part of the shared custody he enjoys will be in question and it certainly won’t serve his parental interests at the present time.

          • Greg Young

            It’s domestic terrorism.

          • Greg Young

            It’s no different than threatening to fly an airplane into the school.

          • Anomaly One Hundred

            For LIBERTY!!!

          • Laura Chandler

            Are you this guys cousin, or did you recently act like a loon at your kids school and you are now super defensive?
            He emailed these kindergarden kids PARENTS, as well. The man was raving about “spilling blood” and was WRONG IN THE FIRST place.

          • Paul Browne

            Now you’re bringing up facts that weren’t in the article. If the man is mentally ill, he needs help, but the original article mentioned none of this. The tone of the article benefits no-one, especially not the children. If the school didn’t address his concerns, it’s unsurprising that the situation escalated. Probably the school and he don’t want to be on twitter now, but the tone of this article doesn’t help.

          • Laura Chandler

            They ARE in the article. You did not read it……

          • Paul Browne

            I did, and they’re not.

          • Uncanny

            You sound like you know him. If so then tell him to see a doctor. If not for him then for everyone around him. Getting help is nothing to be ashamed of. Not getting it is another story altogether.

          • Jezzer

            Some concerns are really stupid and don’t deserve to be addressed.

          • Laura Chandler

            Also, I urge you to read the full linked article.
            “There was a disturbance in the school library “involving a parent and
            the use of language that is not typically heard in a school setting. A
            kindergarten class was present at the time,” school officials wrote.”
            “At the time, McGroarty went to speak with the school principal, but was
            put off. He returned to the library and continued his work, but then
            asked a librarian to call the principal. When she refused, he said he
            told the children: “Children, do not blindly follow to swear allegiance
            and to follow rules without knowing what they are,” and told the
            children to ask their parents about Nazis.”
            Again, these are kindergarden kids….

          • Paul Browne

            I’d rather not, to be honest. As I’ve said before, the tone of this article just stirs up hate and emotions of people who weren’t there. The Principal’s job is to deal with concerned parents. What am I missing here?

          • PJ

            The Principal’s JOB is to run the school. Dealing with concerned parents is a part of it. But not a part that requires them to be IMMEDIATELY available without an appointment.

          • angie497

            So you’d rather not read the full article. You’d rather just tell everyone else they’re wrong without bothering to take 3 minutes to get the available information about the incident?

          • PJ

            Uh, dumbass? You can send threats VIA email.

          • Don Fisher

            Excuse me, asking to see the principal at the school your children attend is NOT a threat. Asking the librarian to call the principal is not a threat. The school escalated out of the stupid political correctness knee jerk this country has fallen into (that scares the piss out of our children by the way) and tried to shut him up.

            The article has all the earmarks of out of context manipulation of the truth. You’ve never seen THAT before, have you? LOL You just got suckered by the media, buddy.

          • Laura Chandler

            Oh. My. GOD. Please read the full article. It was the emails that they found to be threatening. The principal would not immediatly address his concerns and the librarian would not RE-disturb the principal when he refused to see the guy right there and then. There is not a “political correctness thing” happening here. what on EARTH are you talking about? What is the “political correctness?”
            how are we being suckered? you seem to be indicating you have some facts we don’t? I find that doubtful.

        • Don Fisher

          Correct. Simply stating that one has seen combat in the military does not constitute a threat, not even implied. He’s saying NOTHING MUCH SCARES HIM, and that is exactly what they were trying to do. The cowards.

          • Laura Chandler

            Don, do you know the guy? ou seem to be speaking of his intent like you know it better than the people present and i find that odd and questionable.

          • Paul Browne

            Why are you asking everyone that disagrees with you if they “know the guy”?

          • Jezzer

            Because both of you are coming off as super-defensive crazy people.

          • PJ

            If he did, indeed, say he was “willing to do so [spill blood] again”, in those words, it very much MAY constitute a threat.

            He could simply be saying that he’s willing to defend the country if under attack, or he could be saying that he finds this to be an issue for which he’s willing to spill blood.

          • angie497

            Somehow, I’m not seeing how ‘the principal is too busy to talk to you right now’ is trying to scare someone.

            Your world is an interesting place. ‘The principal is busy’ is trying to scare someone, ‘I’ve shed blood before and I’ll do it again’ is a perfectly rational response to a mangled word in the Pledge of Allegiance.

        • Paul Browne

          How did asking a question get so many dislikes? Lmao!!

          • David Forbes

            Because you are a prat. You are not living in this country, and you have no idea how people are reacting to the most recent atrocity. Bugger off.

          • Paul Browne

            Ha, ha, ha!!

      • Don Fisher

        Quote his exact words. Not the second hand interpretation, HIS words exactly. Then tell me he threatened. He questioned. He was blocked from the beginning. Political correctness caused the school to over react instead of listening as they should have. School systems for a very long time have done this to parents.

        You approve do you?

        • Laura Chandler

          His exact words were that he spilled blood before and would do so again. That’s a threat. It’s not political correctness. You don’t seem to understand what that phrase means.
          Some people will defend anyones bad behavior, I guess. Sheesh.

          • Paul Browne

            That’s your interpretation, not the exact words. He is a vet, who has served his country. The reaction of the school’s admin is totally predictable. Obviously if they were really threatened, they called the Police?

          • Jezzer

            Because no veteran has ever come back with psychological issues, am I right?

          • angie497

            ‘I’ve spilled blood in defense of my country’ is telling people that you’re a vet (although oddly enough, the majority of vets I know are content to simply tell you that they served in the military). It’s an overblown and slightly hysterical way of saying it, but maybe he’s just the dramatic sort.

            But since he’s not currently on active duty or headed into a warzone, do please tell us how the comment ‘I’ll spill blood again’ can be construed as anything *other* than threatening.

    • Bob Duda

      Fuck that, bro… Just ’cause he makes a few good points doesn’t mean he’s not totally FUBAR. When maniacs start shooting up schools in Britain, I’ll respect your opinion. Until then, this guy is far to close to the school at which my wife works. The kids are FIVE! the screwed up and he didn’t hear right. The word liberty has NOT been removed from the pledge…

      • Don Fisher

        He’s not totally FUBAR. It’s obvious that political correctness has gone way to far. Note that he DID attempt to take it up the chain of command. The principle refused to even see him. Stop jumping to conclusions. This story is written with an obvious slant, a bias. Things taken out of context. He even attempted to put them back INTO context and is still be pilloried.

        His sentiments may seem bizarre to many, but sir, YOURS seem bizarre to me. Why, because you ran off your mouth (keyboard) to a Brit that knows very well the school shooting that took place in Dunblane Scotland and was the beginning of the end of citizen ownership of handguns in all of Britain. They have a mass shooting since if I recall correctly.

        So you best start respecting his opinion. I’ve had more than one brit laugh at me as an American when I claim my country provides more respect of our rights than his. Ours grew out of the same source as HIS. And we are, in our governments very similar in many ways.. one being our rights. He’s missing some key ones, but then so are we.

        YOU sir, where NOT there in the classroom. You don’t KNOW that he didn’t hear correctly. I asked myself, if he was wrong, how is it, long before things escalated the principal refused to see him about the matter of both the word, and the overlapping pledges? Something pretty likely WAS up, and the word may have been the key, or the overlapping of the flag for both pledges.

        Tell me, do YOU just bow down to authority because it’s authority, and do not question it? I refer you to that great sage and philosopher, George Carlin when he admonished us to not only teach our children to read but to teach them to question what they read and to question everything.

        You are a great advocate, with a louder baaahhh than most, for the desire of some of us to be sheep.

        The man questioned, is what he did. And refused, got the shit scared out of him about what he sees going on that millions more of us see. Be a sheep if you wish, don’t expect the rest of us to.

        • Laura Chandler

          We DO know he didn’t hear correctly, because a classroom filled with kids said the pledge and the pledge has the word “liberty” in it. And they are not “overlapping” pledges. I went to a conservative Catholic school and grew up in the Col War Reagan years. WE did our school pledge in the same manner. We also did in girl scouts.
          You also failed to read the fully linked article. You should do so, before pointing fingers about rushed judgements….

        • Paul Browne

          Well said, even if I am British.

          • Paul Browne

            Got to laugh. I’m now getting dislikes for saying I’m British. Ha, ha.

          • BoxingCannabyte Epicurus

            Lol, you are one twisted, deluded little bastard. It’s clearly because you agreed with him and think what he said was well said. It’s not because you’re British you arrogant prick.

        • nichomach

          Don – Since Dunblane in 1996 we have not had a single school shooting and the only mass shooting as such was the Cumbria shootings in June 2010, 14 years later, which occurred in a very rural area (the shootings were in multiple locations over a period of several hours). May I ask how many mass shootings occurred in the US in that 14 year period, or would that be an inconvenient question?

          Paul Browne – you’re not being downvoted for being British, you’re being downvoted for being a prat.

          • pszymeczek

            Far more than one in 14 years, sir.

          • nichomach

            OK, name another *mass shooting* in the UK. Hungerford in ’87, after which the ban on self-loading rifles and high capacity shotguns was enacted, Dunblane in ’96 after which the handgun ban was enacted, and Cumbria in 2010. See

          • pszymeczek

            I thought you were asking about mass shootings in the U.S. over the past 14 years. That is the question I was answering. I know they are extremely rare in the U.K.

          • nichomach

            Sorry, realised I got the wrong end of the stick re: your comment; sincere apols!

          • pszymeczek

            It’s OK.

        • PJ

          By “the princpal” you mean the person who has job duties beyond sitting at their desk and waiting for unreasonable parents to show up to demand their time WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT?

          And yes, I do know for a fact he didn’t have one. Because he went from the class to the principal’s office.

        • Jezzer

          Calm down there, Alex Jones.

        • Jezzer

          “So you best start respecting his opinion.”

          No. No, I will not. An opinion is just that: an opinion. Respect is earned, not automatically bestowed on something for existing.

    • Laura Chandler

      I think accusing someone of having no class is rather unclassy, darling. The inference that the father needs mental help seems to stem from the protection order issued. Having worked in social services, this is usually an indication that the judge believes the father is mentally unstable. Anyone, even me, even you, could at times benefit from mental health intervention. For you to indicate that this is a “classless” statement reveals what you think of people who need some mental health assistance, in my opinion.
      To indicate that un-divorced, non vets are somehow less concerned with their kids upbringing is odd. No one is taking issue with him being a parent with concerns. It is how he handled those concerns, his reaction and his interaction with KINDERGARDEN AGED CHILDREN that are the issue.
      The school isn’t equating the State with the School. Every school has codes of conduct that are the rules and laws of the school. When we did the “Honor pledge” for girl scouts, and no doubt they do in boy scouts, we raised our hands and faced the flag. At no time did I, nor any child there, equate the troop leader with the president. Or Hitler.
      Lastly, there were no comments because the article had *JUST* posted.

      • BB

        Perhaps “Paul Browne” IS the “father”. I know the father posted comments on another article about this yesterday…Wouldn’t be surprised.

        • Paul Browne

          I’m not defensive of this guy. I don’t know anything about him, just what this article says he did. If you can get this aerated about this guy asking to see his kid’s school principal, then no wonder there are so many education problems in the US. Calm down and actually read what happened. Then read between the lines, just as the Principal should have done.

          • Jezzer

            “I’m not defensive of this guy, I’m just defending every crazy thing he said and did in a tone that implies I identify with him.”

          • angie497

            Then perhaps the problem is that you didn’t actually read the article, because you’ve consistently gotten the timeline wrong. The man didn’t hear a group of 5-year-olds recite something correctly. He demanded an immediate meeting with the principal, who was busy. He immediately returned to the library and demanded the librarian get the principal, who not surprisingly was still busy some 5 minutes after his first demand; that demand was accompanied by telling those 5-year-olds about Nazis. When he didn’t get his way, he took his kids out of school. By the end of the day, he was writing emails containing veiled threats (and no matter how you want to spin it, there is no rational reason for announcing that you’ve ‘spilled blood before and will do it again’ in this scenario).

            The man had two complaints: He didn’t think he heard the word ‘liberty’ in the Pledge. And he didn’t think there was a long enough pause between the Pledge of Allegiance and the school pledge. Even if he is absolutely, totally, 100% correct in his assessment, does either of those issues rise to the level of a crisis that warrants that sort of reaction?

    • That Guy

      Well there are some comments now. So that means none of us are frightened by the mean story on the insane man who threatened a school because Liberty was not screamed loud enough. Do you hear yourself?

      • Paul Browne

        Read my other comments and chill out.

    • Sally

      So having children recite a school pledge to do their best is somehow bad, but pledging to a piece of cloth is fabulous and desired behavior? Good grief. I’m easy-going too, but I’d rather no child pledged to a piece of cloth.

      • pszymeczek

        He probably has a problem with kids pledging to treat other people with respect.

  • B. Allan Ross

    Would this earn him a place on the nationwide “list of crazy people” who can’t buy guns? Will they be taking nominations? Last I heard, it was if you’d been declared mentally unfit by court. VERY few us us crazy people ever end up in court to be declared mentally unfit. Everybody who ever gets treated for a mental illness? Who’s going to tell? Therapists? What about, like most crazy people, the ones who never see a therapist or psychologist or psychiatrist?

    • Paul Browne

      This article is wrong in so many ways. Obviously this guy has part time residency with his child. The child’s right to have the father’s voice be heard, by the school, has been completely ignored. The school have obviously laid themselves wide open, but hopefully can correct their behaviour before the father takes this to court. The education system needs to be brought into the 21st century.

      • Laura Chandler

        To be heard reasonably. he wasn’t reasonable/ he started telling kindergarden children to ask their parents about Hitler. That you are blaming the education system is just…..out there.

      • Mo Reno

        ‘The child’s right to have the father’s voice be heard, by the school, has been completely ignored?” What the hell are you blathering about? There is no such right. Or can you explain where this right is enumerated?

        • Paul Browne

          The child has a right for their parent’s concerns to be heard by the school. That’s what being a parent is all about. But by the school principal ignoring him, it has escalated the situation. The school have over reacted and dramatised the whole thing, as has this poster, who obviously remains anonymous.

          • I see crazy people

            So it’s the school’s fault in your opinion that he acted inappropriately. Where’s that personal responsibility that your party touts so loudly?

          • Paul Browne

            I’m British, don’t get me involved in USA Party politics!! I’m probably far more left wing than you are, and I know I would be considered a “Socialist” in the US.
            I am amazed at all the reaction my comments have received. You guys need to take a deep breath and calm down.
            1.The man e-mailed the school. He go no response.
            2.The man went to the school and asked to see the Principal about his kids. He got no response.
            3. He asked the librarian to phone the principal. He was refused.
            4. He took his kids home!!! If this guy was REALLY considered dangerous, why was he allowed to take his kids home?
            5. The guy mentioned Nazis. I’m making a guess here, but might it be that he is angry at the school for not listening to his concerns? (Just a wild guess!)
            He is a guy going through a divorce and separated from his kids for periods of time. If the school Principal and Librarian can’t figure out what is really going on here, they are in the wrong jobs.
            If the guy is not behaving as the school would like, all the more reason to give him the extra time and consideration in the short term to get him onside for the coming years. Once the guy realises the school will listen to him, he’ll trust them.
            It’s NOT rocket science!

          • Rocket Science Guy

            “The man e-mailed the school. He go no response.”

            Never, ever email the schoolboard with threats. Right now in the states we’re dealing with far too many school shootings. The teachers and officials are trying to protect the children. Never interfere with that because you didn’t hear the word Liberty loud enough, FFS.

            “The man went to the school and asked to see the Principal about his kids”

            Yeah right. He was already at the school hassling kids about Nazis, sending messages to their parents then demanded an audience with the principal who I am going to guess, was trying to do his fucking job, not pander to only one guy’s demand for LIBERTY.

            “He asked the librarian to phone the principal.”

            It’s not her god damned job. Quit putting this off on everyone except for the guy that went into the school thumping his chest with war drums beating in his head. You make an appointment to see the principal. The librarian is not his secretary. By this time, the whole school was likely wary of this man.

            “He took his kids home!!! If this guy was REALLY considered dangerous, why was he allowed to take his kids home?”

            AGAIN, his kids are now with the mother because he acted like a nut and he is banned from the school’s premises, so that negates your point. Fuck.

            “It’s NOT rocket science!”

            No shit. Work it out. This is simple. Kids are being slaughtered here. We have to keep our eyes open. His timing sucks. His actions suck even more. Don’t even breathe the word “Blood” in a threatening sentence in our schools right now. We’re getting over several trafic events. It’s not rocket science!

            And finally, it doesn’t matter what your political leanings are. I could care less. We do care about the kids though. Go figure.

          • Paul Browne

            You actually created an account called “Rocket Science Guy” to reply to my points!! Lmao! You’re either a republican or 12. Which one is it?

          • jhp

            Paul, you have to be a troll… nothing else makes any sense….. that or your just really not thinking clearly….

          • Jezzer

            Let’s not be hasty and rule out “idiot.”

          • BoxingCannabyte Epicurus

            And you have no real argument, which is why you attacked the person’s name instead of the points they made. You’re either a republican or 12. Which one is it?

          • Greg Young

            You said you’d rather not become dragged down by US Party politics ?
            And then you called somebody the “R” word !?

          • JHP

            Speaking from a woman who had to get an order of protection in the US…… it would take more than what you try to make this out to be Paul, for his wife to have gotten one. You also messed up the order of his actions… he went to the office and was told the principal was not available… couldn’t be patient to come back when he was so he went to the library and demanded that the principal be called to see him there … yes demanded which does not show patience on his part to act reasonable… and principal was still not available (which he already knew)… and then choose to speak out to other peoples children (not just his own) about what he had on his mind, immediately took his kids out of school (like the omission of a word makes it an emergency), and then sent email to the school which required him to point out that he had killed before…. why was that needed to discuss his problems with not hearing the word “liberty”…. He did not go home and write an email, your number 1, and then proceed from there.. Like you said,, its not rocket science… its someone not doing what you said he did and causing a disturbance….

          • Paul Browne

            You obviously have much more information than me, I just read the article.

          • PJ

            Apparently it is rocket science. You seem to be misinterpreting the sequence of events.

            He was at the school. Freaked out, went to see the principal without an appointment and was refused (probably more because the principal was almost certainly BUSY than anythng else). He then went to the library and asked the librarian to call him (given the events, “asked” was most likely “demanded”. Then he sent out an email (which I’d love to read, because it probably makes him sound star raving mad). He didn’t email the school FIRST. He was there weds morning, and sent th emails weds evening.

            “He is a guy going through a divorce and separated from his kids for periods of time. If the school Principal and Librarian can’t figure out what is really going on here, they are in the wrong jobs.”

            It is (part of) the principal’s job to insure the chldren’s and staff’s well-being, NOT to play therapist with a parent who sent what could VERY easily be construed as a threat, in the days following multiple school shootings. Such communications should be turned over to law enforcement.

          • Kelly Finley

            I understand your sentiments, but we’re forgetting one thing…we weren’t there. In this day and age, especially in this country, the WAY in which this guy was presenting himself and his arguments are as, if not more, important as his arguments themselves. 80% of our communication is not by the words that we speak but by the tone and our body language, and obviously, this guy was exuding “bad vibes” from the moment he entered the situation. I’m almost positive, as well, that this is not the first time that the school and the mother have had issues with this guy. We need to stop and understand that, although on the surface it appears that he was ignored, there must have been a reason for it and there are facts about this that we are not being told.

            I work as a paralegal in the family law field, and I know the feelings that a divorce and custody situations can play in the relationships between parents and their kids. I am assuming that the school was aware of the family situation, and was aware of any past violence and problems that may have occurred in the home, problems that we are not aware of from this article.

            Please remember, sir, that this is not Europe or England. We are a country, that right now, is in the middle of fight for identity. Like in the 1960s and during the period leading up the Civil War, our nation is split between those that believe that the meaning of “Liberty” is “My way or the highway!” and those of us who believe that we have to change our basic national thought pattern to include all, no matter the color, nationality, or sexual orientation. We are torn between those who truly understand the meaning of the words “Freedom for all” and those who only want freedom is it’s on their terms. This is the struggle we are in right now, and sadly, there are parts of our society who believe that they have the right to inflict their ideology onto all of society, even if that means doing it by force and with the barrel of a gun.

            We, sir, are not quite as intelligent, as a nation, when it comes to civility, and it saddens me when we have to be embarrassed though the media about these situations.

          • Greg Young

            So you want to comment on a story about our schools, our flag and our parental rights. But when you get some tough responses … the first thing you think of is “Don’t get me involved.”?
            And “You guys need to calm down.”

            I don’t know how it works in Britain. But here people who comment on something do so because they want to involve themselves. Not because they’re being forced.

            Also … In America, nobody is calm anymore. So that’s futile.
            This country is in complete meltdown mode. Civil war part 2 will be here shortly.

          • Greg Young

            That personal responsibility is only for people that disagree with them.

            The people who think exactly the same as they do (or give them money), get a free pass that allows them to say whatever they want. Where have you been hiding for the last 4-5 years? The repub party has made this rule abundantly clear during that time.

          • Paul Browne

            No wonder you call yourself “I see crazy people”. Lol

          • Sally

            They heard him. Loud and clear. He over reacted, which obviously, the court saw. And if he is so innocent, why were the kids taken away from him? The man listens to Rush and company, who has convinced half the nation that we are are war with them. These are 5 year olds…most of them don’t yet read and are reciting something by rote that they don’t even understand. Sory, but the guy is nuts. As is most of your party.

          • Disgusted with Politics!

            I must have missed the part about the guy being a republican, could you point me to it?

          • Christian Figueroa

            He is paranoid, it stands to reason that he is republican.

          • Greg Young

            Just look no further than the words that came out of his backward ass, Kentucky fried mouth. That’s all you need to hear to know which political stripe he wears.

          • Paul Browne

            Cheers. At least you seem to be reading my posts. Lol.

          • Paul Browne

            My party…… If i was an American, I’d be a Democrat. I’m a big Obama supporter. You need to rein in your anger and stop reading “facts” into what you read. Try reading the passage again and then read my posts again.
            You don’t know he over reacted, you weren’t there.
            This seems to be the default position with american politics, no wonder nothing is ever agreed on. Lol.

          • PJ

            The man’s concerns could have been heard. By letter, telephone, or email. This was not a situation which required an IMMEDIATE meeting with the principal. Principals generally require little things called APPOINTMENTS in order to have a meeting. I’m 33 and this was true when I was in school.

            So, I suggest you grow up and chill out. No one was denying this man the ability to speak to the principal regarding his concerns simply because he couldn’t do it OMGRIGHTNAO!!11one!eleven!!1!

          • Jasun Mark

            That makes no sense at all. The child’s right to have someone else “heard?” So you want all 8,000 parents of the kids at my kids school to be able to go and shout at the kids, tell them to ask me what a nazi is, threaten to “spill blood” and tell the teachers how to properly recite the pledge of allegiance which nine of the kids understand anyway?

            Ok, should we set aside a week for that?

            You are dumb.

          • Greg Young

            Ok so is it what parenting is all about?
            Or is it his right ?
            Because those are 2 different things.

            When people who don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground start basing everything they say around some vague rights that that only exist in their own heads …. that’s when legitimate rights start to get dismissed as BS. Kind of like “The boy who cried wolf.”

          • John Warren

            I’d say the “over-reaction” was entirely on his part and shows a dangerous instability.

          • Ernest Earle DeMont

            You miss the point Paul. It is waiting patiently while the Principal has a minute to see a mentally disturbed parent.

          • Mo Reno

            Dickhead, I am not anonymous. You just haven’t shown anyone this supposed right that you claim exists. Remember, you are the one making claims you must support. Asking you to support your own statements isn’t an overreaction, it’s just a discussion. Dickhead.

          • Paul Browne

            Your name is real? Mo Reno? Really?

          • Mo Reno

            Yep. My name is realer than those mystery rights you claim exist.

      • Ginger Robertson

        I think you need to re-read the article….This father went off the deep end because he thought he didn’t hear a word…..and there wasn’t enough time break between the pledge and the school creed…and because the Principal couldn’t take the time RIGHT NOW and see him….Seriously!!! The Child will do better off without a fucktard like that!!!

        • Paul Browne

          If this is the reaction about one parent getting upset at their children’s school, no wonder US gun safety laws are so impossible to get through. Unbelievable!!

      • Ernest Earle DeMont

        Are you also crazy Paul? If he had not shown so much anger and been patient, the principal would have seen him. Take the school to court for what Paul. You are delusional and hope you are not armed

        • Paul Browne

          To be honest, this is the first article I’ve seen that has got the same repugnant response from Democrats as is the norm from Republicans. The stirring up of emotion in uninformed people is incredible. Nobody knows what actually happened except the people that were there, and they all have interests in pushing their side of the story. As a Democrat/Left Wing/Socialist leaning person myself this post really disturbs me. Don’t become the RepublicanParty/Conservative/Right Wing.

    • John Primm

      We have 84 year old ladies on our no-fly list, but we can’t have a gun “no-buy” list lest we violate the 2nd ammendment? These baggers and gun-freaks need to re-read that ammendment which calls states:
      “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” How does that condone the stock-piling of assault weapons by people who openly threaten to use them against our “dictatorial” government? Back under your rocks, rednecks.

  • wyatt_e

    Come on dude, they’re kindergarteners. If you asked, I bet half of them think “4 witches stand” is in the pledge. Also, “invisible”.

    • Laura Chandler


      • Anomaly One Hundred

        “4 witches stand”. That’s priceless!

    • Deb Moschkin

      And in the song God Bless America, they think they’re asking God to stand beside her through the night “with a light from a bulb.”

      • BoxingCannabyte Epicurus

        Y-you mean it’s not with a light from a bulb?

        • John Primm

          Jose can you see, by the donderly light?

          • Guest

            cant forget about the “space-shipped skies” either!

        • Kelly Glover

          Until I was about 6 I thought Liberty was a lady standing by a lamp post.

          • Crikey Wood

            makes Liberty sound like a street ho, now doesn’t it?

    • Fast Walk to Fresno

      “…with liberty and justice for owls.”

      • Karl Dunkleberger

        AWLS ,awls the founders were cobblers! Peach cobble, apple cobble, turkey Cobble!

    • Karl Dunkleberger

      “and to the Democracy , united with we stand”

    • Kelly Finley

      HAHA!!! I think I thought the same thing until I was about 7…LOL.

    • jeff zimmerman

      no kidding wyatt…i like yours better…4 witches stand…LOL

    • Rachel B

      When my son was in kindergarten, he ended the pledge “with liberty and that’s just all”.

    • David Flint

      I always thought “Witchett stands” was a place

  • Sam

    Parents need to chill the fuck out. Kindergarteners often can’t even say Liberty clearly and just because some dad has an axe to grind doesn’t mean he is entitled to a principal’s immediate attention. Keep doing this kind of crap in elementary schools and everybody is on high alert. Fuming about past military experience won’t make people relax. If he had a concern he should take a number and wait his turn at a school board meeting but he expected instant gratification. You know, like nut bars do.

    • Paul Browne

      Parents don’t chill out where their kids are involved. Fact of life.

      • Deb Moschkin

        But usually it’s in response to an actual threat, not because you have a hearing problem.

        • madihwa

          Or the wee ones a pronunciation problem.

      • That Guy

        Parents are not supposed to approach their kid’s school while in Army Man mode. And because of the word liberty. It’s a word. it’s not the actual act of liberating oppressed people.

      • Jezzer

        Every time you talk about parenting, you make it sound like a mental illness.

        • Michael Martin

          Talk to most parents. They’ll admit it is.

      • angie497

        Any parent that can’t chill out when it involves 5 year olds attempting to memorize and recite something that they don’t begin to understand is someone that should never have had children.

  • Jesse Dockett

    the pledge of allegiance in itself is promising to follow and obey the “rules” of the United States of America. Most adults don’t even know what these “rules” are, let alone children. I would say there’s nothing wrong with adding some additional promises to follow the rules of a smaller municipality as long as those rules don’t directly contradict the “rules” of the US…

    • pszymeczek

      I can’t figure out why we are supposed to pledge allegiance to a piece of cloth, rather than to the Constitution.

      • Biting Reality

        Why should we “pledge” to anything? The entire concept is dogmatic

    • caffeinedelusions

      That depends entirely on how one defines ‘allegiance’. It isn’t the same as ‘obedience’, it’s more like ‘partnership’. To be an ally to flag and country. I could say easily that I hold allegiance to my friends and family, but that doesn’t mean I do everything they ask of me.

    • Htwtrman

      Maybe they’ll do that in Independence, USA… Glenn Beck is always “adding on.”

  • Arik Savage

    Beware the indoctrination of things like “be nice to each other”, but blindly pledging alliegance to a flag? Not indoctrination.

    • Kelly Finley

      My thoughts exactly!!!! Hypocrite!

  • Fiona Mackenzie

    It says something that the ex-wife got a protection order. I’ll bet he was a huge abuser when she was married to him–because if she didn’t agree with something, she was ATTACKING god and country. He’s nuts and never should have reproduced.

  • Deb Moschkin

    Wonder if he heard “and justice.”

    • PJ

      Doubt he ever hears “for ALL”.

      • John Primm

        Neither of which do we have, but we can pledge it all day long without hurting anyone.

  • Older_Wiser2

    Mrs. McGroarty left this guy for a reason, and subsequently obtained a restraining order. While she didn’t want to originally keep the kids from him, she now has a legitimate reason to do so.

    Listen to these women, please. This guy is a time bomb, just waiting to go off.

    • David Elliott

      Wonder how many guns, and how much ammo he has stored? Guess we’re just waiting…waiting… waiting… BLAM, KAPOW, RAT-A-TAT-TAT & his wife, kids, & the entire Kindergarten class are gone.

      • Brian

        That’s exactly what I was thinking as I read the story. This asshat is going to start shooting somebody, somewhere sometime soon.

  • michael johnson

    United snakes of America. Does this pinhead know the pledge was written by an outspoken soocialist? And that under God was a McCarthy era edit by the K of C?

    • Karl Dunkleberger

      K of C ? Kentucky fried chicken?

      • Bob Brooks

        Knights of Columbus.

      • Thomas Johnson

        Try “Knights of Columbus.” I’m assuming you’re kidding.

  • Garry Lafferty

    What a idiot

  • Bill Healy

    Sounds like someone need some intense PTSS help.

  • Nancy Wade-Hull

    Mr. Man, sit in a church and ask yourself if they are singing “Gladly, the Cross-eyed Bear”?

  • Dean Hutch

    As long as the pledge is a farce based on a false claim, “freedom and justice for ALL”, including gays, lesbians, the homeless, single mothers? MY ASS!, it shouldn’t be said at all. Why are children indoctrinated in the U.S. with this jingoistic crap anyway?

    • coloradojerseygirl

      duh…..because it’s ‘Under God’…..silly you…..

    • appleblossom

      Caffeine is bad for kids so they need some other coffee type ritual.

  • diamondmask

    I swear, if you say and do stuff like this, and you own firearms, they should be taken away from yu because you ARE NOT STABLE!!!! If you get an order of protection against you, you lose your freaking guns. You do ANYTHING that makes the rest of us worry about you, you lose your freaking guns.

    But please, continue to do this stuff and get it reported. We’re startiong to see the base of the NRA and just how insane they are.

    • madihwa

      Hey, that’s a darn good idea!

  • Joshua Kricker

    Yeah…, just to be on the safe side I think it would be a wise idea to confiscate his firearms for about six months until it can be determined that he’s not a threat. I’m sure folks will forgive me if I’m not willing to take his word on that.

  • Jimmy Ballenger

    It’s becoming more and more apparent to me that the problem with America is Americans.

    • AlfredLehmberg


    • Kelly Finley

      This is one of the most intelligent statements that I’ve heard in years. Thank you, sir.

    • Greg Young


    • Brian

      No no. Americans are fine. It’s the “Murkins that we have to worry about.

    • Draykon

      Close sir, but not Americans…It’s Republicans!…LOL!…:)

    • Dave Frost

      The problem with America is White Americans!!!

      • madihwa

        Actually it’s republican Americans and mainly white male republican Americans. Maybe we can declare them a disease and quarantine them.

    • madihwa

      We have met the enemy–and he is–us.

  • canrespub

    Talk about overreaction.

    • Karl Dunkleberger

      Too much Viagra! Its been 4 hours he should seek out a doctor

  • canrespub

    America is turning more and more into an asylum!

  • Matthew Dunham

    for Richard Stanz

  • Doug Matthews

    Awaiting followup showing this “spilled blood before” dork was a supply-Sergeant at Fort Bliss…

    • Brian

      He plays Black Ops at home and has a gun which evidently qualifies as being trained in a “well regulated Militia” by Conservative NRA standards.

  • moethebartender

    “What did you do in school today?”
    “A man came to my class and said Teacher was a Nazi cause she didn’t teach us the Pledge of Allegiance right. He also said to ask you what a Nazi is.”
    “Umm … wow … I don’t know what to say! First of all, never, ever call someone a Nazi. Nazis are very bad people. They hate people just because of what race they are.”
    “Are the Nazis gonna hurt me?”
    “No, sweetie. The Nazis will never, ever hurt you.”
    “Is Obama a Nazi? Cause that’s what that man said. He also said he’s a Marxist.”
    “Hmm. Don’t listen to that man, OK? Now let’s have a snack and watch Disney.”

    • Jasun Mark

      Don’t you wish it was that easy.

    • Htwtrman

      Sad to say, but as the parent of two elementary school children, I have had this conversation several times. Behaving the way this man did, the way that many so called “patriots” have behaved lately, comes at a cost. No wonder young people don’t respect their elders anymore. Whatever happened to manners?

      • madihwa

        Whatever happened to sanity?

      • Michael L. Hoenig

        What ever happened to common sense?

  • williswinning

    Charge him with a terroristic threat and put him on the ban list for guns.

    • Karl Dunkleberger

      Dont worry about the “no fly list” im sure this guy wears sweat Pants! they aint go no fly!

  • David Elliott

    Another paranoid, psychopathic white man, burned to the bone that there is a black Democrat (read “socialist”) President, who, coincidentally, has a “Muslim” name. His children suffer, his community suffers, and all he needs to do is take his medication, see a therapist, and stop wasting his time w/ Fox News, Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh & the like, who only exist to feed on & exploit said paranoia.

    • Michael L. Hoenig

      Make ya wonder, doesn’t it, just how many sports figures he cheers for…

      …sports figures who, by the way, just happen to have “Muslim” names.

  • nolaredhead

    I bet we can guess why his ex divorced him!

  • Phillyton

    As the right-wing white male continues his descent into that abyss known as desperation; the rest of us sit sideline in amusement watching this “crazy parade” parade march before us.

  • Karl Dunkleberger

    The pledge is not in the constitution, these wright wing Nuts think they know, when they dont know, and when you dont know, but you think you know, you become a threat to more than yourself , which everyone is!

  • seashell

    Has anyone looked at his FB page? OMG. No wonder the school called the cops. They need more cops at that school right now. Look at the timeline photos and then click on the photos to see what he says about them.

    • Anomaly One Hundred

      Funny thing about his timeline: His 3rd picture is of Ronald Reagan. Reagan was pro-gun control.

      • seashell

        True. But this guy is black helicopter, tinfoil hat, woo woo all the way. Apparently, he’s been ‘evolving’ since Reagan. Srsly, that school needs more cops!

        • Anomaly One Hundred

          Definitely a ‘woo woo’ Republican.

  • SpiritOnParole

    Your rights ended the moment you told those children to “Go ask your parents about the Nazis.” You did to every one of those parents what you claim the school was doing. The difference is by leaving their children at that school the other parents give permission for those teachers to instruct their children. Not you! You are the one attempting to indoctrinate and I hope they nail you for overstepping you authority and threatening these children and teachers.

  • Kelly Finley

    If you look at his facebook page, he’s a gun nut…the school should be afraid!

  • Duane Carroll

    There will be a purging, or a ‘vomiting’ of these neo-nuts and their fascination with guns. It will be ugly, deadly , but BREIF! The 2nd admendment was not written to include Americans shooting at our Govt.!
    They will be put down like rabid dogs!

  • Adam

    What a nutsack.

  • jeff zimmerman

    how old is his kid? 3? 4? probably said liberty as “livery’ or something different..LIKE A LOT OF LITTLE KIDS would say it…in their own way…give the kid, and YOURSELF a break, i bet by 6 years old he will be able to say LIBERTY…SHEESSSH…the person that needs to grow up …is the DAD…

    • Greg Young

      Or maybe the kid will grow up to be just like his dad and have a hard on for the word liberty.

      But never in his entire life let anybody have the liberty to disagree with him.
      Let alone know what it even means.

  • Greg Young

    Typical American conservative christian.

    “Merca, god and children are what’s important to me.”

    So, what he means with this proclamation is that the rest of the world must now show him that they too assign the same amount of importance to these 3 subjects as he does. And it had better be done in a manner consistent with god’s teachings. Otherwise he will spill blood. …. Again.

    These people belong in Gitmo right next to the Alqueda operatives that we’ve already thrown in there.
    Tell me what the difference is between this guy, and someone who threatens to fly planes into a building.
    Answer: He’s an American terrorist …. they’re foreign terrorists. Their god is brown … his is white.
    Other than that, there’s no difference. This is the kind of terrorist that the NDAA indefinite detention clause is meant for. This is why Gitmo is still open.

    Lock this guy up. And all other conservative christian terrorists too!

    • Richard A Terry

      Actually their god is brown and a Jew as well. They just cannot get that through their thick skulls. Something about hating facts and history….oh and common sense.

  • Kalia

    What a goof! He believes that being respectful and reciting “doing their best” is part of a conspiracy and ‘conditioning’….yet having the kids memorize the pledge is NOT conditioning? Its the very description of teaching kids how to behave!!! This guy is dangerous. I’m glad the mom stepped up and got the kids back.

  • Michael Johnson

    Interesting Factoid:

    When the Pledge of Allegiance was first recited, children used the Bellamy Salute. This was done by raising the right hand at an upward angle towards the flag. Make sure you google for images.

    • appleblossom

      You mean interesting fact-factoid is an incorrect fact.

  • Pooping Red Guy

    have you ever heard young kids recite the pledge of allegiance? They butcher it hilariously to the point where their version have been in print over the years for comic relief. Kids say the darnedest things, but I guess not to this guy.

  • Molly Nyc

    Oh, he’s divorced? What a surprise.

  • Melanie Chambers Fields

    When can we start putting these domestic terrorists in prison?

  • anarchitek

    He needs a hefty dose of Xanax, and some alone time in a cell at the iron-bar hotel, so he can reflect on the difference between insanity and good sense, and just how he got there. What a twit. As a vet, I am insulted by his claims that vets would understand his lunacy. As a parent, I am concerned by the effect he will have on the children. They deserve far better than they seem to be getting, from him. Let’s hope time has a calming effect on him, so we don’t have to read someday how he’s taken his insanity out on his children, to “show” us the error of his ways!

  • Ewan Hoozarmy

    What a total penis.



  • Gina Melton

    Up your meds, dude!

  • Brian

    Let’s leave out the words “Under God” if we’re going to leave out anything. Ya know, E Pluribus Unum and all that silly stuff the Founders wrote about.

    • Pam_L

      Yep. Wasn’t “under God” added in the 1950’s because of Joseph McCarthy?

      • Brian

        Yep. Somehow, in their pea-addled nerve ganglia, Conservatives have equated “communism” and “socialism” with godlessness. So, naturally, as a kind of loyalty test, Conservatives in the 1950s ramrodded the words “under God” into the Pledge of Allegiance to test the “faith” of so-called loyal capitalists.

        This is not a nation “under God,” it was never intended to be, and never shall be as long as we keep back the tyrannical attacks being waged by modern Conservatives who wouldn’t understand Jesus’s message today if God Himself taught it to them.

        Conservatives today worship money, guns, and the wealthy white male way of doing things. Everything else, to them, is anti-American and blasphemous.

        The Founding Fathers and God Himself would smite these frauds down in a second if either were truly alive.

        • Pam_L

          Well said, Brian. The words “In God We Trust” did not originally appear on U.S currency, either.

  • Elisabeth Howell King

    jerk. scary, scary jerk

  • Elisabeth Howell King

    And THIS is just the type of guy that should NOT own any weapons. I hope if he has any they have taken them away from him.

  • gammking

    Where in the Constitution does it say we’re supposed to pledge alligance to anything much less a piece of colored cloth? If we should be pledging to anything it should be to the Constitution right? The whole idea of pledging an alligence to anything is ridiculous.

  • Phill Aintgonnatellyou

    Since he mentioned Hitler his point is moot according to Godwins Law

  • pszymeczek

    He hauls his cookies 50 miles one-way to listen to kindergartners recite the Pledge of Allegiance? If he’s so concerned about his kids, why doesn’t he move a little closer to them, especially considering he’s self-employed (according to his Facebook page)?

  • Richard Stands wife

    aren’t we pledging to ” Richard Stands ” ??

  • Meech Lynn

    But he’s ok with the TSA scratching out the 4th amendment and rifling through our things without a warrant, or probably cause? Tell me again why Americans are this slow to catch on to the fact that rabid hyperpartisanship and adherence to think tank manufactured ideological narrative is a systematically designed medium of mass mind control.

  • Ricky Kendall

    Where do these damn fools come from?

  • Dude

    Wow, he may not have gone about it the right way, but he makes a good point. Could do without the snark at the end of the article, though.

  • Adam Fierro

    Those poor kids, they have that asshole to overcome just to have a normal childhood experience —

  • Netochka N.

    “..Spilled blood before and WILL DO SO AGAIN to protect freedom”,
    “McGroarty said he was not threatening violence…”
    How the hell is that not threatening violence?? Is he going to be carrying a bucket of blood and, whoops, spill it?



  • Draykon

    IDIOT!!! Is all I have to say!!!

  • A.L. Hern

    McGroarty wants the “liberty” to discomfit and threaten others. Any perceived abridgment of same is probably seen by him as a challenge to his manhood.

  • Mr. Navy

    That dude is off his rocker.. I am active duty and have been to my kids school numerous times in and out of uniform. The faculty that I deal with know what I do for a living, I don’t have to make it known, and they know that they can’t ask me certain things. I also don’t try to act like a badass. I love my kids and I love my country. That being said, I would never make a seen like that ass clown. He was supposedly abused as a child, yet he made a huge seen in front of his kid and the kids classmates. Young kids are like sponges, they take everything in and rarely forget anything. I have four kids, my twins are 9 and actually tell me things that they remember from when they were 3. He just tainted his child. The kids are going to remember the kid with the crazy dad and the kid will probably be made fun of for as long as his classmates are in school with him or until he transfers to another school…..Some parents go too far. I would die for my kids, as would any loving parent. I would not go as far as ruining my kids social life by embarrassing them in front of their peers over a misunderstanding. Dude needs to grow up and act like an adult not a teenager.

  • jfp

    and the NRA wants us to believe that gun owners are stable and can be trusted????? good grief.

  • Eva

    This is actually pretty scary. Read the facebook entry: “…spilled blood before and would do so again to defend freedom…” So, any perceived loss of freedom, and this guy can just snap, and who knows what he will do.

  • Rush_Under

    He said it was ““conditioning a child” to blindly obey authority without knowing what is in the rules they are promising to obey.” Isn’t that the definition of a soldier? And he’s a Vet?

  • Atremus Kline Coniferious

    … with little tea, and just rice for all.

  • Laura Baleda

    Something is seriously mentally amiss with millions of White Americans. You cannot tell me that many of them are not mentally insane!!!! Hate, killings, invasion of other nations, genocide, child molestation are all specialties of the White American community. If you deny this, you’re stupid but then truth hurts. Maybe Karma is beginning to mess with their brains after-all you did murder millions of Natives and Africans didn’t you?

  • djulien

    Sick dude. Ironically, he warns against the kids being indoctrinated but that’s precisely what he wants the school to do by forcing the kids to say the pledge exactly like he wants….

  • Jacqueline Larson

    Ok this man needs help with his PTSD and needs to stay away from all children including his own until he gets his own life horrors under control.

  • karensc

    Looney toon.

  • Htwtrman

    I would say shame on him for behaving this way, but he would probably shoot me.

  • madihwa

    My cousin refused to say it because he thought it said ‘republicans’ in it and we were democrats. You know–and to the ‘republicans’ for which we stand, haha.

  • Rex

    Somebody at school looked behind the curtain and figured out we don’t have that (liberty) any more…No use getting upset about it now, Cowardly Lion…

  • Joe Zamecki

    Religion it an utter and total scam, and this news report underscores that fact.