Gov Rick Scott’s poll numbers suck so bad, Florida could elect its first Democratic Governor in 20 years next fall

Gov Rick Scott isn’t just unpopular, he’s toxic. After supporting Florida’s restrictive voting laws which resulted in 9 hour waiting lines at the polls, trying to eliminate early voting and other fun stuff like adopting a dog, naming him Reagan, doing a photo shoot with the pup, then sending the dog back, Scott isn’t well loved in his state.













But…. WHY? Why don’t they like this lovable guy?

PPP’s first Florida poll of 2013 finds Rick Scott’s approval numbers on the decline and Democrats warming up to Charlie Crist, setting the stage for Florida to possibly elect its first Democratic Governor in 20 years next fall.

Scott’s approval rating is just 33%, with 57% of voters disapproving of him. Scott’s numbers had gradually improved over the course of 2012, but these numbers represent a regression from early November when he was at a 37/48 spread. Scott meets with near universal disapproval from Democrats (21/71) and independents (32/64) and is even on pretty shaky ground with Republicans (49/38).

Crist meanwhile is being embraced by Democrats. His favorability rating with them is 70/16. That’s a big improvement from early September when it was just 44/33. The party’s unified around him since his official switch last month. 52% of Democratic primary voters say they’d like for Crist to be their candidate for Governor next year, compared to 18% for Alex Sink, 13% for Pam Iorio, 4% for Buddy Dyer, and 1% for Nan Rich.

Crist would start out as the favorite in a showdown with Scott. He leads 53-39, most notably taking a whooping 29% of the Republican vote. He still has some residual appeal to Republican voters. Crist isn’t the only Democrat who could give Scott trouble for reelection though.

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Huffington Post reports, “A December poll by Quinnipiac found that Scott’s approval ratings were “just plain awful,” with a majority agreeing he didn’t deserve a second term, and most Republicans hoping for a primary challenge.”

PPP states, “We actually find him trailing in a head to head contest with Allen West, 38/37.”  Allen West isn’t faring too well these days after a divisive run in political office.

H/T: Political Carnival. 

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    Why the hell was he elected in the first place, he should be in jail for medicare fraud.

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    Charlie Crist isn’t the greatest choice. Don’t get too excited.