Guy goes into JC Penny carrying weapons to prove guns are not scary, man scares the hell out of shoppers

So imagine this, especially in the wake of the Newtown massacre. You’re shopping in JC Penny’s just as Cindy Yorgason was. You’re in line and see a guy  with “a large gun.” So you take a second look. Mr. Man is carrying ammunition clips and another firearm in his holster. So, you kind of freak out. But, not to worry because Mr. Man was just demonstrating how guns are not scary by scaring the fuck out of the other customers, who were NOT there prove anything — just shop.














Pic and H/T: Political Carnival. reports:

Yorgason said the rifle was slung across the back of the man in front of her. When she looked closer, she saw that he also had extra ammunition clips and a sidearm in a holster on his right hip.

It wasn’t small,” Yorgason said of the pistol.

Amid a “lot of raised eyebrows” Yorgason quickly snapped a pair of photos, which she said have been going viral on Facebook ever since. She also said the first store clerk the man approached refused to serve him and everyone in the vicinity “wanted to get away.”

Thursday, 22-year-old Joseph Kelley identified himself as the man in Yorgason’s pictures. Kelley described himself as a firm believer in Second Amendment rights and said he decided to bring the guns to the store to demonstrate that they are not dangerous in the hands of law abiding citizens.

According to Kelley, the rifle was an unloaded AR-15 and the handgun was a loaded Glock 19C. He said he has a concealed carry permit, is a former member of the military and contacted police dispatch before leaving his home to tell them about his plans. Kelley also said he was told that he was “well within his rights” and that bystanders’ reactions were positive.

“I felt no negative vibes from anyone,” Kelley said. “I think it went rather surprisingly well.”

If by well, he meant that people wanted to get away from his as quickly as possible, then yes, he did a bang up job!

I know it’s difficult for some of you ‘patriots’ to grasp but in today’s society, if we’re out shopping, sometimes we just want to shop. He couldn’t even wait until Gun Appreciation Day. This is not responsible gun ownership. If any sane person is shopping next to this guy who seems to be in Army-mode, dressed in his manly gear, we’re going to wonder, “Why didn’t he leave his guns in his vehicle unless he plans to use them in here?”

I once had a gun pulled on me. It was ages ago. i wouldn’t have been as calm as these shoppers, who tried to slowly back away from Mr. Man. As I recall, I started yelling, “Mother fucker’s got a gun! He’s got a gun!” Unfortunately, that’s a true story. He ran. Most people do when they hear my loud voice when it’s in survival mode.

  • Paul Browne

    Beyond stupid! Where do this nut jobs leave their brains?

    • doug daluga

      At home, where they should leave their guns.

      • Paul Browne

        If this w***ker did this in the UK, he have been surrounded by Armed Police in a couple of minutes, all of the customers would have run off screaming. It’s very difficult to understand somebody this fucking stupid. I’ve seen what the US Gun nuts do, but this is unbelievable.

        • joseph case

          You people would have run because you are fools and cowards

          • Paul Browne


          • joseph case


    • Mary McIntyre

      And these are the Idiots allowed to carry weapons

      • joseph case

        exercising his rights make’s him a fool?? Are you an american?

        • Anomaly One Hundred

          Sorry guy but this guy infringed on the shopper’s rights. Some of them have kids with them. You don’t pull these stunts with kids around. Breaking: Little kids were just slaughtered in Newtown.

          Now you can continue down this path with Alex Jones, Ted Nugent and this genius as spokespeople for our gun rights and watch how quickly public opinion shifts. It’s happening now because there is a lack of sane people speaking for our 2nd Amendment rights. Wayne LaPierre isn’t helping either. So, put on your big boy pants and stop trying to prove a point by scaring the shit out of people who just want to live their lives.

          • joseph case

            Why are people scared of guns?Why are people scared of a person exercising there right?
            The media hype is making people afraid of their rights.If people are afraid of something they will be less inclined to protect it.What right will be next on the hit list? Remember NDAA? People need to stop allowing themselves to be manipulated.

          • Anomaly One Hundred

            Why are people so insensitive?

            Why we’re afraid of guns: They kill people. God, are you far right wingers slow, or just not sensitive enough to understand that not every fucking body cares about YOUR damned gun. Quit walking into stores with kids around. Again, (I should not have to keep telling you this.) kids were just slaughtered. Almost everyone in the country was affected except you.

            I have no issue with guns. I’ve owned guns, but on the other hand, I have never shoved my rights down other people’s throats to prove that only I matter. Narcissism is prevalent in your party.

          • Paul Browne

            Joseph Case is a troll. A sad, unthinking, ignorant coward.

          • joseph case

            Thank you for the expected response Paul Brown

          • Anomaly One Hundred

            I’m going to ignore him now. It’s too time consuming to reach out to each far, far, far right winger to explain how the guy in this post is harming the rights he’s seeking to uphold.

          • Paul Browne

            He’s says he has 5 kids, but he has no problems with some RWNJ carrying a rifle into a shopping mall weeks after a school massacre!! That sums the gun nuts up for me.

            Have you see the Morning Joe reaction to the NRA Ad? Even they are turning against the dumb NRA!


          • Anomaly One Hundred

            Yeah I have. And now right wingers claim that Colin Powell, Joe Scarborough and any other Republican that supports gun safety are RINOs.

          • joseph case

            Hey easy,I’ve 5 kids,2 young ones still in school.
            Yes this has effected me,I wish the teachers were trained and armed for situations just like sandy hook.
            Those poor parents,what a nightmare,I pray for them.
            I dont care if anyone likes or dislikes guns,I dont own any myself(Im a bow hunter).
            My concern is the ”right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”!!!
            Cops carry guns in stores,banks,Playgrounds,Schools and McDonalds and there are kids all around,what makes them so great?A badge? Realy.

          • Anomaly One Hundred

            Yes because crossfire saves children’s lives.

          • joseph case

            You are smarter than that comment.please dont do that.

          • Paul Browne

            “Why are people scared of guns?”, because guns are designed to kill people fuckwit.

          • joseph case

            Yes,some guns were designed to kill people.

          • cheeriogirl

            Why are people scared of guns? Because they KILL people. Read it slowly, and let that sink in.

          • joseph case

            Hon,um,,If guns kill people,uh,,how is it that everyone leaves a gun show alive?

          • Wall Dodger

            There were 5 folks wounded at the last gun shows-they are lucky to be alive.

          • Patriot

            Our fear of guns is far more rational than your fear of homosexuals.

          • joseph case

            And you said this why?

        • Wall Dodger

          Yes I fucking am… the ass was an idiot.

  • DeNeice Kenehan

    They compensate for their low IQs and social impotence with guns. You cannot reason with them. Half the people are below average intelligence statistically.

    • Thomas Kuhn

      Yet they live and run states that are not bankrupt and where crime is low. Guess you
      have to be stupid to balance your budget, obey the laws and take care of your
      family. For some reason people keep moving to NC, TN AZ TX. Could it be
      we have no income tax or we don’t tell people what to eat or drink, we trust
      our citizens to act responsibly with firearms and we punish those that don’t with the death penalty.
      Yes those of us in flyover country are real stupid.

      • joseph case

        Well said Thank you Brother

      • Snapdragon7
      • Michael L. Hoenig

        And you, sir, are a dickwad.

        A stupid dickwad, to be sure, but a dickwad nonetheless.

        In my opinion.

      • Wall Dodger

        you said not us…yes you are real stupid

      • GeeOPee

        FYI. North Carolina has a Democratic Governor. Most states have balanced budget amendments, that proves nothing. What matters are quality of life statistics and standard of living. The red states such as TN, AZ and Texa are way at the bottom when it comes to both. Low tax rates mean less education, less investment and little future for your children, which is why most of them are either living in poverty of move to blue states to find work. Crime rates in urban red state areas aren’t low either. They are lower in rural areas because you lack people! Lastly the death penalty has little effect at preventing crimes and murder. In fact the states where the death penalty is legal have higher crime and murder rates. Read up on the real government statistics, instead of believing the BS right wing media tells you with your gut. Once more people in the flyover states start to citing real data the insults will stop.

  • Jim Dumas

    Or worse case scenerio…man next to him, pulls out HIS gun, and shoots this fool. And for what?? I wonder about people sometimes, am I just getting older, or are more people just brain dead?

  • joanne craft

    Man obviously has “manly” issues. His dick is as small as his brain. Really? Really?

    • joseph case

      Such a Lady like comment.

  • Anna FlynnBurns

    can’t wait till one of them gets his ass shot up !

    • joseph case

      I pray that sick people like you dont have access to guns or knives with a sick comment like that.

  • Virginia Herring Trice

    Must have been out of viagra and had to prove what a big man he was by compensating!

    • Ahab

      I really do wonder if that’s part of the motivation. Why trumpet your macho masculinity to the world unless you’re insecure about it, deep inside?

      • joseph case

        RRRaaa I have a gun!!!

        Realy,you think thats what it is about??

        • Paul Browne

          Really not realy.

      • Paul Browne

        A lot of it is. It’s the old “I’m the Marlboro Man backwoodsman hunter type” going around like a wild west gunslinger. Whereas really they’re scared of their own shadow, and need a gun to feel safe. That’s why there’s always “It’s my 2nd amendment right to bear arms” crap spouted out every time some kids get killed.

        • joseph case

          Oh,Im sorry Paul,I didnt know you personaly know that man and his intention,what his life and mind is about.

  • Wulfe Argent

    i know what the problem is, he should have fired a couple of shots in the air to show people there’s really nothing to be scared about, or he could have aimed his gun at a employee to show staring at a gun-barrel is really no big deal. Silly people get scared about the smallest things.

    • Anomaly One Hundred


      • Don Fisher

        Neither you nor I have the right to not be upset. What we have come to is that not only do we, some of us, think that IS a right, but are prepared to enforce it however they can.

        Assuming the police said what they did it is correct… he was within his rights. YOU being scared of guns that are not deployed have a problem. Not the man with the guns.

        So for someone shooting him. I’d suggest not. He does have the pistol and it is loaded.

        In fact I’d suggest that if some dummy decides to come in an rob they store they take a quick cruise first to see if he is there.

        This fear of guns was once NOT true in this country, just a few decade ago. What happened?

        Wussification is what happened. Manipulated into cowardice, as you all show here.

        Did the man put his hand on his gun? Did he unsnap the holster and draw? Did he deploy that rifle and jam a magazine into the receiver? No, and that means those are nothing more than pieces of metal, and or polymers.

        Now if he strode through the store with a gallon can that said Gasoline on the side and it appeared to be moving as though it had some in it I’d be dialing 911… because you an kill more people faster with a gallon of gasoline that you can with both his weapons.

        You are either ignorant or you are stupid, though a few of you seem to have hit the jackpot and gotten double winnings.

        Learn the truth about guns. They are NOT dangerous. Not even the data will support that. Simple logic, when you read the statistics, will tell you you have been lied to for about five decades now.

        Slowly but surely the media and the thugs that want you helpless have been happy to see you stupid and ignorant.

        READ THE DATA, fools.

        • smgess

          How is this guy within his rights when he has a ‘concealed weapon permit,’ yet is slinging an assault rifle around as well as has an obvious big handgun that is loaded? What about MY rights to shop without fear of death? I’d say, fool, that you are the ignorant one. I have always been afraid of guns, and I am 60. Never touched one, never will. A good friend’s brother blew his brains out after returning from Vietnam. Another friend of my son’s kille dhimslef with a gun at 28, and in high school took a gun from his home, went to an esx-girlfriend’s home, and threatened to kill her. So she shouldn’t have been afraid of a piece of metal? I’d say the cowards are the people who think they must be armed to the teeth every minute of every day. Or what? What will happen if more people think and act like this pretend cowboy? You know more people will die. You know it. More guns mean more murders. So stop calling US the ignorant ones, dear.

          • joseph case

            That was pityful,you described exactly the people that we need make sure dont get to guns.
            Only someone with a mental problem would kill themselve’s or threaten to kill someone because they are unable to control their emotions”MENTAL PROBLEM” hello!! do you get it?
            If we had known my brother had a mental problem,if we had paid attention more to him,he would not have killed his self in front of me!! Had we paid attention I wouldnt have walked in to my friends house and found him dead hanging from a beam in his shed”ROPE,BAN ROPE”
            and sleeping pills and razors and draino etc,etc,etc.
            Be AMERICAN,wake up,your not protecting the GUN,your needing to protect the RIGHT!!! If we lose one,what will stop them from going after more?

            Attacking the TOOL is just silly.

          • Matthew J Bailey

            I have no INTELLIGENT point, but maybe if I just RANDOMLY capitalize a WORD here or there it will SOUND like I have SOMETHING to say. RIGHT?

          • joseph case

            Thats just silly.Not being able to comprehend what someone is saying isnt a reason to be ugly.

        • rozlee

          “The fear of guns was once NOT true in this country, just a few decades ago. What happened?”

          Duh. Over eleven thousand murders every year happened. Mass shootings in malls, restaurants, theaters, hospitals, courts, beauty shops, high schools, f**king GRADE SCHOOLS!!! That’s what f**king happened! I served in three damn wars and how do you think I feel when I come home to see American kids being killed in mass murders by our own citizens? If he wants to be such a big man, why is it that a tiny grandmother like me was dodging mortar rounds overseas while a Steven Segall wannabee like that is trying to act all macho? I’ll tell you why. For the same reason that Ted Nugent let himself stew in his own excrement for a week to get a mental health deferment to keep from going to Vietnam. It’s the reason why Wayne LaPierre pleaded a “nervous condition” to keep from serving in that war as well. Chickenhawks love their guns. They just prefer not to be around people that know how to shoot back.

        • joseph case

          WOW a sane person on this feed,,thank you fellow American and patriot.

    • joseph case

      And had there been some sick person there that day,bent on murder and destruction.This man stops them with his legal rifle,what would you be saying had he maybe saved you and your loved ones by just haveing his guns???

      • Anomaly One Hundred

        And if some guy came in with a gun and thought he was a threat and capped his stupid ass, then he would be praised as a hero by you, “See, a guy with a gun helped.” And yet he’s just some “For freedom and Liberty” guy who was trying to make a point in front of innocent children and shoppers in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre.

        • joseph case

          what threat?? If this guy were murdered by someone that ”THOUGHT” there was a threat,that person that ”THOUGHT” there was a threat would go to prison for manslaughter.Just because someone is carrying gun doesnt make them a threat.

          • Anomaly One Hundred

            Oh you mean like if some guy saw another guy wearing a hoodie and deemed him as a threat, that would be wrong? Yes, I agree.

          • joseph case

            Yes.That was a situation that should never have happened.
            Thank you for pointing that out.

          • Anomaly One Hundred

            I’m glad we can agree on that at least.

          • joseph case

            Me too

          • joseph case

            Like I said,I have young girls still in school.
            When I heard what happened I went and got them from their school and thanked God it wasnt my babys that were killed by a sick person.
            We must make our schools safe.
            Like I said also,I dont own a gun,I have a bow,a baseball bat and a kitchen knife to protect my home and family.
            I believe teachers should be allowed to carry as is their right,but,they should be taught to use the weapon correctly,and as a last resort after makeing sure the kids are safe.
            Waiting for the cops to arrive means lives lost.

          • Anomaly One Hundred

            Well I have had guns. i would never brandish it out in the open like this man did in the post. I would never use it as a prop politically while in the midst of children and innocent shoppers in the wake of the Newtown tragedy. I would never shove my right to carry down someone’s throat just to prove a point.

            And Republicans have spent their time vilifying teachers since Obama was sworn in and now, they want these ‘union thug’ teachers to police the classrooms.

            I had a very intimidating teacher once. The guy hated me. He was a racist. I was the only white person in class, almost in the entire school. He frightened me. He would actually pound my desk to scare me. I would not have wanted him to be armed. I left that school soon after. “Police’ is not in their job description. They are educators, nothing more, nothing less.

          • joseph case

            Truly I am sorry you had to suffer being bullied,no one should have to endure that.
            Ive met my kids teachers,I make it a point to know who my kids are around.
            Police is not what Id ask a teacher to be,agreed thats not their job.
            But,Id rather our kids have a better chance to be defended now,when it is happening,than not,,,,waiting for 911 to get there.Or place an armed guard,outside of the school.
            Also,we need to remember,those poor children were not killed by an assault style rifle.
            That is what got this attack going.
            It doesnt serve the media or the administration to retract their statements about the shooting.
            The assault styled weapon was found in the car.

          • Anomaly One Hundred

            Well thanks. We didn’t have the option to pick and choose teachers though. The schoolboard wouldn’t transfer me so I was stuck with him, until I walked out after my Mom had a meeting with the school officials. So, it was all good. I ended up in a unique school with some great teachers in the end.

            As for the shooter, he did however have access to a gun. i might add that, the gun owner while having a gun in her possession could not defend herself from her own son. We need to make it illegal for gun owners to make their guns so accessible. She should have locked it up.

            I’m on the fence over armed guards at school. I see and upside and a downside to it. If someone wants to shoot up a school, they’ll take the guard out first or use another accessible point to enter the school. However, it may be a deterrent.

          • joseph case

            Oh good,Im glad things ended well there.

            Agreed again,she was killed in her sleep,,,yes she knew her son had a problem,she should have secured her weapons.

            Agreed again,guard would first,but,outside the school, giving the school time to lock down,secure the children and buy a few minute’s for 911 to work.
            We both know that 9 1/2 times out of ten,police show up after its over and done.

          • Anomaly One Hundred

            Oh gosh, that’s three times we agreed.

          • joseph case

            When people ”talk” they learn,grow and make the world a better place. Watch this all of it please and let me know what you think.

          • joseph case

            Ill concede that maybe a public display in the wake of Newton is not the way to go,,but,,the attack on our 2nd is mind blowing and people,legal gun owners are trying there best to show everyone that if a sane legal gun owner has their gun with them,any were,there is no danger.That people with assault style weapons,sane,not sick,.legal,not criminal people are not out to cowboy and kill.I see it as an attempt to say,hey,yea I have an assault style rifle and Im not going to assault anyone with it.

          • Anomaly One Hundred

            He really should try to do it in a more sane fashion though. If he wants to demonstrate that guns are not frightening then he could create a video.

          • joseph case

            There’s hundreds of video’s showing guns are safe in legal hands.People just dont see them and by into the hype the media pumps up.
            It would be shocking for me to see someone out in the mall here carrying a rifle.
            But if they were not showing any intent to do harm,I would approach them and ask them why are you armed so?And what their intentions are?

          • Anomaly One Hundred

            Well that’s been my point. Other shoppers will be thinking, “Why is he heavily armed and why didn’t he leave his guns in his vehicle?” It shouldn’t be up to the store’s customers to stop what they are doing and ask this man his intentions.

            If I am in a room full of guys carrying guns, how am I supposed to relax knowing that it only takes on unhinged person to shoot? So, yes we need to look at controlling gun ownership. I suggest it’s by heavier laws against those who circumvent the legal process to obtain one.

          • joseph case

            Yes,If a gun is bought by someone that shouldnt have one they should have a much stiffer penilty,one that would deter even the most unhinged criminal from going after one,let alone useing one.

          • joseph case

            Those people left that store thinkin also,”hey,that guy with the guns didnt kill anyone,didnt even threatin too”

          • Anomaly One Hundred

            “….this time.”

  • Bill Valenti

    I despise these “gun peacocks”, for whom it is only and always about “rights” and never about responsibilities in civil society. I’ll wager Mr. Kelley would be unhappy if I were to exercise my First Amendment rights by shouting “f*ck!” every few seconds while sitting at a restaurant table near him and his family. With rights come responsibilities, and these cretins have not yet discovered that civilizing factor. F*ck em!

    • Thomas Kuhn

      I agree with you and I am a life member of NRA and oppose new gun laws. You must be concerned about other people when carrying a firearm. I could stand next to you anywhere and you would never know I am carrying. It is not for show.

    • joseph case

      How did he act irresponsibly?Now you exposing kids in a mall to vulgarity would be looked down upon,and Im sure a parent would get you to stop,I know I wouldnt allow you to continue to do so around my kids.

      He wasnt walking around sayin”hey everyone,Ive got a gun look”.

      He had a tool with him that he was well within his legal right to own,posses and carry with him,he did not present himself as a threat.

      Now,the people around him,not educated enough to understand that he just has a gun and he’s not killing everyone.

      If this guy had a uniform and a badge on doing the exact same thing would people be freaking out?

      No,we have been trained to think it’s ok for police to do things like this,they are not.

      But a legal american exercising their right in their own way,,,AAAAaa!!! he’s got a gun???

      Look,I dont own guns,had enough of guns,dont want guns around me,I hunt with a bow,but,I dont want my rights,any rights to be tamper’ed with by our corrupt government at all.

      Now if an american wants to walk around in the mall saying ”f-ck,f-ck,f-ck” ,wouldnt like it,but,thats their right,right?Kids hear it,think its ok to do to,now they are saying it,maybe their parents punish them?Probably not.Latter they are known to be vulgar and people dont want to be around them.Poor attitude grows and so on.

      If a 400lb person wants to ride their electric scooter through the mall in a lime green thong and t-shirt that says ”feed me b-itch”,disgusting,but,exercising their rights,right?

      Kids see that and think hey,its ok to stink and be an unhealthy slob,,they raid fast food,become a burden on the taxpayer cause they are to big to get on the bus and go to work,health issue’s grow with the weight,people dont want to be around them,poor attitude grows and so on.

      Kids saw this man legally carrying a rifle and pistol in the mall,he wasnt killing anyone.

      Maybe they learn from this that guns dont kill people,that man at the mall didnt kill anyone,life isnt like that violent game I play and everyone with a gun isn’t out to kill.Why can he do that?Maybe I need to learn about my right a good attitude grows and so on.

      Like I said,its not about the guns,dont care about the guns,,its the right that shall not be infringed.

      If We The People allow the corrupt government to touch,let alone damage a right! well,which one will be next?
      AAaa oh no he offended my ears saying F-ck,f-ck,f-ck,we need to change the First Amendment,get these highly vulgar words removed or restricted because the american people need to be controled,they are not responsible enough.

      • Wall Dodger

        The stupid fuck was only proving he has a small weenie…

  • Julie Tucker

    Something similar happened at our local zoo. Police escorted him off the property and he sued the city.

    • Anomaly One Hundred

      Holy cow. I just read that article. Why go to a zoo where families are there with their children anyway just to show off your guns? I don’t understand this mindset.

      • smgess

        They are cowards who think guns will make people respect them. You know, they all want to be Rambo. Or the Lone Ranger? Or dead.

        • joseph case

          Less than bright aren’t you?

  • dennis boyd

    so let’s say i got my Ruger under my jacket..see this asshole.. sorry i mean Mr.Man i want 2 protect the people n the store so i blow his frigging head off! would i b within my rights in such a threatening situation to me? ah sorry man let me wipe that up for ya.. :)

    • smgess

      You would be in Florida, especially if he was a minority.

    • joseph case

      You are the people that shouldnt have a gun.What threatening situation?? Did he bring his weapon to bear? Did he say anything that would make people think their live’s were in danger? No? Hmm.
      Now,you come along and draw your tool because you feel a”threat”.You are now the ”THREAT” to everyone.You do this,pray the MAN understands you are a fool and doesnt ”blow your frigging head off”.

  • TurboKitty

    Is it just me, or are these people just too idiotic to peek outside of their own box long enough to realize that EVERYONE HAS DIFFERENT PERCEPTIONS?!!??!?

  • tony30088

    Looks like an AR-15 is about to get a new owner to me. I laugh at these guy out and about showing off their guns, then someone sneaks up behind with a bigger gun and takes their weapons.

  • Thomas Kuhn

    While I agree this is not the best way to support the second amendment it depends what part of the country you live as to the reaction you would receive. In the North East it could cause a panic. In parts of the country where the gun culture is strong and crime is low it might raise an eyebrow. Someone would think maybe the guys car lock is broken or he needed to make sure a part he was shopping for fit.
    I have carried a handgun for 38 years as a federal officer and now as a retiree I carry concealed. Carrying open makes you first target if you happen to walk into a robbery.

  • Lorna

    I probably would have walked over and asked him “Buddy. What’s the matter? You’re penis ain’t long enough?”

    • joseph case

      How terrible that you ridicule this person for being different.He does this thing in his way,well within his rights and everyone freaks out.He hurt no one,attacked no one,hurt no one.
      What an ugly attitude you have,I bet your bully and treat people terribly.

  • joseph case

    Ok,so,the guns are scary.He did prove that not everyone with an assault style weapon is going to the mall to kill everyone.

    • Mo Reno

      And not every Muslim with a box cutter taking over an airplane wants to fly it into the World Trade Center.

      • joseph case

        Come on,that statement is just silly.

        • Mo Reno

          Why? It contains just as many bullsh!t caveats and logical fallacies as your posts here.

  • Jason

    Well if yall shit white folks stop randomly walking into places and killing everybody maybe yall can keep yohf guns

  • Gary DuPont

    All a business needs to do, is tell him to leave. A business has full rights to have no weapons on THEIR property. little man there seems to think he is smart, but he is an idiot, just has a weapon is all.

  • Fezzig

    As a Gun Toting American, I think that this was a Brilliant move on the part of Mr. Kelley. He went about it the entirely correct way. The bigoted influence of the author is superseded by the italicized quotation of what really happened. This country needs to realize that Guns do not kill people by themselves. Stop worrying about controlling the guns, and control the people who use them.

  • Combat Chuck

    It is our right as Americans to carry arms. people claim to be so smart but they dont even know thier own rights. there is more than one amendment that expresses our right to carry and police. Just because guns are scary doesnt mean we should make them TABOO. Ignorance solves nothing. If you Deny your rights You are a slap in the face to those fighting for them. Just because you are scared of something doesnt mean you should push your fear on those who are not!!! I choose fight not flight…

  • Wall Dodger

    I really wish I was there … would have called him an idiot.