Guy kills mother, declared mentally ill, years later amasses an arsenal of weapons with a gun permit

Christian Philip Oberender at 14 years old murdered his mother in a shotgun ambush in his family’s home. It’s 18 years later and he’s amassed an arsenal including: 13 guns, including semi-automatic rifles, an AK-47, a Tommy gun, assorted shotguns and handguns, and a a .50-caliber Desert Eagle.

Image: Star Tribune

Image: Star Tribune










Star Tribune reports:

Carver County Sheriff Jim Olson was sending his deputies back to the home where Oberender still lives. Just two days earlier, Olson had scanned the day’s shift reports and froze when he tripped over Oberender’s name. A scan of a Facebook page then showed firearms spread out like a child’s trophies on a bed inside the home, along with notes about the Newtown, Conn., gunman who shot 20 children to death.

Even more disturbing was the letter Oberender had written recently to his late mother, Mary: “I am so homicide,” it said in broken sentences. “I think about killing all the time. The monster want out. He only been out one time and someone die.”

Today, Oberender sits in a Carver County jail cell on a charge of being a felon in possession of firearms. And Olson, who investigated the 1995 murder as a young detective, finds his investigators at the center of a case that exposes the dangerous loopholes in the nation’s gun laws and Minnesota’s system of criminal background checks.

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Oberender was committed to the state hospital in St. Peter as mentally ill and deemed as dangerous over a decade ago, yet still he was able to obtain a permit which enabled him to purchase his cache of weapons.  At 32 years-old, with a permit in his wallet, Oberender was able to buy firearms from any licensed retailer in his state. And he did.


  • Cosmic_Surfer

    As a former therapist who worked in mental health institutions that held children murderers for evaluation, I can say, this “kid” probably did not “grow out” of his behavior. With intense therapy and on-going treatment, he might, just might be able to be returned to a social setting with observation. He should have never been allowed a permit. Since he was 14 at the time of the crime and probably 16 by the time of trial (if there was a trial) his records were probably sealed. Another problem with the justice system. There are certain things that should not be sealed or expunged – like violent acting out that results in the death of another. That isn’t “self defense” I am talking about either

    • Guntard

      MOAR GUNS!

      • Charlie M

        No moar regulations – we be too heavily controlled as it is!

        • Charlie M

          I want MY 2nd amendment rights

          • Guntard

            No, MINE! Fuck yours.

          • Charlie M

            NO MINE – I deserve them all and only for those I deem “patriots”!

          • Patriot Guy

            I are moar patriotic than either of you.

          • Charlie M

            Am not – I live in a state provided home so I iz more patriot

          • Patriot Guy

            I’m a mountain man and my girlfriend is a goat. I think I have you beat.

    • De

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  • clift** st*****

    Only in America;

    Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the NRA to help people like him to have access to get all the guns his mind says he needs.

    • Trent Lawrence

      Really? Your “Universal Background Checks” are QUITE obviously the solution to our problem. Obviously it will protect the children when CONVICTED MURDERERS are still able to pass them.

      • Aslan Balaur

        Which is showing that the checks are NOT being done (did you know most states don’t even require background checks any more?) We cannot leave the system the NRA paid for in place, that allows psychos like Oberender to get weapons. There are new mass shootings now almost every week. We have to start getting the guns off the streets.

  • De

    Guns are to protect us heterosexuals anus’s from the uprising of queermosexuals.

  • Hudson Luce

    “he was able to obtain a permit which enabled him to purchase his cache of weapons. At 32 years-old, with a permit in his wallet, Oberender was able to buy firearms from any licensed retailer in his state.”

    In order to get the Thompson submachinegun in the picture, you have to get a Class III Federal Firearms License. That means he was checked out by the FBI which would have found out that he was a convicted felon. That would (or should) have stopped him in the National Instant Check System, let alone the FFL process. Something is odd here. Perhaps this guy was being set up to be the next “active shooter”?

    • Patriot

      Or perhaps it’s just a semi-automatic Thomson, currently being made by Auto Ordinance? Nah, it has to be a conspiracy…

    • sean6886

      Or perhaps it was a private sale out of someone’s trunk or he stole it. He is a criminal after all.