House GOP host “successful communication with minorities” in a room named after a slave plantation

House Republicans are reaching out to minorities in a ‘special’ kind of way. By special, I mean that they are supposedly learning about “successful communication with minorities and women” in (wait for it) a room dedicated to a the Burwell family — they owned several plantations and slaves.

Salon notes, “The Burwell family of Virginia were among the “First Families of Virginia” in the Colony of Virginia. They also happened to own several plantations — and slaves.”


Just a tiny excerpt on the Burwells:

Burwell moved enslaved men, women, and children from his plantations in King William County and King and Queen County in the Tidewater region to his new land south of the James River in the Piedmont section of the colony. 2 While the move to the Southside gave Burwell the chance to develop a plantation for his sons, it did not represent an opportunity for this merchant’s enslaved men and women. Will, Jupiter, Andrew, Simon, Judy, Sarah, Nancy, and Moll were taken from their homes and forced to create new family and friendship ties in Mecklenburg County. Burwell made no mention of the connections that the move severed or if his enslaved laborers were able to stay in touch with family and friends in the Tidewater.

Next, on July 14, 1746, Armistead Burwell listed the names of nine slaves—four women, two boys, and three children—who were his “house Negro’s in Wmsburg.”4 The order in which Burwell noted his slaves makes it possible to determine some family relationships because he listed a young child after his or her mother. Sarah Hampton was the mother of Beck and Hampton. Sam was the son of Priscilla. The fact that Daniel and Jack do not appear after a woman’s name suggests that they were about ten—old enough to be separated from their mothers and be put to work.

While reaching out to minorities, perhaps the GOPers in question should read more about the Burwell family or just note the word ‘plantation’ after the family name. GOP, you’re doing it wrong. Again.

Big thanks to @NoahMcCormack


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