In Texas Public Schools: The Bible gives scientific proof that the Earth is 6,000 years old

Reading, Writing & Religion II — a new report by the Texas Freedom Network — investigates public schools in Texas and the results are mind boggling. School kids are taught that the Bible gives scientific proof that the Earth is 6,000 years old, and the United States was founded as a Christian nation based on biblical Christian principles.  At least one district’s Bible course includes materials suggesting that the origins of racial diversity among humans today can be traced back to a curse placed on Noah’s son in the biblical story of the flood. Such claims have long been a foundational component of some forms of racism, the report notes.









This is interesting: Astronauts have discovered “a day missing in space” that corroborates biblical stories of the sun standing still.

Mother Jones reports:

The report, written by Mark Chancey, a professor of religious studies at Southern Methodist University, found that more than half of the state’s public-school Bible courses taught students to read the book from a specifically Christian theological perspective—a clear violation of rules governing the seperation of church and state.

Many school districts pushed specific strains of fundamentalism in the classes:

  • “The Bible is the written word of God,” proclaims a slide shown to students in suburban Houston’s Klein Independent School District (ISD). Another slide adds: “The Bible is united in content because there is no contradictions [sic] in the writing. The reason for this is because that Bible is written under God’s direction and inspiration.”

  • A PowerPoint slide in Brenham ISD in Central Texas claims that “Christ’s resurrection was an event that occurred in time and space—that is was, in reality, historical and notmythological.” (emphasis in original)

  • In North Texas, Prosper ISD promotes the Rapture, claiming in course materials that “the first time the Lord gathered his people back was after the Babylonian captivity. The second time the Lord will gather his people back will be at the end of the age.”

Dinosaurs and humans were besties:

Some Bible classes in Texas public school appear to double as “science” classes, circumventing limits placed on teaching creationism. Eastland ISD, a school district outside Fort Worth, shows videos produced by the Creation Evidence Museum, which claims to posess a fossil of a dinosaur footprint atop “a pristine human footprint.”

I have to go walk my pet dinosaur now, but there’s more at Mother Jones. 

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  • Alan Carter


  • Ahab

    Creation Evidence Museum? Dinousaurs alongside early humans? Ugh. These people probably think the Flintstones was a documentary series!

    • Anomaly One Hundred

      Tell that to George, my pet Dinosaur.

      • ComGen

        Illegal to own an endangered species [ Dinosaur ] and/or to transport across state/country lines. I will not go into how wrong it is to name one George at this time.

        • Anomaly One Hundred

          I could have named him Sir Ted, but I thought he looked more like a George. And one does not ‘own’ a dinosaur. George owns me.

          • ComGen

            Illegal to own an endangered species [ Anomalies ]. George: greek ge?rgos “earth-worker” implying slave re: dinosaur name :-)

          • Anomaly One Hundred

            Oy! He came with his own name. Don’t you know anything about Dinosaurs?

          • ComGen

            I flunked creationism.

          • Anomaly One Hundred

            Well duh!

  • Rex

    “The bible gives scientific proof…”…..just like Marvel Comics..

  • Dawgsrbtr

    Those kids will be in serious trouble if they go to School in Texas and move somewhere else. Have a lot of unlearning to do.

  • stevendimattei

    It’s a shame that our educational institutions are now the biggest contributers of ignorance and the perpetuation of ignorance. We as a human species have utterly failed to use our “god-given” intellects and spirits to grow as a species. Teach them at an early age not to think — that is America’s new motto.

    • Whiskey Thief

      I agree with your first sentence. My children came out of Texas public schools full of liberal BS propaganda. None of them learned any of the religious nonsense posted here because it’s not part of the Texas public school curriculum. It is distorted here to give you an excuse to mock Christians and Texans. I am far more alarmed as a parent about the progressive nonsense they were taught. Climate alarmism, eco-wack anti corporation views, economic stupidity, etc.

      • Douglas Blevins

        Obviously school didn’t do much for you, as it appears you’re education is sorely lacking.

  • Whiskey Thief

    wait, wut? Propaganda in schools? Maybe you think only liberal propaganda should be allowed. Kids getting exposed to propaganda from crazy bible thumpers is no worse than getting it from Al Gore. It’s up to the kids to sort it out.

    • shocktreatment

      “Astronauts have discovered “a day missing in space” that corroborates biblical stories of the sun standing still.” isn’t propaganda, oh Prince of Does Not Get It, but nonsense, pure and simple.

      • Whiskey Thief

        It’s made up propaganda just like liberals saying “you are more likely to shoot yourself or your family with your gun than to protect yourself.” I’m saying it’s hard to get the views of either side without having to deal with it. That’s what kids need to learn, with the help of their parents.

        • Douglas Blevins

          Statistics don’t lie.

          • Kb Cash

            No, people lie about statistics. Take the “half full/half empty” concept. which is “true”?

        • Robert Spiess

          Kids need to learn the three “R”s Reading, Riting, Rithmatic and not religion in public schools…

    • Douglas Blevins

      Perhaps you’ve had a bit too much whiskey, whiskey thief. Put the bottle down, go out and get yourself an education, because your current trajectory isn’t serving you well.

  • Erdman West III

    This MUST be illegal!!!

  • Erdman West III

    I still cannot get past the point that this is MY country. That’s all right the FLAT EARTH SOCIETY will straighten them out!!

  • Jonathan

    I graduated from high school in 2006 in Red Oak, Tx… I was not there to witness the new “creationist” curriculum that has been added. I can say though that as an Atheist, I was constantly harassed by my religious teachers. My Speech teacher constantly had us do questionnaire’s, asking what church we go to and what kind of church activities we participate in. One time I was sent to the Principle with a referral because I did not want to participate in an activity that violated the 1st amendment… luckily I was able to argue my point and have the referral tore up. I was also forced in other classes to bow my head in prayer during the “moment of silence.” I refused, as I do not pray… and was pulled out of class and humiliated. I was silent, so I shouldn’t have been forced to participate in an activity I viewed as a violation of the 1st amendment in the first place. Whiskey Theif, I think you are mistaking the education in Science and Arts that your child received as “liberal propaganda.” Like a quote I have seen over and over… Reality has a well-known liberal bias. If you wanted your kids to be indoctrinated with religious, right-wing propaganda, you should have sent them to a christian private school.

  • Politics

    No wonder George W Bush and Rick Perry were elected governor of Texas; that state has to be one of the dumbest in the Union.

  • Melissa Mae
  • Robert Spiess

    When you have an ignorant, Bible thumping minister for a govenor is it any wonder they teach this crap in their madrasa’s…

  • Kb Cash

    And of course, biased half truths like this story only educate, and could never foster prejudice. Just read the intellectually inspiring comments…