Not the Onion: Schoolboard in Ohio votes unanimously for janitors to carry firearms

We wanted to have a reasonable discussion on gun control, but this is way over the top. The NRA would love nothing more than to see America’s schools policed, and of course, the gun lobbyists would make a vast fortune from their efforts.  What’s worse than arming teachers? Well, custodians for one.










The Atlantic reports:

The school board in charge of a large K-12 school in northwestern Ohio has voted unanimously to allow its four custodians to carry firearms. As Montpelier superintendent Jamie Grime told The Toledo Blade, the board sees the move as a way to prevent incidents like the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut: “Sitting back and doing nothing and hoping it doesn’t happen to you is just not good policy anymore. There is a need for schools to beef up their security measures,” Grimes said. “Having guns in the hands of the right people are not a hindrance. They are a means to protect.”

The Atlantic links to an editorial letter where the author believes this to be a fine idea. I don’t. Custodians aren’t paid to be your private army, nor are they trained to do as such. Neither are teachers and it’s just not in their job description. Teachers have been mercilessly vilified by Republicans and now they want America’s educators — the same ones they refer to as ‘union thugs’ — to carry weapons. What are they thinking exactly?

Image: Faculty roster.

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