NRA President alleges to get ‘hundreds’ of death threats, blames President Obama

Thursday while on a right-wing talk show, David Keene, the president of the National Rifle Association, actually blamed President Obama and the left for what he alleges to have been hundreds of death threats made against him and his family. Yet, it’s the NRA who not once, but twice brought the Obama children into the discussion of gun safety.

Image: Face the Nation

Image: Face the Nation












Think Progress reports:

Host Ernest Istook, who is also a columnist for Breitbart, asked Keene to elaborate on his death threats, and Keene took the opportunity to:

What this reflects are two things. One is the uncivil way in which idealogues on the left in this country go after their enemies. The second thing it shows is the reflection of the left and the President of the United States’ attempt to demonize and blame those who disagree with them for everything that he doesn’t like.

This is the GOP mantra. No matter how complicit any of them are in the destruction of the economy or lack of civility, blame Obama: “It’s Obama’s fault.”  If President Obama cured cancer tomorrow, he would be demonized as partaking in Kenyan witchcraft.  It couldn’t possibly be Ted Nugent, Alex Jones or the NRA itself who are showing a lack of sensitivity after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. It’s Obama’s fault that they appear to be acting in their own self interests.

Immediately after the massacre, the NRA’s Facebook page was taken down for some time.  Their Twitter account was inactive. The NRA’s silence spoke volumes.

Now, who should we blame for the unprecedented number of death threats against President Obama?

  • mrsgunka

    Sounds like the mantra of the astute scholar, Sarah Palin, “Don’t retreat, reload”! Take no responsibility, blame everything on the black guy in the Oval office.

  • Julie Tucker

    Oh the irony!!

  • otimio123

    NRA gun thug goons.