On Gun Appreciation Day: Three Separate Gun shows, five people shot (so far)

Today is Gun Appreciation Day and in an ironic turn of events, Law enforcement officials have confirmed a shooting at the Dixie Gun and Knife Show at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds Saturday afternoon. The accident left three people injured. While taking their guns out on a date to show it ‘appreciation’ at a gun show, someone’s 12-gauge shotgun discharged after the gun’s owner, 36-year-old Gary Lynn Wilson, of Wilmington, unzipped its case for a law enforcement officer to check it at a security entrance. But there were other incidents at three separate gun shows. 

Image: Think Progress

Image: Think Progress








I’m curious: Is it legal to travel about with an armed weapon? To my knowledge, it’s not. I suppose the retired Wake County Sherriff’s deputy working the show who was one of the injured parties can answer that.

Also injured: Fifty-year-old Linwood Hester, of Durham, and 54-year-old Janet Hoover, of Benson, both of which were subsequently transported to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries. Deputy Jake Alderman, 54, of Wake Forest, was treated and has since been released.

And there was damage of course. The gunshot shattered the window.

The incident forced the Dixie Gun and Knife Show to shut down for the day after the incident.

Political carnival reports:

A person who was loading a gun outside of the Indy 1500 Gun and Knife Show at the State Fairgrounds was accidentally shot when his gun discharged Saturday afternoon.

The incident was reported shortly after 4:15 p.m. Saturday.

Indy 1500 Gun and Knife Show PIO Ashley Varner says the man had been inside at the gun show before the incident.

He was walking back to his car, was loading his semi-automatic pistol and accidentally shot himself in the hand, Varner says.

State Police responded to the scene. The man was taken to the hospital.

Think Progress reports:

Two similar incidents occurred at entirely separate gun shows in the Midwest, one in the Cleveland suburb of Medina, Ohio and the other at the state fairgrounds in Indianapolis, Indiana. In Ohio, the local ABC affiliate reports that one individual was brought to a hospital by EMS, and in Indiana Channel 8 WISH says that an individual shot himself in the hand while trying to reload his gun in the show parking lot. That brings the tally to 4 victims of gun violence so far at three different gun shows during the country’s first Gun Appreciation Day.

Five people were shot today on Gun Appreciation Day. Five people were shot today on Gun Appreciation Day. Sorry, I had to type that twice. I can’t get over it. Don’t judge me.

We did try to offer some advice before Gun Appreciation Day (the one where five people were shot).

  • That Guy

    I just need to get this off my chest: Bwha ha ha ha ha ha haaa!

  • Nat P.

    So because a couple of people were injured by guns today we should ban them ? How many people were injured today in Vehicle accidents. I’m sure you’ll get around to banning them when you are done with guns. You can have my motorcycle when you pry my cold dead fingers off the bars .

    • http://twitter.com/Anomaly100 Anomaly One Hundred

      The last thing I would want to see is a gun ban. I do want background checks and no military-style weapons though. Our military is big enough. We don’t need one here policing the streets here too.

      • http://www.facebook.com/darryl.obrien.984 Darryl OBrien

        Try and understand What Obama is tring to decieve you THE AR-15 and AK 47 look mean but the average hunting rifle is twice as power full as the ar15 and ak47 and there also semi autos Obama is trying to word the gun laws to cover all of the semi auto guns which includes 95% of hand guns Its a ploy to take all of our guns by Obama Do some research on this

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jonny-Roten/100001666785528 Jonny Roten

          You should really never leave your house until you calm down and gain some comprehension skills.

    • wildwildwest

      What a brilliant post.

  • dawgsrbtr

    We’re only about assault weapons and high capacity magazine clips and sensible gun registration and closing the gun show loophole. That’s not banning all guns.

    • http://www.facebook.com/darryl.obrien.984 Darryl OBrien

      Obamas way of saying I only want any gun that shoots

      • dawgsrwaybtr

        You don’t read or listen do you. We only about banning assault rifles and high capacity magazine clips. Our founding fathers used muskets. You’re a bad shot if you need an assault rifle to hunt.

  • dawgsrbtr

    Dick Cheney appreciation day. LOL

  • http://www.facebook.com/darryl.obrien.984 Darryl OBrien

    Its all about Obama wanting all of our Guns Obama will use anything shamelessly to try and take them Sorry Charlie you wont get them Heres a great thaught Obama Focus on the important things LIKE JOBS and leave our guns alone

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jonny-Roten/100001666785528 Jonny Roten

      Obama doesnt want your guns. When in any of this did somebody say your guns will be confiscated? You guys are the only ones yelling that.

      • http://comgen.blogspot.com/ ComGen

        adding: technically congress made up of repub/dems would be responsible for taking the guns, they make the laws and have the power to override any sitting president.

      • http://www.facebook.com/cpachecoiii Carlos Pacheco III

        Hey Jonny. I’ve come to the conclusion that arguing with these people is of no use. They will NEVER give one inch, and defend their flawed logic until the day they die with fervor. There is no beating them. Even when they KNOW you’ve beaten them, they still won’t admit it. It’s best to let them spew off their idiotic rhetoric, and live our lives more happily. It’s best for us to just talk with each other about this stuff and feel better about life, than try to deal with these people and their outrageous claims of fascism, tyranny, and un-Americanism. I’m sure you can relate :)

  • Goodcrow

    Well to be honest I don’t even have a gun right now. I have lived without one for several decades (since 1972) I have been in no more danger than I would have with them. However if I want to buy a gun even an AR-15 I should be able to do so. I have no criminal background and I have had a license to carry permit from the FBI and no mental issues (all though a few of my friends think I am crazy) lol I have taken firearm safety training and a course on responsible handling and storage and cleaning of weapons. I never store a weapon with a round in the chamber or with a magazine in it. I keep my weapons in a gun safe when I have them in my home. If I go anywhere to hunt I put the weapon in the vehicle with me and put the ammo in the trunk in a lock box till I get where I am going to hunt. People that go to gun shows with a loaded weapon should not have one! Simply owning a weapon is not responsible gun ownership. There are people that shouldn’t own cell phones because they aren’t responsible. They cause wrecks and kill people every day in America and kill families with little children because they can’t be responsible and put the damned phone down and drive! A woman was walking through a mall and talking on her Cell phone and walked right into the fountain and then tried to sue the mall owners because she was that stupid. I could cite many other examples too and at least as many if not more that show how stupid some people can be. Truth being that because you have 3 people accidentally shot at a gun show or anywhere it still don’t say that all the owners of the 4,000,000 firearms in the US are ALL that careless and irresponsible!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000788363512 Mo Reno

      Yet, we don’t allow drinking and driving because of the small percentage of licensed, tested drivers that fail to exercise caution when handling their automobiles. Hmm, perhaps the actions of the few have negative consequences for the rest of the law-abiding citizenry. Naaw, that can’t possibly be the case, can it?

      • Ralfone

        Um…I’m pretty sure drinking and driving isn’t allowed because of reasons other than just idiots.

        • Biting Reality

          I’m pretty sure drinking and driving isn’t allowed EXACTLY for the same reasons certain people should never be allowed a gun – idiots who lack common sense or responsibility to use common sense.

          • Ralfone

            Ugh…I’m surrounded by idiots! NO! Drinking and driving is illegal because alcohol inhibits your motor functions in multiple ways. Ranging from issues with muscle control, vision and reaction time. Alcohol decreases the accuracy of information transmitted throughout the central nervous system, which guess what, controls your body movements…All important functions when operating a mass of metal that can easily kill yourself and others with. The only common sense and responsibility appertaining to drinking and driving is to not do it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ray.hill1 Ray Hill

    If one is hoarding weapons to fight the government of the United States he/she needs to be investigated for possible conspiracy to commit treason charges and if such facts are found, tried in a criminal court of law for those charges…

  • http://www.facebook.com/nicholas.galanti Nicholas Galanti

    they arent not going to ban anything, watch..