Rick Perry’s polling numbers suck, making him one of the most unpopular Governors in the country

 Public Policy Polling released a survey Tuesday showing Rick Perry’s popularity plummeting, making him one of the most unpopular Governors in America. Even Republicans have had enough of the Texan Governor. 62 percent of voters think Perry should step aside and not seek reelection. In contrast, 31 percent think he should seek reelection next year.








Only 41% of GOP primary voters want him to be their candidate again, compared to 47% who think it’s time for  someone else. And in a head to head match up with Attorney General Greg Abbott, Perry leads by only a 41/38 margin.

Some have speculated — and even Perry himself  has entertained the notion– that he may seek another Presidential run in 2014 but only 14% of Texans think Perry should run again, to 79% who are opposed to the idea.

A Rasmussen poll in December resulted in an extreme decline in approval numbers for the Tea Party, who have typically backed Governor Perry.

Image: CSMonitor

  • smgess

    A Presidential run in 2014? Gee, the GOP is evidently changing more than the Electoral College. Run, Rick, run!

  • Rex

    Gee, and all he had to do was open his mouth…Thoughts of a 2014 run are be consistent with ‘GOP Denial Syndrome’…

  • http://twitter.com/chefbob50 Robert Spiess

    Governor Rickyray Joebob Perry has proven to be so bad as a governor that even the uneducated bible thumping tea-party mouth breathers can’t stomach him. Damn it must suck to live in Texas…