The NRA Targets the Obama Children Again in Another Creepy Ad

The President of the National Rifle Association attempted to defend the group’s new controversial ad that has drawn a firestorm of attention for referencing the President’s children by saying the ad wasn’t really about them. David Keene ‘explained’ (poorly) on CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Wednesday that the ad is “not about them specifically,” arguing the television commercial was more than just about President Barack Obama’s children.

Keene will have to double down on his defense because his gun lobbyist group just did it again.  The first ad was widely condemned even by Conservatives, so the NRA has tried again, I suppose hoping to surpass their first attack on Malia and Sasha Obama.

Wash, rinse, repeat:


Media Matters reports, “The ad also highlights the number of armed guards at the school attended by President Obama’s daughters to make the claim that the President is a hypocrite for stating that he is “skeptical that the only answer is putting more guns in schools.”

Right. Our first Black President who has received more death threats than prior Presidents should not have guards protecting his children.  Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and Richard Nixon supported gun control, but Obama tries to take the same measures and he’s a dictator trying to take away our rights.  Do these people hear what comes out of their mouths?

Sociopath: a predatory person without the natural empathy for others that prevents most people from being completely evil.

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Sociopathic: of, relating to, or characterized by asocial or antisocial behavior or exhibiting antisocial personality disorder.

  • smgess

    Sociopaths is right. Funny how their ‘right’ to own every weapon known to man supercedes the rights of the rest of us not to live in fear of these trigger-happy morons and their gun-crazed families. I sure hope Fox someday pays for creating and then feeding this atmosphere of hate. Remember how we were supposed to so scared of
    a “muslim, communist” president? Turns out the real people to fear are the ones who use their guns as their pacifiers and their dicks.

    • Anomaly One Hundred

      I was going to go with: Sick mother fuckers, but that wouldn’t be lady like of me.

    • Daryl Revok

      Have you ever looked up how many attacks have been stopped during or even before they got started by legal, sane, responsible men and women with a carry/conceal? You wont hear it in the mainstream media because they are bank rolled by the men and women in the top 1% that want you defenseless. But THOUSANDS of such tragedies have been averted and reported in local news papers and blogs all across the country…anything you hear out of CNN,FOX,MSNBC or the networks is all carefully prepared left/right banter to keep us chasing our own tail, while both dems and reps whittle away our civil liberties in the name of Safety, or Terrorism or whatever bullsht fear they can shove down our throats, I for one would much rather be free in a dangerous world than a slave to a safe one.

      • walter

        As someone who has seen what military weapons do to the human body, I say bullshit…Take those damn things off our streets. No one objects to hunting rifles or handguns, but those damn things are made one one thing. Killing people…

      • Jim Dumas

        I respectfully disagree…first of all it’s only fear, IF you buy into it. Just like after 9/11 they had people worrying about every plane they saw. Scared of anyone with a darker skin tone than them. You’re right, the 1% does want you to be afraid…be very afraid. And that’s no way to live.

        I agree with Walter, Vietnam taught me up close and personal what these weapons can, and will do. And they were in the hands of people that KNEW how to use them. I mean, if you can’t drop someone with the first one or two shots, you need a shotgun with doube ought buck, it will drop them…quick. But for God sakes, get rid of the reset of this crap.

  • ivyfree

    A, they’re dumb as a box of rocks. B., they have no clue that the safety of the President’s children is a national security issue, because see A.

    • Always keepin it a HundreD

      So our children aren’t a national security issue right now? I guess all the Ban Gun propaganda that flooded my television set this past month is just all for gps?

      • ivyfree

        I have no idea who you are, so I don’t know if your children are a national security issue. I do know that kidnapping the President’s children and possibly torturing them would be a national security issue, as no doubt the President would do anything possible to protect them- as would most of us for our kids. But if my kids get kidnapped, I can’t issue executive orders or alter national policy to get them back. I suspect you can’t either. See reason A.

        That said, no, I don’t see homicide as a national security issue, but a police issue, a Justice Department issue and a public health issue. That is actually plenty of reason for me to support very strict gun control laws. I suggest that after strong gun control laws go into effect, that men who want to buy guns have legal counseling, a mandatory delay, a very steep tax on both the guns and the ammunition, and be given a tape measure and advised to step into the bathroom and think about it. I think it should be at least as hard to get a gun as it is to get an abortion. Actually, I think it should be harder.

  • Daryl Revok

    We are certainly not going to be disarming the population any time soon, so talk of gun control is inane…laws mean nothing to a man who can execute a room full of 6 year old children. Nothing short of martial law and complete disarmament of every law abiding man and women can even come close to achieving this magic gun free utopia these well meaning but deluded tools keep dreaming of, mere emotional stooges of propaganda playing right into the hands of a very real culture of totalitarianism in the top 1%. So considering disarmament is about as unlikely as a thinking electorate….arming school personal is the only rational option.

    • Anomaly One Hundred

      No one is disarming America’s population. Just like Conservative presidents, Obama is talking about gun control. Not a full out ban.

      • Daryl Revok

        Thats what I mean…gun control isnt going to stop anything like Connecticut from happening so whats the real reason behind it? Its a fact the most well armed communities have the lowest rates of gun crime. So if your not going to get rid of them ALL….whats splitting hairs going to accomplish other than making it more difficult for a law abiding citizen to defend themselves?

        • Anomaly One Hundred

          Oh geez. You know, some of you are making this conversation nearly impossible. Why is it so hard to grasp that the population does not need military-style weapons? What’s the purpose of said artillery?