Video: Steubenville teen on victim, “She was deader than Trayvon Martin, she is so raped her p-ssy is as dry as the sun”

Happy New Year to the Rape Crew of Steubenville High School from Anonymous and Knight Sec.

A disturbing video was released after scandal rocked a close knit town in Ohio. A young woman in Steubenville was  brutalized by members of the Big Red High School football team; she was raped and kidnapped, then  carried off  to various parties while unconscious and intoxicated. Members of the team tweeted pictures of the young woman with demeaning statements, which inspired activism after the town covered for the alleged rapists.

On Christmas Eve, KnightSec took action with #OpRollRedRoll and blocked said members out of their own email accounts then downloaded evidence. Now it’s 2013 and more evidence has popped up in the form of a video.

Warning: This is highly disturbing to watch as these boys admit to observing crimes while laughing. Another teenager Michael Nodianos states that the victim was “deader than” Trayvon Martin, adding that, “she is so raped her pussy is about as dry as the sun right now.”

For the comedians in the video: You are as morally bankrupt as the rapists for observing the brutalization of this young woman and doing nothing. At least some of the kids in the room asked the question, “What if that was your daughter or sister?”

For the few townspeople on Twitter that seemed to be upset with me for supporting KnightSec: Look at this video again. This is what you’re covering up. This video brought tears to my eyes and you’re worried about ‘school spirit.’


  • Ahab

    Sickening. What kind of sociopaths think rape is funny!? I hope the perpetrators (and those who witnessed the crime and did nothing) are feeling VERY uncomfortable right now as they receive unwelcome publicity in spades.

    I do have one concern, however. Is evidence gathered in this manner admissible? While it is certainly damning, can it be used in a police investigation and trial if gathered through such means?

  • Andrew Cassidy

    Bloody abhorrent! “This is the funniest thing ever” – somebody get these destructive sociopaths away from innocent life and off the streets, please?

    • That Guy

      Prison should do the trick. I’ll bet they don’t laugh about rape there.

  • Karen Wagner

    Their parents can be really proud to have raised a bunch of sociopathic

  • Lomez

    These pieces of work should be given the option to choose between a 30 year sentence in state prison with no possibility of early release or chemical castration. A news conference should then be held to cover their choice. Their parents should be by their side when they make the choice.

    • obi wan

      no release, period.
      chem castration or not.
      they have no place in a free society.

  • Adam J. Reizner

    So wonderful that the piece of excrement cracks himself up. As a father and grandfather I am apalled. Not only was I taught that no means no I was also taught that the inability to coherently give consent also means no. A shame this basic human value is lost.

  • Kimmy Giblers Twat

    look at this guy with his Loyd Christmas hair. sick fuck

  • Bugart Lerio

    his ffffucking crazy

  • disqus_6AeSbMRBY2

    I found it interesting that Mays’ apology was for photographing/videoing the incident and putting it online, but not for the assault itself. I wish they had gotten more than one and two year sentences. They are nothing better than animals.

  • Arizhel

    “It isn’t really rape because you don’t know whether she wanted to or not.”

    ……what a bunch of sick little bastards. -.-