A Second former LAPD officer releases a manifesto

February 11, 2013

Christopher Dorner is creating quite a firestorm of attention directed toward the Los Angles Police Department, and now his efforts have doubled in another manifesto created by former LAPD Officer Joe Jones.














In its entirety, it reads exactly (typos and grammatical errors included):


“My Former LAPD Officer Joe Jones MANIFESTO…

I know most of you who personally who me are in disbelief of the partial story I will tell today. A story that has been suppressed for about 18 years, But lives strong everyday of my life.

I without hesitation would like to send my condolences to the Victims who were lost and their families during this tragic situation. I would also like to send my condolences and well wishes to the many former and current Officers, as well as Citizen’s and their families who lost the lives and souls of loved one’s to the injustices of Police Corruption, Scandal, Lies, Deception and Brutality.

Unlike Former Officer Dorner, I fear dying; But I also fear living in a society where Innocent people are dying for no reason. A society where pain so great can be afflicted to people who have to desire to live right and treat people right and then be punished for doing right.

They say we all look alike. In very few cases this of course is true. But in most cases it is not. I feel a resemblance to Dorner, (See Photos) However several people who have no resemblance to Dorner have been shot due to the fear of what is taking place. I DO NOT WANT TO BE SHOT FOR CRIMES I DID NOT COMMIT!. Neither does anyone else.

To preface my story I will say this: Just like former Officer Christopher Dorner I used to smile a lot. I loved everyone. I was voted Friendliest Senior of my Sr. Class in High School. I always believed in the system and never got into any trouble. I loved hard and gave to all I could. After Joining the LAPD in 1989 I quickly found out that the world and society had major flaws. I had flaws as well for ever believing that our system of government was obligated to do the right thing. his is what I believed as a young Officer. Without going into major detail, I need you to first assume that I would not surface 16 years later with lies about a situation that has me with PTSD to this very day. The pain forces me to speak as I have yet to shake the Ill’s of my experience as an LAPD Officer. Of course I have moved on physically. But mentally and emotionally I still live with flaws.

I can’t go into re-living the emotions of what I went through so I will say this. I had my home viciously attacked by a gunman with my family and myself inside the house. No arrests were made and my family and I Received very little support. I had my Civil Rights violated on several occasions. I was falsely arrested at gunpoint by the Sheriffs as an Officer who ID’d himself and was conspired against by both LAPD and the Sheriffs when my Civil case went to Trial. I was falsely accused on more than one occasion and simply placed in a position that the trust was so compromised that I could no longer wear the Uniform. Also know there were many more episodes. All of these issues are well documented and I present them not to be a Whistle blower, However to hope that one would not assume that all of what is being said is Lies as presented by Dorner. I don’t know him, But I know me. I will say from my experience, If a person knows they were wrong it is easier to move on without anger. Seems that Dorner obviously could not move on… Could I just be content and move on with my life and not say anything? Yes…Then I would feel that I for once had my chance to speak on something that hurts me to this day and I did nothing to arouse thought or provoke reform. This is what I hope comes from this whole situation:

1. Families that lost someone to this tragedy find the peace that only God can give at this terrible time.

2. Citizens of Los Angeles be mindful of this fearful time to be an Officer and comply vigorously so that you are not the victim of an Officer on high alert.

3. Government and Politicians please be diligent in the responsibility of creating Laws that protect those who could be the victim of a conspiracy. Never allow the door to be shut on the Truth.

4. Honest and Fair LAPD & All Agencies: Keep doing what you are doing to protect citizens and be safe while you are doing so. We need you and I would hope that you do not allow the Bureaucratic drama and Stress to kill your morale as I know it can.

5. Unethical LAPD & all Agencies: Whatever is was that lead you down this path, Pray to somebody’s God to forgive you and begin to remove unethical methods to your policing style. Always think what if it were you, How would you feel?..How would you like if you were falsely accused and your life, lively-hood and career was taken from you? How would you like if someone was beating on you just because they felt they could get away with it? You are no better the criminals you took and oath to arrest when you do what you do!

6. Chistopher Dorner. The 1st thing I would say to him is, I feel your pains!…But you are going about this the wrong way. To take innocent lives could never be the answer to anything. I say this as a Man who experienced the same pain, betrayal, anger, suffering, litigation and agony that you did in many ways, Only I didn’t get Fired. I just choose to go a different route. My heart still suffered that same shock, I was still left to try and put the pieces back together. The disbelief that people could conspire and cause you to loose something you loved so dearly was still there. I lost my Career, I lost my Family, I lost my Dignity, I lost my Trust…But I am here now to hopefully one day see change…Bro, Don’t kill anymore Innocent people. Your point has been made. Clearly. They know you mean business, The whole world knows. Refrain from any further wrong doing and do what you must to salvage your Soul. Whatever that means to you. Just remember that God is a forgiving God.

In conclusion I say to people who knew none of this about me that one day I will have to reflect on when was the time to speak. When I see the potential for innocent lives to be lost…The time is Now!…JJ”


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  • Goddbody

    For God’s sake man, please stop trying to rationalize with racist white people who will never respect us until we beat their asses. White folks think that everything the law does is right. You can’t reason with these animals. The only thing they understand is violence. Black people stand up and stop taking this crap. They can never defeat us, and they know it. The guy clearly was only trying to convey that he experienced similar dealings as Doner when he worked with LAPD. These people don’t get it because they don’t want to. Stop playing with these racist bastards. The day is coming and they no it, that’s why they are scared like the true cowardice pricks that they are!

  • JAdams

    We have to remember to “Say something good or remain silent”. Many of us, are more willing to perpetuate the problem opposed to hate in our hearts the loss that has occurred with those lives that have been taken, while forgetting that anyone of us could also have been placed in the shoes of Christopher Dorner. We may say what we would have done had it been us, but we actually don’t know what we would’ve done.
    At minimum, former LAPD Officer J. Jones has acknowledged the losses that have occurred. And this beats not saying anything at all. (Only God knows what his intentions are and well as the action that he has taken.)
    Lastly, some of the comments shown only show us that our American society continues to regress with regards to racism and understanding cultural diversity.
    Hopefully the words that were spoken and the action that was taken to come forth and say a word to help if not correct what has already occurred will make a difference.
    If former LAPD Officer C. Dorner reads the words of another officer that has mentioned his experience, perhaps he will stop the taking of innocent uninvolved lives and stop causing others to feel hurt as the result of some hurtful things that he experienced.
    May God bless us with guidance towards truth, understanding and forebearance.

  • http://www.facebook.com/greg.mecomber Greg Mecomber

    A video about the LAPD selling drugs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4t3pl5Wxgyg

  • http://www.facebook.com/anthonyd.smith.71 Anthonyd Smith

    I don’t believe this crap. This is something posted to appease these damn suburbanites. Gtfoh

  • BOOM

    YOU’RE ALL RACISTS!.. haha.. Seriously, just reading down the first few comments I find a trend. It’s not about being black or white, though it may create the necessary tensions to cause such heinousness, but look at what it really going on. This country blows and the people running it blows. This isn’t the first case of someone getting pushed over the edge and won’t be the last. It’s just the present one that we’re all focused on. Let’s give some focus to some of the real problems we actually face as a nation rather than parading around giving one opinion over another about a meaningless story that will be lost in the mountain of other meaningless stories.

  • Rod

    It’s interesting how race is mentioned so much in regards to this guy’s post, yet he makes not a single mention of racism. All of his points seem to be toward corruption. And ultimately he seems to be saying, I understand you, I have been through similar situations but you are essentially going about it in the worst way. And he is telling him that no matter what God can forgive him if he stops his path now. Seems to me like an honest attempt to reach him and I personally can’t find fault with it. Better than a bunch of people sitting around debating and making judgements, imho…

  • nobody

    The bible I cling to suggests that the statements you make are vile and unworthy. What bible are you clinging to? 0.o

  • Bonnie Dyer

    Abuse of power can be found in all genres of employment. I spoke out against falsifications of documents which led to my job being taken away from me in an educational environment. The powers that be protected the Principal and several years later I am still trying to rebound from the lack of human respect which was not rendered to me. Even the Assistant Principal sat back and kept a closed mouth she even participated in the behavior. I am a Christopher Dorner and a Joe Jones because I overstand their plight, their circumstances, their fear and their fight to clear their names and make the world know how they were treated.

  • guest

    Some of these comments are sickening and according to the desire to live in peace and equality, we all know whose comments are sickening. I commend Jones for saying what he has. Sadly, he may be the only hope for someone experiencing such racist issues. He has a lot more integrity and strength in the midst of a climate of fear than any of you that turn blind eyes to HUMAN suffering.

  • Johnrambo1

    Dorner is another racist obama shock trooper.

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