A.J. Jacobs: My year of living biblically, Could You?

” Speaking at the most recent EG conference, author, philosopher, prankster and journalist A.J. Jacobs talks about the year he spent living biblically — following the rules in the Bible as literally as possible. ” — http://www.ted.com/talks/a_j_jacobs_year_of_living_biblically.html

The Year of Living Biblically

A.J. Jacobs: My Outsourced Life


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” Neal Conan, host of NPR‘s Talk of The Nation, hosts “The Evolution of Religion,” a discussion recorded at The Battelle Studio at WOSU at COSI in Columbus, Ohio. ” … ” Evolutionary studies have accumulated enough convincing explanations based on enough factual discovery for it to be indisputable that religion is biologically rooted. Wade, a science journalist whose vita includes stints with the revered journals Nature and Science before he joined the New York Times science section, draws on the most famous and influential researchers to synthesize the story of religion through the ages. ” — http://keentalks.com/evolution-religion/


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