An Open Letter to Michelle Malkin

I saw your snarky post today regarding Gabrielle Giffords “hand-written” testimony at the Senate hearing on gun violence.

Your latest status update on Facebook is one of the many examples one could cite when explaining why you will never be considered a serious journalist, or person, of any true intellect. When your career is over, you will be forgotten, subjugated to the oblivion you earn, day-in and day-out, unlike Murrow, Cronkite, Jennings, and also, one whom you could otherwise, with some serious effort, be considered a contemporary of, Rachel Maddow, because you are simply what you strive, and appeal, to; base.












Did you, as any of those aforementioned journalists would have, question why Giffords’ testimony was hand-written by her therapist? Did you pose this simplest of questions to the “base,” to which you pander? No, you didn’t.

You, we can all safely assume why it was hand-written by her therapist. Shame on you for putting forth for, your particular and peculiar, public consumption that she didn’t own her testimony, that her testimony was somehow someone else’s agenda, for quickening the idea that her passion, and that of her husband, a man of the highest esteem and proven character, is a ploy for public sympathy. Gabrielle Giffords is no man’s victim and Mark Kelly is no pimp. They are singularly and collectively possessed of a strength of character that goes beyond a cognitive function.

Your status update today was yet another conscious decision on your part in your endeavor for a life of ignobility. It’s who you make yourself into, day by day, and that’s your choice. Enjoy it when and while you can.

There is no way to address the complete spectrum of absolute bat-shit crazy in the thread of your status update today. That I’ll leave to the qualified, educated professionals certified in the myriad psychoses of you and your followers. But know, Michelle, that the ignorance and hatred and racism and fear-mongering and pure evil that you foment, at your pleasure, is yours and yours alone. It’s the bag you’re packing to carry with you on your journey. My sincerest wish for you, Michelle, is a very long one, on the road, and with the companionship, of your choosing.


Kristi Benson

  • Bullies For Romney

    Whenever I, rarely, catch a glimpse of a Michelle Malkin rant on television, my brain automatically hears, “Me so horny, me love you long time,” in place of everything she’s saying, because that’s what one hears when such a person like her is universally known as a notorious $5 whore.

    • Lily Queen

      Wow, this week has just been full of people responding to bigots with bigotry! I’m already profoundly irritated by all the racist responses to the disgraceful homophobia displayed by certain 49ers, but come on. Can we be better than this?

    • Garry Lafferty

      Ben hear over iil take 5$ worth

    • girdyerloins

      I beg to differ. $5.00 PROSTITUTE. Whores, by the way, give it away. Great parody on the filipina love child angle, tho’.
      Malkin has always had that “boo hoo, you kicked sand in my face” demeanor that really inspires respect among serious intellectuals, like Hannity, et al.
      I have to laugh, though, at the fading of all these previously shooting stars (including my all-time faves, Michelle Whatsername and Ann Whatever. Oh, and that cretin from Alaska whose name I always forget).
      Now, if we could just get rid of that horrid little moneygrubber….you know, the one with the badger that crawled on top of his head and died.

  • Bullies For Romney

    I just found Michelle Malkin’s Fox News audition tape:

    • girdyerloins

      I’m in China right now and when I clicked on the image, for the briefest of moments, the video threatened to play and I was ready to salute the Chinese government for relaxing the Great Firewall enough to enable anyone interested enough in psychopathology to debauch themselves in her presentation. But it was not to be. I’ll review this when I return to the USA, home of the zanies.

  • Aviva Luria

    I basically agree with what you’re saying, but this is really, really poorly written. (Sorry — but that’s the truth.)

    • Kristi Benson

      Aviva, it probably is as “really, really poorly written,” as you say. Here’s the thing. I was disgusted by Michelle Malkin’s status update, and by the comments that followed about Gabby Giffords. It was some pretty sick stuff and I wrote what I felt. It was finished in 20 minutes and it wasn’t written with the intention of publishing anywhere; not Harper’s, not The New Yorker, not even here where it landed. Just my little facebook. The response I received was overwhelmingly positive and I was encouraged by quite a few people to submit it to Freak Out Nation. I was over the top thrilled to hear back that, “The letter is great.” Really. The response here has also been overwhelmingly positive, I think, because the disgust I felt was clearly understood and it resonated with a lot of people. Though, I’m sure I’m getting an, “F,” from you, I feel honestly pretty good about that. Pride cometh before the fall.

      I have two semesters of college English. I also have opinions about what’s going on with the far right in this country, as do a lot of people without a Master’s Degree. Beggin your pardon, but is a, “D,” too much to hope for?

  • tiredoftea

    The best position on this fringe figure is to ignore her. At some point, even her audience will get tired of her third grade rants.