Former GOP candidate who promised to go after thugs & criminals was arrested for shoplifting

Former Republican candidate for Alabama agriculture commissioner, Dale Peterson, created ads in the 2010 Republican primary featuring him holding a rifle and promising to go after thugs and criminals in Montgomery politics. The ads went viral on YouTube, but Peterson finished third, however they did make him a popular speaker at Republican events and an adviser to Herman Cain in his presidential bid last year. Peterson also said in his ad that the position he’s running for is responsible for over $5 billion. But, hes now charged with shoplifting $40 worth of merchandise.










After venturing to a Wal-Mart, then using the bathroom, Peterson was stopped by employees taking a shopping cart of beer and paper towels past the store’s cash registers without paying for the items.

The AP reports that Peterson is blaming thugs and criminals for spreading word about his arrest to keep him from making another campaign in 2014.

Peterson’s charge is a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail.

The AP reports:

Peterson was arrested Oct. 15 on a charge of third-degree theft of property. A Hoover police spokesman said employees at a Wal-Mart stopped him after he pushed a shopping cart of beer and paper towels past the cash registers without paying for the contents. The case is pending in municipal court.

Peterson, 67, said he and his wife, Kathy, had friends coming over to watch a football game, and he went to pick up supplies. He said he got ready to check out with less than $40 worth of merchandise, but he had to go to the restroom badly. “I had to go when I went in the store,” he said.Peterson said he rolled his shopping cart past the cash registers, parked it outside the restroom, and got stopped by store security when he emerged from the restroom. He said he never left the store, and he didn’t know it was considered shoplifting “once you pass the cash registers.”

It’s possible that this is all in error but that doesn’t make any less hilarious.

H/T: @ComgenKDT who is probably a spy, however, he is not a shoplifter.

  • ComGen

    Typically most stores, if person(s) in similar situation provides reasonable explanation and pays for item(s)–per original intent, store security will not have you arrested. In this case he had not left store grounds prior to security confronting him..suggesting they had good reason to believe theft was probable / had taken place, there’s obviously more to this….I’m thinking his story is correct, but knowing them gun-crazy-knee-jerk Repubs he probably smarted off at the mouth and security just said F-it arrest him. Seen this happen many times at local box stores.

    • Anomaly 100

      “Seen this happen many times at local Republican box stores.”


  • Caturdayisidiotic

    He made an entertaining commercial in a funny kind of way. Worked at a Republican Box store 25 years ago and the security they hired was kind of Romper room.

  • Gail Anderson

    Just another friggen moron from the repukes side. Do as i say, not as I do. what a clown Figures, look where it is and I hate to say it but it is all the time, SOUTH, redneck and ignorant.

  • Barbara Warren

    I don’t find it funny. There was no excuse to charge him, on the facts reported. He didn’t conceal the merchandise, he didn’t remove it from the store, and he had a reasonable explanation. Absolutely NO grounds for arrest. BTW, the ice is sold in many Walmarts just past the register, and I often pick it up just before I pay (who wants to wheel melting ice around the store for half an hour). So by the standards Walmart used in this case I could be arrested for shoplifting.

    • rtb61

      By the same argument you can stretch it out to the car park, hmm, now that’s an interesting thought for a legal defence as the product was still on the shopping centre property and thus in their possession.

    • Mtngirl

      Laws is laws as tough talkers like Peterson say…now stop whining and pay your fine…

  • Dennis Smith

    I don’t like Republican hypocrisy either, but attempting to slander this loser for this indiscretion is hypocrisy of another kind. We can beat these demons at the poles. Let’s take the high road

    • Anomaly 100

      Which part is slander? I did slander the admin here though. (See the last line of the post)