Freedom Works created a video of a panda going down on Hillary Clinton to screen at a conservative conference

Republicans are getting kinky, but while disrespecting others. And holy crap, they sent female interns in to do a porn video. Mother Jones reports on an internal investigation of Freedom Works – the Conservative advocacy group and Super PAC and Matt Kibbe’s management and use of resources, among other things of interest.











Apparently, those Conservative, Christian Freedom lovers think Hillary Clinton is a sexy beast. I think she’s attractive too, but I wouldn’t go as far as they did.

David Corn reports:

One potential topic for the inquiry is a promotional video produced last year under the supervision of Adam Brandon, executive vice president of the group and a Kibbe loyalist. The video included a scene in which a female intern wearing a panda suit simulates performing oral sex on Hillary Clinton.

Some FreedomWorks staffers worried last year about a promotional video created ahead of FreePAC, a FreedomWorks conference held on July 26, 2012, where thousands of conservative grassroots activists nearly filled the American Airlines Center in Dallas to hear from tea party favorites, including Glenn Beck and Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah). The short film hailing FreedomWorks was intended to play on the large video screens inside the arena.

In one segment of the film, according to a former official who saw it, Brandon is seen waking from a nap at his desk. In what appears to be a dream or a nightmare, he wanders down a hallway and spots a giant panda on its knees with its head in the lap of a seated Hillary Clinton and apparently performing oral sex on the then-secretary of state. Two female interns at FreedomWorks were recruited to play the panda and Clinton. One intern wore a Hillary Clinton mask. The other wore a giant panda suit that FreedomWorks had used at protests to denounce progressives as panderers. (See herehere, and here.) Placing the panda in the video, a former FreedomWorks staffer says, was “an inside joke.”

Another FreedomWorks staffer who worked there at the time confirms that “Yes, this video was created.”

And that’s where the interns enter the equation. The video featured two interns dressed for the part, after being sent in to act out the unusual oral sex scene. With a panda. I did mention the panda, didn’t I?

When they went into the book business:

Armey and two former officials have also told Mother Jones that the nonprofit bought thousands of copies of Kibbe’s book from retail sources in an attempt to land it on bestsellers lists. FreedomWorks, one former staffer says, “used tens of thousands of dollars, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, to promote this book.”


So, I guess they decided to shift their attention to stuffed animal beastiality. How very Plushy of them. Could it be that Republicans have never had actual sex/oral sex with a human before so they substituted a stuffed animal. Yeah, maybe.


  • Randall E. Winn

    We all knew FreedomWorks was a bunch of prostitutes but who knew they did porn too?

    • Anomaly One Hundred

      They’re such a class act.

  • dawgsrbtr

    Now this is sick. Of course the Teabaggers will probably find a way to go lower than this

  • Reda StCyr

    Nothing surprises me about these greedy morons