Hillary Clinton has Texas GOP Chair worried over the possibility of a 2016 run

Hillary Clinton has not confirmed a 2016 Presidential run, but her popularity is troubling even Texas Republicans. And they should be concerned if you go by recent polling results.

Since 1994 there haven’t been any statewide elected Democrats in Texas. Real Clear Politics notes, “Texas hasn’t voted for a White House candidate with a “D” next to his name since it gave the nod to Jimmy Carter in 1976. It’s been all Republicans since 1980, when Texans turned against Carter in a big way, giving 55 percent of the vote to Ronald Reagan and only 41 percent to the incumbent.”











Via Real Clear Politics:

While the knee-jerk reaction among many Republicans would be to dismiss the idea that the state could be competitive in 2016 — just four years after Mitt Romney carried it by 16 points over President Obama — Texas GOP Chairman Steve Munisteri is in no mood to sneer.

In an interview with RCP, Munisteri said that he has long taken seriously the possibility that Texas could become a battleground as early as 2016, particularly if Clinton becomes the Democratic standard-bearer.

“If she’s the nominee, I would say that this is a ‘lean Republican’ state but not a ‘solid Republican’ state,” he said. “I don’t know anyone nationally who’s scoffing at this. The national party leadership is aware and tells me they’re taking it seriously.”

Munisteri said that he has had recent discussions with Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus about the need to prepare for a significant change in the political dynamic here, noting that the need will likely become even more pressing in the next decade. That’s when Texas is expected to see its minority population rise more sharply — as it adds as many as four additional electoral votes to make it an even shinier target for Democrats than it already is.

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Kudos for his honesty. Hillary Clinton would be a formidable candidate against anyone Republicans offer up. Her popularity is soaring, and as Secretary of State she was praised by both parties.


  • ohpatricia

    If Hillary runs it’s all over but the crying. she would wipe the floor with Anyone that ran against her. I hope she runs…..

  • dawgsrbtr

    Hope that she runs. it would be great to have two Democratics back to back in the Oval Office.

  • Sally

    Hillary would be an even better President now after her Sec. of State experience. She is savvy, intelligent, worldly and knows more world leaders than Palin knows countries. She would be great. Wonder who the GOP will throw under the bus for 2016? No one with an ounce of sense will run against her (oh, wait, we’re talking GOP.) OK, so Newtie will try again, and so will Sanctimonious, because he misses that government health care, and Ryan’s ego is growing by the day. Then there’s Marco the Liar, Jindal the Liar, and a bevy of Governors who will lose their seats next fall. Should be fascinating.