Paul Ryan says Republicans deserve full credit for the Sequester, admits it's "not good government"

As reported here, House Speaker John Boehner wrote in the Wall Street Journal that the deep automatic spending cuts set for the end of the month were President Obama’s idea. Boehner’s assertion has been debunked. As the painful cuts come closer to becoming a reality, the blame game is playing out in force. In the following video —  in Paul Ryan’s own words — the blame should rightfully be placed squarely on Republican shoulders.

“Paul Ryan has been a fan of sequestration for his entire career in the House. He has repeatedly called for discretionary spending caps backed by a sequester. On August 1, 2011, he got what he has always wanted. Now that the sequestration might actually take place he says it’s “not good government.”

Paul Ryan, you are what you hate. The majority of Americans also blame Republicans for the sequester.

H/T: Twitter friend @RichardHine with thanks.

  • Pat Nader

    Then why do it

  • driveswift

    This is priceless.

  • dawgsrbtr

    This started Even before that with the debt cieling fiasco. It hadn’t ever been held hostage until the tea party lunatics did it in 2011.

  • Paul Magill Smith

    While Republicans can win elections by rigging election methods, purchase by outlandish donation schemes that must be revised (like Citizens United), and re-election through gerrymandering, once in office they really suck at governance or representing those who put them there. They ignore polls, are failures at understanding tried & true economic theory, have no sympathy or empathy, and believe they create their own reality. The bubble they live in is just an echo chamber of their own self-deception, and they obstinately remain intransigent when presented evidence they are wrong. They are hard heads who like to spout nonsense most Americans reject, but poor at listening & understanding. I don’t ‘hate’ them, because many are my neighbors, but I have little use for such lunkheads.