An almost record low of just 22% of Americans consider themselves Republicans

While John Boehner is trying to afford President Obama the blame for the sequester, the House Speaker and his party own it. And now, Americans agree that blame for the sequester falls on Republican shoulders. According to a new poll released today by USA TODAY/Pew Research Center, “President Obama starts his second term with a clear upper hand over GOP leaders on issues from guns to immigration that are likely to dominate the year.  On the legislation rated most urgent — cutting the budget deficit — even a majority of Republican voters endorse Obama’s approach of seeking tax hikes as well as spending cuts.” (my bold)

Steve Benen of Maddowblog created a chart:









Maddowblog reports, “A Bloomberg National Poll shows President Obama’s approval rating reaching a three-year high and public approval of Republicans reaching a three-year low. The same poll found that a plurality of Americans blame the Congressional GOP.”

An almost record low of just 22% of Americans consider themselves Republicans.

USA Today reports:

And those automatic spending cuts, known as the sequester, that are poised to take effect next week?

If no deal is reached to avert them, half of Americans say congressional Republicans will be more to blame. Less than a third would blame Obama first.

“On many of the issues, President Obama has staked out positions that seem to be closer to the public’s thinking than the positions Republicans have staked out,” says Michael Dimock, director of the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press. The poll is the first in a new partnership between Pew and USA TODAY. “The challenge for him is in building the public’s sense of immediacy on some of these issues, particularly on climate change and guns.”

Republicans have the opposite challenge. “Their focus on the deficit is in tune with the public’s priorities right now,” he says. “Yet their positions are not quite in step with the kind of compromises that the public tells us they want to see.”

Even so, those surveyed say by narrow margins that Obama has a better approach than congressional Republicans for dealing with the deficit and guns. By double digits, they favor his plans on immigration and climate change, including limits on emissions from power plants.

The president’s overall job approval rating is 51%, a bit higher than it typically has been for the past three years. The approval rating for Republican congressional leaders is a dismal 25%. Democratic congressional leaders stand in-between, at 37%.

An astounding 76% majority say that there should be a combination of spending cuts and new revenue. Only 19% of the public — fewer than one in five — agrees with the Republicans cuts-only approach.

Please proceed, GOP….

  • Middle Molly

    This is a good thing, but we still have OVER half of the people who DON’T blame the Republicans for this mess. How can anyone who has spent any time over the past two years following this budgeting mess NOT blame the Republicans?

    Anyway, we’re moving in the right direction, but we still have many, many more people who need to understand how destructive the Republicans are to this country. No, the Democrats are not perfect, but they are a far, far, far cry better than the Republicans. And unless we get the Repubs OUT of POWER, this country will continue to be in very serious trouble.

    • Sally

      I truly t a lot of people just go about their lives and do not ever turn on TV news. My husband doesn’t even kn ow who Grover Norquist is, or the Kich Brothers, and he is a chemical engineer. My kids, in their 30’s, are far better informed. All of us vote Democratic (even my hubby knew that Mitt was an idiot and Ryan a liar.) But you are IS maddening that these jokers plan to take over this nation for the corporations, and are using guns and religion to get the sheep in line for slaughter. Funny how none of the loudest mouths on the right have a thing to do with Christianity, yet their followers think they have direct access to God. I want to shake them all and tell them who these people really isn’t Jesus.

      • LibertarianAtheist

        I only watch the news to break down their propaganda. I mostly pay attention to foreign news and independent news organizations. Mainstream news (Fox, NBC, CBS, CNN, New York Times, Reuters for example) are all politically biased. Any news organization that is politically biased will not report certain things or report certain things while leaving out certain details to support their agenda.

        I lump sites like this in there as well. It’s not news, it’s propaganda. Don’t you consider yourself better informed because you vote only for one party. That is completely ignorant. Do you know the stance of every candidate you vote for? Do you know their voting record? Very few people actually look this stuff up because we are so blinded by a two party system so they automatically side with one party and only that party. Although, if you actually look up voting records, you may surprise yourself and find yourself agreeing with a Republican once. If only you can get past the word Republican.

        What this study shows is that while many people do not consider themselves Republican, there are a lot of people who would still vote for Republican because most Republicans side with their views. I voted for a few Republicans, a few Democrats, and Gary Johnson (Libertarian candidate) in the last election. I actually took real time and researched who I voted for, instead of listening to them talk or reading their pamphlets.

        Guns and Religion have nothing to do with any of this. Besides Religion corrupting BOTH parties. Religion has no part in politics or government. You cannot base your political views on how you interpret a book written thousands of years ago by men as gospel. Especially the Christian religion.

        Remember, when you talk of the corporations who are ruining this country, go ahead and research who the RICHEST people in this nation side with. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Larry Ellison, George Soros are all Democrat.

        Corporatism is ruining this country. Not Capitalism. Regulation is ruining this country. Taxes are ruining this country. Lobbyists are ruining this country. Religion mixed with government is ruining this country. Federal Government growing and growing and growing is ruining this country. The War on Drugs is ruining this country. The War on Terrorism is ruining this country. The FRB, IRS, DEA, ATF, DOHS, SSA, DOE, DOA, etc are ruining this country. We need to give this country back to the PEOPLE who built it. Not the government who wants to rule it.

        More importantly. We are ruining this country by voting in the same corrupt politicians year after year. And trust me when I say, when they take the guns, and then come after you, you will wish you had that semi automatic AR 15 on your side.

        But yeah, that could never happen to us. You just keep telling yourself that.

        • thinks

          You should do a little research yourself. The majority of the ultra wealthy support the GOP. Please, inform yourself. You obviously have some paranoid fear that people are going to come take your guns. Relax, it won’t happen. Seriously, it is an absolute impossibility and not a single politician is asking for that as I am sure you are well aware.

          Honestly held beliefs will never need lies to defend them. I’m assuming your beliefs are honest so please try to avoid needing those false claims.

        • Paul Browne

          You’re right “Corporatism is ruining this country”, but the Corporations are, mainly, run by Republicans with wealth accumulation as their God. If you think that it’s regulation that’s the problem, you’re not really paying attention.

          And nobody is coming for your guns, stop being paranoid.

    • Anomaly 100

      I think the fear-factor propagated by Fox News plays into it a lot.

  • dawgsrbtr

    With rightwingers it’s not about what works but what fits the ideology.