Protect Your Computer from Malware and Wireless Security Tips

The following information and resources based on this sites user demographic. Overall objective: to provide computer security awareness, related tips and self-help technical resources.

Protect Your Computer from Malware (Video)

” Malware is short for “malicious software.” It includes viruses and spyware that get installed on your computer or mobile device without your consent. These programs can cause your device to crash and can be used to monitor and control your online activity. Learn more about how to avoid, detect, and get rid of malware. ” —


Wireless Security (Video)

” Steps to take to protect the wireless network in your home. ” —


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Cyber Security Tips
advice about common security issues for non-technical computer users.

Security info/tips for Microsoft Windows:

Security info/tips for MAC users:

Security info/tips for Linux users:


FON Admin personal recommendations for ‘FREE’ do-it-yourself malware removal:

* see our About page for additional resources:

Antivirus Live CD/DVD/USB’s

Why Live CD/DVD/USB anti-virus environments?

Most modern malware once it infects an operating system such as Windows will typically disable any security software product(s) installed, rendering them useless. Live anti-virus environments run above any installed operating system thus preventing malware from activating and/or circumvent detection and the removal process. While do-it-yourself malware removal can work favorably in most situations, I highly recommend contacting your local professional computer repair service for major problems, if malware persists or not comfortable with resolving technical issues yourself.

* and the Author are not directly affiliated with any product(s) or service(s) listed. Use at own risk, consult with product/service documentation/FAQ. While I/We use these or similar products–professionally and personally with overall success, results are subject to many factors.

Dr.Web LiveCD:
* How it works Live CD:
* How it works Live USB:

AVG Live Rescue CD:
* Download ISO:

BitDefender Live Rescue CD:
* Download ISO ( current ):
* General how to:

Kaspersky Rescue Disk:

F-Secure Rescue CD: ( click on ” Rescue CD ” tab )

Avira AntiVir Rescue System: * General info:


General do-it-yourself computer / hard drive repair CD/DVD/USB:

Parted Magic Live CD/USB: *

Gparted Live CD/USB:

Clonezilla Live CD/USB:


Ultimate Boot CD:

Spybot ( Free Windows version ):


Basic how to use live CD/DVD’s:

[1]  download the Live CD/DVD ISO
[2]  burn the ISO to CD/DVD [ how to ]
[3]  insert CD/DVD, power on PC, Boot Live CD/DVD

* troubleshooting CD/DVD/USB booting: | or see product documentation or computer manufacturer website [ list ]. On my HP Laptop pressing [ F9 ] after powering on displays Boot Menu, generic desktop [ F2 ], one or more servers required changing the boot order in the bios. Once you are able to figure out the boot process everything else is easy breezy.

[4]  follow instructions once Live CD/DVD is up and running and/or consult with product documentation. The first three listed above provide user friendly graphical interfaces once loaded. If you are able to use standard desktop anti-virus products, you’ll have no problem with any of these. Having the computer connected to a wired Internet connection is required for updating virus definitions however, the live cd downloads are generally updated [ as of download date ].


Miscellaneous basic computer security awareness resources from the web
[ entry level end-user -> business IT -> power users -> Geeks ]: [ PDF ]


About the Author:


Hobby/Volunteer: server Admin for FON & other mixed-content blogs, sites, resources.

The short bio – technology hackerdata / system-network security, cryptography specialist and programmer with 20+ years of professional experience …. lifelong technology geek and Open SourceLinux/BSD, Android supporter/contributor/user. Self-taught and educated, licensed & certified – multiple hardware, software and operating system platforms-Linux, BSD, Windows, Solaris, etc. Owner / co-owner / boss-man – multiple technology based businesses and consultant.


  • Anomaly 100

    Nice picture of you Mr. Sweetie. You forgot to add ‘spy’ to your bio though.

    • ComGen

      I thought wearing spy gear nose/glasses would suffice

      • Anomaly 100

        Nah. They don’t fool anyone anyway. I tried it. I have a pair now. And I wore them when I buzzed LV in one day. The neighbors and L recognized me. They just don’t work!

  • Pretoriana

    I use Malwarebytes.

    • ComGen

      Malwarebytes Anti-Malware – Free version does not include:

      * Real-Time Active Malware Prevention Engine Blocks Known Threats, Heuristic Protection Prevents New Zero Day Malware Infections, * Malicious Website Protection Blocks Access to Known and Zero Day Malicious Web Content, * Automatic Priority Updates and Scheduled Scanning.

      All pretty much required for secure computing. Free version users must perform manual scans however, without real-time protection malware has the ability to attack and disable security software beforehand.

      The paid version provides full protection and overall performs well when fully operational.

      Windows users: bare minimum anti-virus [ free version ] must have features – *real-time protection and *auto virus definition updates.

      • Pretoriana

        …..use Malwarbytes paid version and Avast! free. 😉

  • dawgsrbtr

    Have Kaspersky and Malwarebytes. Need another one to protect my computer from caturday