Senate Approves the Violence Against Women Act; Now it’s up to the Obstructionist House

A version of the VAWA had been in effect for 20 years before it was allowed to expire in 2011 because of Republican objections to provisions to the new bill. Those new provisions protected lesbians and gays, Native Americans who are attacked by non-Indians on tribal land, and immigrants.














The Senate introduced yet another version of VAWA which passed by a vote of 78-22 today.   The question now remains, will House Republican continue their objections.

Conservatives have argued that the VAWA is unfair to men (like criminal law is unfair to criminals?). Heritage Action and Freedom Works have argued that men will be prosecuted if they call their wives nasty names or argue with their wives. Proponents of the law have replied that this is nonsense since the law is clearly limited to “felony and misdemeanor crimes.” Others object to non-Indians being prosecuted by tribal police and judges despite the bill limiting these cases to violence against women on tribal land.

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