Surveillance footage released of Christopher Dorner purchasing Scuba Gear 2 days before first murder

Alleged killer of three Christopher Dorner apparently went to a Southern California sporting goods store two days prior to releasing his manifesto. TMZ obtained the following surveillance video.

“Dorner went to Sports Chalet in Torrance — a beachside community in the L.A. area — on February 1st.  The video shows Dorner carrying in 2 small, yellow scuba tanks as he walks into the scuba section.  Sources tell us … Dorner got the tanks refilled with oxygen”, TMZ reports.

Via TMZ:

The video then shows Dorner leaving the scuba section with the 2 yellow tanks, along with another large, black scuba tank.  Dorner then goes to the counter, and then has a friendly conversation with the cashier, at times laughing.Dorner — who was a member of a Naval undersea warfare unit — pays cash for the items and then leaves.The surveillance tape shows Dorner arriving at Sports Chalet at 9:21 PM and leaving at 9:38 PM, just as the store closed.

So it’s settled then. Dorner is hanging out in Atlantis.

Officials confirmed that the man in the video is Christopher Dorner, however, they’ve also mistaken little ol’ Hispanic ladies for the fugitive also.

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