Tagg Romney decided against a run for Senate; Rumors circulating GOP to consider Elmer Fudd

As reported here, after Scott Brown opted out of running for the coveted Senate seat in Massachusetts, the GOP began its search for a formidable candidate in order to avert an electoral win for Democrats.  Republicans considered Ann Romney and also Tagg Romney. The Boston Herald reported Monday morning that the 42-year-old son of Mitt and Ann Romney was considering a run after others displayed an interest. And now he’s reached a decision.

Image: Politico

Image: Politico









Via Twit Longer by New York Daily News:

Full @tromney statement to me @nydailynews – “I have been humbled by the outreach I received this weekend encouraging me to become a candidate for the US Senate. I love my home state and admit it would be an honor to represent the citizens of our great Commonwealth. However, I am currently committed to my business and to spending as much time as I can with my wife and children. The timing is not right for me, but I am hopeful that the people of Massachusetts will select someone of great integrity, vision, and compassion as our next US Senator”











Dammit. Well, this might leave the door open for Ann Romney. Or, Sarah Palin could move to Massachusetts. Does Elmer Fudd live in Massachusetts?  He’s pro-gun. I know ‘you people’ miss the clown show too.


  • http://twitter.com/margaretbernha1 margaret bernhard

    Look at those eyes. We called that look “electric crazy eyes” in the sixties. One of the key human warning signs Regardless, we must yield to god/p’s chosen ones. It’s Their Turn,

  • Sally

    The time is not right? Does that mean people still remember Tagg wanting to punch the President? Sorry, Taggy, we will never forget. And you will never win office in MA or anywhere else. Keep making those petri dish children while you still can. You know your party thinks that’s evil?

    • http://twitter.com/RATM4 Eat the Rich


  • http://www.facebook.com/TGlennEllison T Glenn Ellison
  • http://www.facebook.com/TGlennEllison T Glenn Ellison

    I can om;y feel the irony.

  • http://comgen.blogspot.com/ ComGen

    Elmer J. Fudd – Republican, NRA member. Quick list bio: worst hunter in history, never hits the target, lacking basic gun safety knowledge, known to seriously injure himself and other characters-hourly/daily. Spends his entire life obsessing-trying to gun down a damn rabbit in a hole of all things with no success. Had short lived music career http://youtu.be/V-fk6943GcI . Suppose we’ve seen worse from the right.

    • http://twitter.com/Anomaly100 Anomaly One Hundred

      Sounds like Dick’shoot ’em in the face’ Cheney.