The Human Spider and There Is a Rhino In My House?

The Human Spider

” … Despite suffering from epilepsy and admitting to a fear of heights, Alain Robert has made headlines around the world with his unbelievable feats of daring. The 47-year-old husband and father-of-three has scaled skyscrapers such as the Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai, Berlin’s Debis Tower, and the Federation Tower in Moscow, Europe’s tallest building. ” —


There Is a Rhino In My House

” There is a Rhino in my House is a documentary exploring the heartwarming story of John and Judy Travers, a Zimbabwean couple, at the Imire Safari Ranch, who have devoted their lives to saving from extinction one of the rarest mammals on Earth. When a tragic turn of events leaves an adorable baby rhino, a tiny warthog and a hyper hyena orphaned, native Zimbabwean Judy Travers takes on the mammoth task of raising all three – in her home! ” —

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