They must be afraid: Super PAC ad already released attacking Ashley Judd

A new ad was released, this time against Ashley Judd who has not yet confirmed a Senate run against Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).  Apparently this Conservative Super PAC is considered over Judd’s popularity; they hit her for once referring to Tennessee as ‘home.’. Because no politician has ever moved their residence before? They also hit Judd for being an actress, however, they make no mention of Clint Eastwood who they readily accepted as a Romney supporter. Or Ronald Reagan.


Via: Talking Points Memo. 

  • Sally

    Reagan was no actor..he was “a saint.” And Clint is ‘a director,’ not an actor. And the GOP? They are a joke, not a political party.

  • Pat Nader

    I’m sure her grandmother was taken out of context. Shame on you for using grangma. Wait till all the hillbillies get ahold of this. Ashley run I’ll vote for you. At least you don’t hide on the beaches in France.