Trending on Twitter: Making up #FakeRightWingHagelStories so Republicans don't have to

As The Internet Turns. Chuck Hagel was the victim of a fabricated story. It began with a New York Daily news reporter, Dan Friedman, who stated that he was the unwitting source, which was then quickly posted by with open arms, then circulated across the Internet like a speeding runaway train. There is no ‘friends of Hamas’ for Hagel to be affiliated with. Friedman admits the error but the crew at Breitbart are sticking to the story.

So, Twitter is making up stories about Chuck Hagel, just to help out. (wink wink). And it’s trending.

















Some crazy lady just had to jump in.

And finally:

  • dawgsrbtr

    Chuck Hagel is the true identity of dawgsrbtr

    • Anomaly 100

      I knew it all along.

  • jholdeng

    The Milli Vanilli one was awesome!

  • William Lamm

    Hagel’s mother was a hamster and his father smelled of elderberries.

    • riding with c

      Sounds French.

  • jaycubed

    Chuck Hagel has an extremely wide stance, and got Larry Craig arrested when his foot went all the way through Senator Craig’s toilet stall and into the police officer’s stall.

  • k55f

    #FakeRightWingHagelStories Hagel was Obama’s roommate when they lived in Pakistan.

    — AAmom (@AVD911) February 22, 2013″
    Awesome – Two for one.

    Chuck Hagel forged Obama’s birth certificate.