True Story: No attempted murder charges filed against Dog after shooting owner with 9mm gun

Guns don’t kill people, dogs with guns do? 35 year-old Gregory Dale Lanier is recovering after police say he was shot by his pet dog on Saturday. The gangsta’ doggy kicked a 9mm pistol that was on the truck’s floor while Lanier was driving his pickup truck along State Road 17 North, which resulted in the gun discharging.









Lanier said that he thought the gun was unloaded, but quickly learned otherwise. Later he told police that he heard a “boom, saw smoke and felt a burning in his leg,” 

Sebring Police Commander Steve Carr says he never heard of a case like this before and determined that no attempted murder charges will be pursued.

Police have ruled the shooting accidental.

Well he’s lucky. My cats would have capped his truck driving ass.


  • BrooklynDame

    This happened in Flori-DUH, correct? *Snicker* The gangsta dog deserves a treat.

  • snakesrbtr

    It was the gun nuts fault not the dawg. If it had been a cat it wouldn’t have been an accident. Heard this two days ago.

    • Biting Reality

      I don’t know – maybe the dog was sick and tired of the gun nuts ranting

  • Matt Begley

    Why does the headline say 9mm when the gun in question was a .380 cal.? Did the idiots who published this story forget to read it? “I thought the gun wasn’t loaded.” and then everything went horribly wrong.

    • Eykis

      The IDIOT WHO GOT SHOT said it was UNLOADED .380 – Turns out it was LOADED 9mm. Blamed doggie for switching gunz on his stupid ass~