What Glenn Beck’s proposed ‘Independence USA’ would be like (video)

Brian Sack offers a video mocking Glenn Beck’s proposed ‘Independence, USA’ paradise.  Sack renamed it ‘Libertydependence Park’ displaying its no regulations, high-sugar diet, libertarian-type utopia.



  • http://www.facebook.com/kannbrown65 Karen Brown

    I say let them. I mean REALLY let them. That gate works two ways, and keeps them out too. So, no upkeep on their streets, cut off their utilities (hey, those poles, cables, wires? The government? IT built that..same goes with satellites that provide their internet and cell phone service). No emergency services, it stops at their border, in case their crazy bleeds through. Only thing better would be if they got an actual island, so they’d have to actually lay down the roads, cables, wires, etc, instead of maintain them once the DOT stops doing so.

  • Heychief

    Sounds Marxist to me.