CPAC2013 crowd applauds wildly when Rand Paul says, "My budget eliminates the Dept of Education"

Rand Paul took to the stage at the  Conservative Political Action Conference, and since his 13 hour filibuster, Republicans are enthusiastic. But, his feet are still are not firmly planted on the ground. On the other hand, neither are his supporters. Case in point: The audience applauds wildly after Rand Paul says, “My budget eliminates the Department of Education.”

Paul didn’t offer an alternative, just ridding us completely of the Department of Education.

Via Daily Kos. Watch:


This isn’t a solution. It’s regurgitating old bullshit.



  • shivabeach

    Paul = teabag = Koch. There is nothing these people want more than to turn education over to the states who are now at least in part owned by religious fundies and the Koch brothers. Here in Tennessee they are trying to get all charter schools and get rid of public schools so they can teach religion. They’re trying to pass a bill that puts charter schools under different rules than public schools. At this point in time there is nothing worse than giving more power to the states