Picture of the Day: FDNY Lieutenant cries when confronted with his own racist, anti-Semitic Tweets

It’s been one week since racist and anti-Semitic tweets posted by Fire Commissioner Sal Cassano’s EMT son, Joseph Cassano, 23 years-old were exposed. Another is following in his footsteps to the unemployment line. What is a racist guy’s reaction when confronted with their own vile tweets? Lt. Timothy Dluhos cried.

Dluhos made $93,561 in 2011, and today will be his last day at work.












Today he cried while attempting to explain his racist rants — albeit poorly — with, “I’ve seen strangers shot and killed. I’ve seen families torn apart by violence. It’s a damn shame that gang members ruin it for hardworking, struggling people,” he cried. Correction: He is no longer a hard working guy.

The tweets were quickly scrubbed from his twitter account, but the Post reports a couple of gems, “I’m really a dirty pervert. I see a girl with tight pants on and my eyes immediately focus on her crotch to look for camel toe,” he tweeted March 15. He also posted a photo gallery of naked, obese women.

He captioned a photo of an overweight woman talking with two men on St. Patrick’s Day: “I’m gonna get me 2 d–ks tonight. Good thing I take advantage of the drunk.”

Dluhos insisted he doesn’t hate minorities or Jews.“My stepfather’s Jewish,” he wept. “I don’t hate anybody.”

The Post notified the FDNY Friday of the Internet screeds and alerted them that Dluhos had appeared despondent and had previously posted numerous online photos of his arsenal of rifles — he tweeted on Friday morning that he had enough firepower to “arm Haiti.”

We don’t have a copy of Racist Guy’s rants, but if we run across them we’ll update this post.

  • JimmyPete

    Why do most of these Dbag racists also have guns, I guess to ask the question is to answer it, Low T