Republicans on Twitter, including Malkin's site Twitchy, outraged over Google's nonexistent tribute to Hugo Chavez

Well this is awkward. Once again, Conservatives on Twitter are mixing up Hugo Chavez and Cesar Chavez; one was a socialist President of Venezuela, the other was not, and they are not related. So today, Republicans are outraged over Google’s Doodles honoring Cesar Chavez and not Jesus Christ due to the Easter holiday, even though Google has not celebrated Easter with a Doodle in over a decade. But, never mind that because….Chavez. Chavez was an American farm worker, labor leader and civil rights activist. Pshaw say Conservatives because….Jesus. Now outraged Conservatives are threatening to boycott Google by using Bing. No, really. For the record, Chavez was a Christian.












Heads up: I’m only giving a few examples because I have a dire emergency to tend to. OK, I’m actually going to watch Game of Thrones but let’s keep that just between us, OK? Don’t judge me.

Let’s begin with Michele Malkin’s site Twitchy, who had to correct their headline because the Internet was basically taking the piss out of them. “Correction, 7:12 am ET: Of course, it’s Cesar Chavez, not Hugo. Headline has been fixed!” By the way, Twitchy is taking a beating for a change in their comment thread.

But, the URL remained there for quite awhile, until they were besieged with jokes from leftists.

Not everyone mixed up Hugo and Cesar Chavez, but apparently any moron can weigh in. Case in point: Glenn Beck.



Because it’s Cesar Chavez Day?

Google vs. Bing.




So, those in the know have been taking the piss out of the misinformed right. There were more, but I’m having embedding issues and I’m about to punch my laptop’s monitorI am perfectly calm.

In October of 2012, President Obama went to Keene, Calif. to visit the gravesite and former home of Latino labor rights leader Cesar Chavez. Obama designated the site a national monument and hailed Cesar Chavez as a “hero” who inspired millions, the Huffington Post reports. 

At the same timeframe, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was re-elected for the third time vowing to keep his country on a “socialist path.”

Journalist Jeremy Scahill called it, tweeting, “Can’t wait for some dingbat to attack Obama for dedicating a monument to “Hugo” Chavez.”

And the outrage began. And it began again today.

  • Phlip

    “There is no honor in preying upon the weak” –Lt Worf

    • doug daluga

      It is fun, though.

    • klhayes

      They got guns, they are not weak!

      • DaddyO_969

        Guns do not impart strength. Character imparts strength. Guns make cowards brave. NOT the same thing.

  • Paul Zink

    How many of these pious GOP Dingbats bothered to actually see the google doodle for themselves? Or, how many of them can spell “Caesar” (“Hugo” is admittedly easier, with few letters)?

    • klhayes

      How many actually read the Bible which they quote so often?

      • DaddyO_969

        They can’t even quote that accurately.

    • Uncle_tod

      Actually, it is “Cesar” in Spanish.

  • ComGen

    “threatening to boycott Google by using Bing”.

    Bing = [M]icro[S]oft which happens to be the [ MS ] in MSNBC, Founder of Microsoft Bill Gates = Atheist and science/technology/health/education/human rights supporter + – about ” We see equal value in all lives. And so we are dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals around the world. From the education of students in Chicago, to the health of a young mother in Nigeria, we are catalysts of human promise everywhere. ” also listen to what his wife has to say: Let’s Put Birth Control Back On The Agenda – + Microsoft supports gay rights, equal rights, health care reform…….much more

    Seems Microsoft doesn’t fit well with conservative /repub ideals and values.

    • Patriot and liberty Guy

      We set up our own patriot Facebook page so we’ll set up our own search engine. By the way, what’s a search engine?

      • ComGen

        They could use search engine: ” According to its mission statement, Yippy attempts to be family-friendly and “include only content that is appropriate for all ages.” It also promotes “conservative values.”

        • Patriot and Liberty Guy

          Good try. I just tried it and searched for Google’s Doodles. I see it. It’s not good enough fer my God fearin’ kids. We need something with flags and stuff.

      • DaddyO_969

        Well, Mr. GOPer, a search engine is when you put the car up on blocks, and you pop a long-neck, put on the ol’ wife beater, smack the kids, balance your beer on the Bible and then go searchin’ fer yur engine….

  • heychief

    You’re watching Game of thrones????

    • heychief

      Didn’t know who Caesar Chavez was either. Unlike conservatards I used google before opening my mouth

    • Anomaly 100

      Of course I watch Game of Thrones. Don’t you?

      • heychief

        Nope. Never seen it

        • Anomaly 100

          I’m kind of jealous. When I read some of Novenator’s comments on Digg about Game of Thrones, and others, I had to see for myself. It was so good that I watched them all in one weekend. Now I have to wait each week. Watch the first one On demand and you’re going to love it.

      • DaddyO_969

        lol You sound like Cartman: Of course I want Cheesy Poofs…

        • Anomaly 100

          That’s’ probably the nicest thing anyone has said to me all day.

  • Nomad

    Oh these petty details!

  • Deltapa

    That explains reason why Bush attacked the wrong country in his preemptive war with Iraq.
    The fascist Republican Taliban Tea Party figures that all those people look the same anyway.

  • DaddyO_969

    This is EXACTLY why the country is in a ton of neo-con crap. They never take the time to parse ANYTHING. They are so used to lying about EVERYTHING that obvious lies escape their lightning quick intellects. But, then, look at their constituency. If only they’d all drink the JJ cool aid….