Yes, yes it does: Marco Rubio says Denying Marriage To Gays ‘Does Not Make Me A Bigot’

While Marco Rubio addressed the CPAC 2013 crowd he said, “I respect people who disagree with me on certain things, but that means they have to respect me too. Just because I believe states should have the right to define marriage in a traditional way does not make me a bigot. Just because we believe that life, all human life, all life, all human life is worth of protection in every stage of its development doesn’t make you a chauvinist. In fact, the people who are actually close minded in American politics are people who love to preach about the certainty of science in regard to our climate, but ignore the absolute fact that life begins at conception.”


Well yes, opposing the Violence Against Women Act doesn’t just make you a chauvinist. It does make you a dick. Opposing same sex marriage while touting freedom, is hypocrisy at its best.

Video courtesy of Think Progress. 

  • Older_Wiser2

    If Rubio and Rand Paul are the “faces” of the Rs, they’re in deeper shit than they know.

    • Pat n

      I don’t believe in gay marriage or even in abortion. All I can say is ” Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” While they are playing with themselves and trying to take over what God does( judge) they are getting it all wrong. Satan told God once, Let me go and I will make them do it. This was his down fall. They are taking away everyones right to their own will.

      • Really?

        Blah blah blah…I don’t believe in your imaginary friends.

        • DennisNYC

          You are soooo right!!!

      • Paul M. Sullivan

        It doesn’t matter what you believe… we have religious freedom in this country. The government shouldn’t be regulating marriage based on religious beliefs.

  • Hank

    No it doesn’t. Libs don’t have the sole right to frame and characterize the discussion.

    • DennisNYC

      Cons are all talk. When it comes to real Christ-like values, Cons are totally bankrupt.

    • C Erler

      I agree. False statements shouldn’t bar someone’s framing and characterization from being taken seriously. If it turns out otherwise, that’s a violation of The Elephant Collective’s rights! I recommend several actions to restore these rights!

      First, people should be trained to ignore whether the framing seems ludicrous to them. If you reject it out of hand, you’re violating the rights of the Collective to ownership of part of your mind and opinions, particularly your opinion of whether a framing or characterization is worthy of any respect whatsoever.

      Second, I think we should remove the loophole in the Traditions Law that currently allows people to speak out against the bigoted nature of a tradition itself because of how it excludes people with no rational basis from their right to frame and characterize the discussion. Referring to the tradition as a proof that the tradition is right and just should be considered just as rationally valid as opposing views.

      • Hank

        It’s impossible to have a legitimate discussion with people who disrespect and consider invalid any position than their own. Libs come from a position that any viewpoint that does not fall in lock step with their own somehow lacks credibility or is deserving of consideration. That it is inherently “less”. Why bother trying to have an intelligent discussion with a stump? Have a good day.

        • Kevin McQuain

          No, you’re quoting all the far right wing morons you worship. Liberal means Open to More. Conservative means THE OPPOSITE. You people lie without even recognizing it. When you justify denying to others what you demand for yourself, how is that respectful or valid? You assholes always blame the victim while preaching martyrdom for yourselves. You’re disgusting, and since you like fascism so much, you should move to Iran or Afghanistan where your ideas will be well received.

    • Kevin McQuain

      Neither do you lying teagagger non-Christians. Regardless of whether “life begins at conception”, that’s the ONLY life you give a shit about. What about the sick? What about gun violence? What about useless wars? You people are such hypocrites, I’d love to see you at the pearly gates: St. Peter: You did what? You said what? You judged whom? Your path goes that way – DOWN. Moreover, it’s NONE of your business what a woman does with her body and her health. Keep your opinions to your self and your bigoted god.

  • DennisNYC

    The hispanic American Senator from Florida is most definitely a bigot. It always slays me to hear someone who’s part of a group that suffers from bigotry, spew the same thing to people different from themselves. Bigotry is a contagious disease that can be deadly to those it touches.

  • labman57

    It’s an “absolute fact” that Rubio and his tea party buddies make it up as they go along, as they appear to have no clue what distinguishes a religious belief from a scientific or medical fact, nor do they comprehend the difference between a scientific law, a theory, and a hypothesis.

    But since their core followers are equally clueless, it’s all good in Tea Party land.

  • Howie

    Neither does liking sleeping in a small box make you a cat – but the words that come out of your mouth make you what you are Marco – a fokking bigot. Saying it isn’t so only unmasks you even further.

  • TurboKitty

    Someone needs to send the entire GOP and Tea Tards, copies of Miriam Websters Collegiate Dictionary … apparently they all failed reading and comprehension. Were there classes for sanity in elementary school through high school, I would suggest they go for remedial classes in that too …

    • Kevin McQuain

      Hell, if they ever funded secular education to the extent that they fund their own hypocrisies, that wouldn’t be an issue. Public education in this country is lagging so far behind others that we should be ashamed.

  • Paul M. Sullivan

    “the absolute fact that life begins at conception” Well I think that is certainly open for debate… must be nice to be so absolutely sure.

    • Hank

      Do you have a source to flatly state or prove that life does NOT begin at conception?? If not, then I say that makes it a legitimate discussion and no one has to be any kind of “ot”, “ist” or “ism” because they believe one way or the other.

  • LA Dude 32 Rubio is not a bigot, but you can’t deny a level of homophobia that brews up within him when he talks righteously against gay marriage? So…fundamentally with that being said, what does that say about his stance on gay marriage? Oh right, discrimination. No matter how you put it your still sugarcoating a person right by denying the rights of another individual which make it wrong. I am sure true bigots in his own whacked out Republican party have demoralizing, and blatant offensive remarks about him being a Latino. But, Rubio is too absorbed with discriminating on other groups that he probably doesn’t realize it. Republican/tea-bagging party = NO UNITY for diversity! Rubio despertar y oler el café…por favor!

  • George Post

    Also the people that love to quote science and nature to support homosexuality by referencing animal’s behavior ignore the fact that animals will also commit rape. Yet they don’t condone rape, and rightfully so, but then they selectively decide they want to support homosexuality just because a lot of their friends at the coffee-shops they hang out at are gay, they vote the same way, and they figure it’s a good way to fart in the face of rednecks, so to speak. Yet I have seen few homosexual men that aren’t completely self-centered assholes that just want to molest everything in sight. There’s a few that are alright and that behave decently, but damn, that’s a hardly a reason to support the whole culture and everyone in it automatically. But I guess if you just want to make sure that your party gets more votes, why not create those inducements to do so, by supporting gay marriage. What’s funny is the amount of union-worker Democrats that will actively deny that their party works for gay marriage, like they’re ashamed of the gays in their precious party. That party’s got a good share of anti-gay bigots, too; how ironic (not really when the party consists of selfish hypocrites just like the Republican party). And each party pretends to be more moral than the other; what a joke.

    • Kevin McQuain

      The ONLY animal that may be able to do so are the ones you don’t want to believe have any commonality with us. Great Apes. You’re such an ignorant homophobe. You do realize your unreasoned hatred stems from the fear that YOU are gay.

  • George Post

    And why does there have to be a “Violence Against Women Act”? Isn’t that already illegal? Where are all the “strong independent women”? Or are they all just helpless children with a princess-complex that needs to be coddled from reality? You don’t see men demanding a “Violence Against Men Act”; unless it’s in reaction to the entitlement-mentality that spawned this act. Either you’re an equal and independent woman that needs no special laws to “protect” you from reality, or you’re a helpless little girl that isn’t the equal of men, to be treated as such. Unless by being “strong and independent” you mean: voting according to fashion-think, fucking everyone like some men who are pigs do, and dressing in unnecessarily skimpy clothing thus being attention-whores. All this while being allowed to hit men because even though many women act like modern-day whores, men are still supposed to act like this is 1950s and still treat them like “ladies”; whether they are or not. Which is hypocrisy and just clinging on to the old protective special privileges of society when it was unequal, while demanding to be equal to men and respected. Equal rights require equal responsibility. Anyone that feel threatened by that statement just has a faulty argument, and will inevitably resort to ad hominem attacks and vague statements that don’t really say anything, as well as the old tried-and true “Nuh-uh; YOU!” Those are popular feminist arguing tactics. That, and delete; when they inevitably lose the argument, since theirs is based on selfish, one-sided, entitlement-mentality arguments.

    • Kevin McQuain

      There have always been laws that have been ignored. Like equal pay for women. That’s ignored too. If you were half as intelligent as you seem to think, you’d realize your argument is totally specious and based on lies and false assumptions. You should move to the middle-east where your prehistoric attitudes will fit in just fine. You’re the pig here. Not people who have been marginalized and ignored by people JUST LIKE YOU. Leave, no one wants you here.

  • Kevin McQuain

    Well, let’s see Marco: you’d deny gays the right to marry, the elderly the right to healthcare and immigrants (you self-hating Cuban American) every right there is, BUT YOU ARE NOT A BIGOT. And the sun rises in the west and sets in the east. Frankly this sort of rejection of the basic tenet of the Constitution: All Men Are Created Equal does not contain the sub-text: but some are more equal than others, no matter how much you’d like it to be the case.