NRA gun instructor misses protest because (wait for it) he shot himself in the foot

April 4, 2013

This reminds of Gun Appreciation Day. National Rifle Association instructor Eugene Kenny could not join his fellow gun-rights supporters at the state Capitol Wednesday because he accidentally shot himself in the foot. Literally. Kenny is a 49 year-old licensed National Rifle Association instructor who leads training classes in pistol and rifle use.










Kenny said, “I usually always cock it back and it usually ejects a shell that’s in the chamber. You pull the trigger to release the slide … This time there was a cartridge in there. And BANG! Hit my ankle.”

Watch (how could you not?)

New Haven Independent reports, “Vazquez said his detectives are also still investigating the theft of a safe last November from Kenny’s apartment. It contained around 10 guns—mostly handguns, plus a Saiga 12 rifle. “I took a hit, $8,000 worth of firearms” in that theft, Kenny said.”

Is it bad that I’m laughing? Oh well.

Stolen shamelessly from Ms Laffy at Political Carnival. 

Image: New Haven Independent


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  • Norleen LaFave Gray

    Too freaking funny!!!

  • William A. Ferguson

    Karma: running over your dogma since the beginning of time.

  • ravencat13

    This guys says after releasing the slide, there was a round in the chamber. Only way THTA could have happened.. was if he LEFT THE MAGAZINE IN.
    And he’s a NRA – sanctioned firearms instructor?
    What a dumbass.

  • loveofcircus

    Did you here about the member of Mayors against Gun Violence arrested for rape and threatening a little boy with a gun?

  • kalifani6

    Lesson: Don’t try anything with firearms until you fully come down off the cra*k high.

    {And how about how dude talks about Bushmaster like it was the stuff! smdh fp!…9,9`sigh}

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