Fox News Contributor Responds to Boston Marathon Explosions: Kill All Muslims

April 15, 2013

WorldNetDaily columnist and Fox News contributor Erik Rush responded to the Boston Marathon explosions, which left two dead and possibly over 100 injured. President Obama gave a press conference saying, “Today we are not republicans or democrats, we are Americans” but some people ignored those words calling for unity.

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Just a Tea Party girl, living in a right wing world, tweeted this, which affords her the title of dumbass of the day.

We do not know the facts yet. Whether the bombings were domestic or foreign is yet to be determined. Let’s not jump to conclusions.

H/T: My Twitter buddy Bill Carroll. 

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  • Timothy Dolan

    Erik Rush’s has had this off-the-shelf solution for years. I think it was sitting next to the off-the-shelf solution for Iraq. In public policy there are two extremes, one is to do nothing and the other is to “kill them all”. What we have to do as intelligent people is to navigate between these two extremes.

  • Ben

    Ok if these attacks were or were not terrorist eventually there will be an attack. Obama is talked greatly about by people at CNN, NBC, and CBS only because if he’s not being portrayed as the greatest president ever, they will lose there jobs. Find within yourself that what he’s doing is wrong. He pulled us out of the Middle East when we were close to ending the war. A soldier, our american soldier had the enemy in sight (a place where they keep their weapons and bombs) he gets a phone call from Obama saying not to fire. They killed everyone, including the brave American soldier who was left at the knees of the enemy because our comander and chief is trying to negotiate with terrorists whose religion and soul purpose in life is to kill Americans. Maybe not intentionally, but his stupid actions costs us the lives of soldiers like this and the innocent people at the Boston marathon. A country is nothing without its military and he is taking billions from it in order to cover up the debt he caused. Don’t say Bush caused the debt because it tripled while Obama was in office. This happened because he tries to pass these illogical healthcare bills. I did some research and there was a county in florida where Obama got more votes than the number of people in the county. This is rediculous. You can send me any question about Obama and I can tell you how he screwed up. Even with all these things Obama has done wrong and more people still don’t know and see him as the greatest president ever because they watch CNN, NBC, ABC, and CBS.

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