Alleged Anti-Government militia leader charged with murdering his wife to fund gun buys, bomb making material

In 2012,  four U.S. soldiers had secret roles in a militia that planned to kill President Obama and take over the Fort Stewart Army base in Georgia, according to a report by the Associated Press. The name of the militia was F.E.A.R., or Forever Enduring Always Ready. Pvt. Isaac Aguigui is the alleged ringleader of a murderous anti-government group, and was charged by the United States Army with killing his wife, who also happened to be several months pregnant when she was found dead in their home on the Fort Stewart military base in Georgia nearly two years ago. .

Pvt. Aguigui on the left.

The money Aguigui hoped to receive via an insurance policy on his wife upon her death was reportedly to fund gun purchases and bomb making material.

According to Georgia State prosecutors, 21 year-old Aguigue “funded his dreams of overthrowing the government through a campaign of political assassination and other acts of terror with money from a $500,000 life insurance policy he received after the “highly suspicious” death in July 2011 of his wife, Deirdre, an army sergeant who had served a tour of duty in Iraq as a linguist.” SPLC reports via Salon. 

Via Salon:

While the army has been investigating Sgt. Aguigui’s death for nearly two years, military officials released no further details, according to The Associated Press.

Following his wife’s death, Aguigui and his followers spent $87,000 on military-grade weapons and bomb-making material.

Aguigui, of Cashmere, Wash., has been jailed since December 2011, when he and three other active-duty soldiers were charged by state authorities with the slaying of former soldier Michael Roark, 19, and his girlfriend, Tiffany York, 17, a high school junior.

The young couple was lured to the Georgia woods and killed, according to prosecutor Isabel Pauley, to ensure the secrecy of the terrorist plans of the group known as Forever Enduring Always Ready, or simply F.E.A.R.

“The state of Georgia is thrilled by this development,” Pauley told Hatewatch today. “The cases are interrelated. It’s going to greatly assist our case.”

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  • Ah_Clem

    Stupidity and utter lack of remorse in one deadly package

  • NRA Guy

    MOAR guns!

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    They just don’t write love stories like this anymore. The Military does teach them to kill, but I don’t think they had this in mind or about taking over the country!

  • Steve Hawley

    There we go, regulating the militia, somebody has to do it. It seems there is a regulation against murdering your wife, how inconvenient. Lots of guns and IEDs are probably within regs though.

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    Jeez, GA again (hiding my face). You know I’m not a GA native right? Regrettably we have a substantial number of not just wingnuts but really dangerous and well armed psychos. Thanks guys, great post even if depressing.

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    The USA is just screwed.