Crazy Tweets of the Day: Boston Marathon, Far Right Wingers Quick to Judge

In the wake of the horrific bombing at the Boston Marathon, leaving 3 dead and over 175 injured, heroes, as well as partisan hacks made an appearance on Twitter. There is a reason the authorities use the term, ‘person of interest’ and not ‘suspect.’

Erik Rush, a contributor at Fox News and a WorldNetDaily columnist weighed in, ‘Kill all Muslims.’ In a heartbeat, far right wingers were quick to attribute the bombing to Muslims.


Westboro Baptist Church is planning to picket the funerals of the fallen Americans.

  • Bob

    Are you for real? SPLC and other “left wing ” , “progressive” ( rabidly anti-European peoples rights) have been frantically talking up the “terrorist” threat from White men and women who , quite reasonably , have had enough of their birthright being handed over to outsiders. Most terrorists are Muslims or Left wing groups .. remember occupy plotting attacks or obummbles mentor’s little gang “the weather men”. Get your head out of his arse..