Find Your New World Order Soul Mate: Alex Jones Has a New Dating Page up for your Freedoms

Alex Jones can help you find some Freedoms-type Guys and Gals, whereas you can seek out the obvious (Duh!) FEMA camps Obummer has been seeding across the country in order to fill it full of righteous dudes and patriotic wommins. Ladies, do not go for the guys who may be there covertly in order to implement the New World Order.

Infowars has a dating page up: Dating Freedom Lovers. 

I want to make this guy a sammich.

















This guy sounds like he’s already in a FEMA camp. Are you a Freedoms woman and happen to be on his tier?

















This savvy hipster lady knows full well that flu shots are really implemented by the gubbermint for population  control.

















Pay no attention to this guy’s glazed over eyes. He is perfectly normal.


















FYI ladies: Marcel is holding a gun. He is macho.

















Here your chance ladies: This guy may or may not be the next Columbine-style shooter. I’m not judging.

















To get you in the mood:


Stormfront also has single men and women looking for their perfect Nazi partner.

I would love to add their pictures, but it appears I’ve been banned (I think) <sad face>. I’m not admitting that I trolled them under different names once a few years ago as I sipped coffee and made little jokey jokes, with intense ridicule, because I would never do that. But that could explain why I can’t access their lovable Nazi pictures.  I’m admitting nothing. That would make my life seem so sad.

H/T: Wonkette

  • Blind Guy

    I’ll take the woman in the first picture.

    • Comgen’s pimp

      She’s Comgen’s. He called first dibs.

  • Jason Jenkins

    People like this already have a dating service. It’s called their family tree.

  • anuran

    Membership should come with complimentary spaying/neutering

  • Matt Jones

    In case anybody was fuzzy on the specifics, I’d guess the “rich-in-heritage” part of Snosqualmie, WA is the 0.8% African-American demographic. Specifically, the fact that it’s *only* 0.8%.

    Either that, or that it was used for most of the exterior shots in “Twin Peaks”. Come over to BlackWolf91’s house, he’ll entertain you by talking backwards and dancing with a midget until his mom finishes making dinner.