GOP Mayor faces charges after imprisoning & plying a minor with alcohol, asking for oral sex, shooting firearms

Republican Mayor of Marcus Hook James “Jay” Schiliro has dropped his reelection campaign after his arrest on charges of abusing his postion to (wait for it) imprison a 20 year-old man during a drunken, gun-wielding encounter at his home at which point he repeatedly asked for oral sex. Yes, don’t we all ‘ask’ for sex with a gun?

Oh hai!

Oh hai!














But, the slave master Mayor says he will finish his term.

Via Wonkette:

Authorities allege that late on the evening of Feb. 21, [Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania Mayor James] Schiliro contacted the young man by text message and had a Marcus Hook police officer deliver him to his borough home. There, with Schiliro’s 13-year-old daughter sleeping upstairs, the mayor allegedly gave the young man alcohol and produced three firearms, one of which was fired into papers inside the house.

During the encounter, the mayor repeatedly asked the young man if he could give him oral sex, according to court documents. Schiliro is not charged with any sex-related offenses.

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Daily Times reports, “Before his arrest, Schiliro said he was planning to run for re-election and hoped voters would forgive his behavior. The embattled mayor blamed the incident on a problem with alcohol and said he is seeking treatment.”

Charges include: official oppression, recklessly endangering another person, unlawful restraint, false imprisonment and providing alcohol to a minor, all misdemeanor offenses. He is free on $50,000 unsecured bail, with conditions prohibiting firearms possession and contact with the young man.

The encounter last 4 hours.

Who the fuck are these people that wanted Mayor Marquis de SadeSchiliro to stay in office?

While caucus meetings are not typically well-attended, Manerchia said there was a standing-room-only crowd, with attendance split between those in support of the mayor staying on and those in favor of his immediate resignation.

“I’d say it was 50-50,” Manerchia said.

  • Carla Akins

    Seriously, 50-50?

    • Optimist Guy

      His relatives?

      • Carla Akins

        must be.

    • Bill Edelman

      Times are tough and everybody has a price. Besides, if there are enough Republican in the area, I’m sure there are more than enough sick perverts, gun-nuts, and zombie lemmings to pack a meeting in a small borough hall. Ol’ Jay probably found more than enough support among twisted GOPers within a ten-mile radius…

      • Steven Thompson

        If he was a liberal he would have fit right in with you !!!!

        • Julie Hoy Sweigart

          You have no facts to back that up, just more hateful rhetoric. Most liberals lead a conservative private life, do you think we have affairs, abortions, don’t attend church and rack up our credit cards? You want to believe we are moral less apes because it makes you feel superior, actually we live much closer to how Jesus told people to live. Your ignorance is showing.

          • Donnie Evans

            So true Julie, if Jesus were alive today I’d love to see his reaction to the GOP.

            I’m sure it would something similar to when Jesus smashed the market in the Temple.

            But I would not expect any of them to know that story, they are all too busy picketing funerals, hate criming anyone different and polishing they’re guns.

          • Bob Gappa

            and so does your’s MissJulie Joy Sweigart Steven Thompson is a troll. Are you aware of the age old manner you deal with a Troll? You do not feed the trolls.

        • Cathy Paulino

          He is NOT a liberal. He is one of you…. lol.

        • Thomas Michael Bub Jr.

          Hardly Steven. This is pure gay hating, closet homosexual republican.

        • doug daluga

          How big of a partisan jerk do you have to be to say something like that?

        • Danny Berry
        • Michael Cruise

          1. Your comment makes no sense.
          2. But he’s not a liberal and this is not an anomaly with Republican politicians. I could give you a list of a hundred names of Republican politicians caught up in similar or worse crimes.

  • Grant Devereaux

    Wow…. forgive a little attempted gay rape and murder? That is a lot of forgiveness he is asking for…

    • spectrewriter

      Gay, straight, chimp, whatever… rape is rape. (Murder?)

    • RationalLogic

      It was not attempted murder, it seems. Any reason why you thought “guns and demanding oral sex” was not bad enough and needed absurd hyperbole?

      • Michael Cruise

        I tend to agree but who are you to assume you know what kind of fear was in the head of the person being held at gunpoint in such circumstances, especially considering that the gun wielder actually fired the weapon? I think he might have felt his life was very much in danger.

  • Florida Squeezed

    He also tried to join the “Mayors Against Guns” campaign… LOL Which is just sad, really… They struck his name from the list as soon as they found out about him.

    • Anomaly 100

      He has a funny way of showing it.

    • Republicans_are_Evil

      Removing the name of someone that they suddenly don’t want representing them is what a right winger means by personal responsibility.

  • Sean Irish

    “asking for oral sex” is a nifty journalistic euphamism for holding someone at gunpoint and demanding “Suck my #@$k!!” – very nice behavior for a GOP member if you ask me…. let that light shine, pig man!

    (irony – he can have plenty of gay sex in prison, and he’ll learn what the phrase BEYATCH means)

    • Stephanie Fox

      No, ‘asking for oral sex’ is no journalistic euphamism. Do you think they would have left out that juicy little detail? He was probably just begging and whining for it and then showed off all his guns (including the little one that’s attached) to impress the poor kid.

      • Diane Culp-Schnell

        no doubt the bible was close at hand

    • Gene Bridges

      The odd thing is that I didn’t read that as him asking the 20 year old to suck his (the Mayor’s dick), rather I got the impression that it was the other way around – the Mayor kept begging to suck the 20 year old’s dick..

    • Donnie Evans

      I seriously doubt he’ll see any jail time, this is his town.

      • Robert Abrami

        How right you are Donnie.

    • RationalLogic

      Please off yourself for supporting prison rape and the continued corruption in our supposed “justice” system.

      • Michael Cruise

        I’m not sure that encouraging suicide is any better than calling for rape as punishment for any person, no matter how vile they are.

    • Robert Abrami

      Dear Sean: Yes, I think the gentleman in question will be asked that same question when he languishes in jail if the GOPers don’t get him out of this pickle. Possible don’t you think? If he does go to jail imagine that poignant night when about 20 very mean looking men, in unison, shout: suck my dick bitch! Heart warming don’t you think.

    • Diane Culp-Schnell

      yeah he also has one of those “big cigars” in his pie hole like Rush Limpballs ewwwwww

  • yiro


  • Beth Smith

    Well who wouldn’t fall for that kind of sweet talk?

    • Kerry Craig

      Yep, a real Rudolph Valentino…oops, my mistake….I meant to say Rudolph Hess.

      • Joanna Lynn

        Looks more like Hermann Goering.

  • Mark Edward Wilger

    Of course he asked for sex with a gun; after all, he’s a Republican…he probably does everything with a gun.

    • Joe Smith

      No hate speech here. Hypocrites.

      • Michael Cruise

        I find it amusing that the true hypocrisy is lost on you. What you are doing is akin to the racist calling others’ racist to try to somehow equalize the situation and spread the guilt.

    • Sheli B.

      best comment on here! haha

  • nidur

    Yup the party of family values. One of many who have been found out to be fakes, phonies, and frauds. And criminals!

  • John Stephen Dwyer

    Since when is a 20-year old a minor?

    • Rob Robertson

      “Providing alcohol to a minor.” When the drinking age is 21, I would guess.

    • Sharon Gibson

      A 20-year-old is old enough to vote, serve his/her country and attend college, but the legal drinking age is 21.

      • spectrewriter

        And then there’s reality.

      • Russell Lewis

        True, but it’s still illegal to give alcohol to a “minor,” no matter what you think of the law.

  • Gerald F. Shields Jr.


  • Michael Pedersen

    Ah, another civic minded public and pubic servant.

  • Joe Trohoski

    How is wrongful imprisonment only a misdemeanor offense? This guy demands a bj at gunpoint …and it’s a misdemeanor? WhereTF do I live?

  • Rob Robinson

    Ummm….what about the police officer who picked the kid up? Didn’t anything seem out of place, picking up a minor, and delivering him to the mayor’s HOUSE, as opposed to suspected criminal activity and transportation to jail??? Since when can police officers NOT use discretion and say NO to unlawful acts such as kidnapping???

    • spectrewriter

      Well, not a minor, actually, but your point is well taken.

  • TurboKitty

    As I’ve said before … I believe all GOP electeds and candidates belong to some clandestine and perverse sex club …

  • Steven Thompson

    You know libs… I certainly wouldn’t be denigrating Republicans on this… After all, Loughner was a die hard liberal, Columbine killers were raised in Liberal households, your favorite doctor Gosnell had teenagers snip the spinal cords of babies that survived a late term abortion, Chris Dorner was a big time liberal so it would appear that liberals are implicated in more reprehensible actions than conservatives are… The biggest difference is that liberals worship the killers whereas conservatives give them any quarter. Of coursle you have to be pretty stupid to be a liberal anyway so keep talking morons…

    • Anastasia Beaverhausen

      Funny, the Republicans are doing a bang up job of denigrating themselves.

  • Debi ThunderHawk Mitchell

    Let’s hang on to those good ole christian family values!

  • Gina de Miranda

    50-50? They must have a Republican school board.

  • Jim

    Marcus Hook is a borough in Delaware County,Pennsylvania, United States. 2,397 inhabitants were counted at the 2010 census. Marcus Hook’s current mayor is James Schiliro. The borough calls itself “The Cornerstone of Pennsylvania”. The 2005 Film One Last Thing… was set and partially filmed in Marcus Hook.

  • Sharon Gibson

    So, he uses the old dodge of alcohol making him do it. He had the predilection to do what he did before he raised his first glass. The alcohol may have loosened his inhibitions, but those feeling were there to begin with. There is a saying from long ago — in vino veritas, in wine there is truth, which holds true today.

  • Nate Tyler

    Is this why so many Right Wing nuts are against any kind of gun control

    • Sheli B.

      could be !! Lol

  • Reda StCyr

    I tell you these hypercritical, sadistic, morons, that call themselves conservatives are something else I mean everyday it’s something else an they want to run this country!

  • Russell Lewis

    It amazes me that someone would ask/demand/force or in any other manner, put their penis into the mouth of someone who is probably violently opposed to such an action… unless the story left out the part where he knocked out all the guys teeth, that would not be the brightest request or demand he could make.
    If I were the abductee… “well sure Mr. Mayor, you just go right ahead and stick that thing right in here…”
    I’d show him what the other end looks like.

    • Allison Vasquez

      Except he had a gun…

      • Russell Lewis

        Even so, if someone had a gun to my head, demanded oral sex, I would think he’s going to shoot me anyway. So, I would just as well make his life miserable from the moment I chomped down and severed the inchworm from his body!

  • Cecilia Brown

    Why wasn’t the police officer who transported the victim to the Mayor’s home charged as an accessory to kidnapping?

    • Bailey Bednar

      If the kid went willingly and without intimidation, there is no kidnapping. The kidnapping/unlawful restraint didn’t occur until in the house.

  • Viki Banaszak

    Those don’t sound like misdemenors to me. Sounds like a pedofile! Sounds like a rapist!

  • John Shovelier

    Money talks, common sense walks!

  • Brian Smyla

    In what state is a 20 year old a minor?

    • Allison Vasquez

      Every state… You can’t drink until you’re 21, meaning he gave alcohol to a minor.

  • Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Looks like James “Jay” “Baby Huey” Schiliro enjoys a nice firm spanking once in awhile. I bet he likes to have his “discipline” while wearing diapers, too. Just throwing that out there, food for thought, if you will.

  • Shane Hatch


  • Lola88

    Yea, you guys want a alky sex percert criminal for a mayor right???

  • Meanchick

    The people who have benefited from his position want him to remain there.

  • Joe Smith

    Yes, just say you’re sorry, and blame it on alcohol. If he was a liberal, a liberal judge would give him a reduced sentence because he was repentant. Baloney! If he is found guilty, it doesn’t matter if he’s sorry he got caught.

    • Russell Lewis

      Well, folks like him only have 2 excuses they give when they mess up… alcohol (the devil) made them do it, which he had to use because the other, “I misspoke” wouldn’t work in this scenario.

  • Joe Smith

    Like Clinton and Obama?

    • Michael Cruise

      Major deflection going on their, Sparky.

  • Sarah Mangan

    This seems like a case of abuction with attempted rape and statory rape, why isn’t he be held as a danger to society?

    • colleen2

      Quite so. The article mentions he had a sleeping 13 year old daughter there at the time. I find myself hoping they’re divorced and that the mother has custody. Republican men make crappy fathers.

  • DaddyO_969

    Yet another gay-bashing, self-hating right wing moron. Alcohol a problem? How can that be? He’s an upstanding Christian and God made him do this. No, wait, the Devil. No, he is the devil. Oh hell, whatever. Typical GOP hypocrisy. And if he goes to jail, he won’t have to ask to give oral sex to another guy. They will line up to take his pasty white ass and destroy him. I wonder what he’ll think of the justice system, then.

  • colleen2

    misdemeanors? 5 misdemeanors? They couldn’t find a felony or 2? lord.

  • jokr8790

    But I’ sure he’s a “pro-life” Christian. Isn’t that enough for the GOP?

  • Cal Fire News

    Attempted rape of a minor at gunpoint by a GOP Mayor is no harm no foul apparently…