Hillary Unchained: Hillary Clinton is on fire advocating for women's equality

Hillary Clinton is back this week, and delivered two speeches on women’s issues. Hillary’s advocacy for women is one of the many reasons most of us are hoping for a 2016 presidential run. Ms. Clinton may have hinted at a run when she stated,  “Around the world where too many women are still treated at best as second-class citizens, at worst as some kind of subhuman species…the business is still unfinished here at home in the United States, we have come so far together but there’s still work to be done.” Or maybe she just rocks. Women are still a key factor for Republicans to bring legitimacy to their party as the GOP attempts to morph into a more inclusive group.














The New Civil Rights Movement reports, “Back on center stage once again, Citizen Hillary reemerged this week, hot as a firecracker and good to her word that she would work to advance the “unfinished business of the 21st century” to achieve freedom, dignity and equality for women and girls, when she delivered two major speeches on women’s issues, as well as a timely announcement of her forthcoming memoirs.


Ms. Clinton has been a consistent voice for women. She will win in 2016. Women rocked the vote last year, and we will again in the next election, then the one after that, ad infinitum. While Republicans attempt to undermine any progress already made for women, a woman is about to take the Oval Office. Many of us are pretty sure she’ll run. I hope we’re not wrong.


Image: The World Of Hillary Clinton. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1082453930 DeNeice Kenehan

    The hesitation I have about Hillary is that she is a political insider. We need a real progressive, someone not bought by corporations. A savior of democracy. And I’m not convinced it is this person with the girlie parts, as attractive as that is to me. The threat to our nation is huge and pervasive, and it’s about MONEY more than gender imo.

    • Biting Reality

      I agree with the sentiment for the most part. As for “the savior of democracy” ..personally, I don’t much care for “democracy” – read Plato and keep in mind, the tyranny of the majority would have left slavery, kept blacks out of the voting booth and out of segregation, locked up and shocked gays, prevented the Civil Rights act, and any “socialized” program to include Medicare, ADA, and most protections that we have, as well as imprisoned socialists and deported all Jews, Japanese, Chinese, Germans in much the same manner as we treated the “Tories” after 1778….

      I do agree, on the other hand, a “real progressive, someone not bought by corporations” , is what we need but she/he/they will never be elected until we take down the American oligarchs. The oligarchs have been embedded in our systems for over 200 years – this is not a new thing but just more blatant – they no longer care to hide their corrupt cronyism – Reagan made sure of that. Save Lincoln, name a single president that has not been wealthy (and even Lincoln was by the time of election). Our “forefathers” were landed gentry – In the UK, they would have been Lords.

      Read Marx some time or Thomas Payne…Our revolution of 1776 was the landed gentry manipulating only 30% of the population to battle – the Landed Gentry were the large plantation owners and wealthy businessmen (like Franklin, Jefferson, Adams, Jay, Hancock, Washington, Jefferson Hancock, Revere) and were the commanders (generals) in the field or the members of the well-protected, out of harms way “Continental Congress” while the “Petty Bougeoisie”and Proletariat (and the complete “voice”-less, the absolute poverty stricken indentured servants/slaves) put their lives on the line only to be “free” of the old boss and taken over by the new boss.

      Those landed gents had some education and philosophical edge – they were wealthy enough to have the spare time for education and philosophy and not worry about survival.

      And, yes, we were better off, at the time, out of the hands of the East India Company and their patsy King George but replaced it with Wall Street and their patsies from the WH to local government

      The greatest threat to oligarchs is education and free thought – those come with spare time and enough wealth to afford such luxuries. Since the 1980’s, there has been a surge in the protracted war on the Middle Class – the 2nd in our nation’s history..(The first was in the 1800’s with the Robber Barons).
      Slaughter of the Middle Class assures the oligarchs their secure and firm hold on these United Sates of Wall Street and they have deeper roots than that East India Company ever had. Short of Revolution, they will not let go.

      It is virtually impossible to elect anyone who hasn’t sold their soul to Wall Street, and if we did, they would be marginalized and made ineffective or set up in a Spitzer-like scandal (the last person to go after Wall Street)

  • http://www.facebook.com/briar.theelsmom Briar Theelsmom

    Hillary is a true liberal. I am so looking forward to POTUS Hillary Clinton.

  • Hillary2016

    Think Hillary would fight harder and not cave live Obama has been doing in the debt ceiling and budget cuts.