Largest Christian University in 'Murica now allowing loaded concealed carry firearms in classroom

For your freedoms and stuff, Liberty University, which is the largest religion-affiliated U.S. school, is loosening restrictions for carrying firearms on its  Lynchburg, Va., campus and is now allowing concealed carry firearms. And the weapons are allowed to be loaded, likely with Liberty bullets or something equally patriotic. Because that’s what Jesus would do.











Huffington Post reports:

Liberty students who have an easy-to-obtain Virginia concealed carry permit and permission from campus police will now be able to carry a loaded gun into classrooms, according to a March 22 revision to school policy. University staff and visitors may also bring firearms into university buildings on campus, WSET reported. Students remain banned from bringing guns into residence halls, even with a permit.

“Students ought to have the ability to protect themselves,” Josh Hetzler, a law student who helped draft the new policy, told WDBJ. “We’ve seen a number of instances here in the nation recently were schools are particularly vulnerable. They’re gun free zones, except that the bad guys still get the guns.”

Liberty, a Christian institution founded by television evangelist Jerry Falwell, has an enrollment of 74,000, including 62,000 taking online courses. The school dropped its ban on campus guns in November 2011. That step allowed faculty and staff to bring their guns into buildings if they had a permit, while students and visitors were allowed to carry guns in cars and on the campus grounds, but not inside buildings.

Folks on probation, and students in violation of any academic or honor code, or those who have “been arrested for or charged with any assault, battery, stalking, crime of violence, or felony” are not allowed to carry guns on campus.

They even define ‘weapon’: “Weapon” is defined as any firearm designed or intended to expel a projectile by action of an explosion of a combustible material.

I’m gonna go get me a little cannon and pack it full of liberty ammo. I’m pretty sure that sex-ad and other lethal weapons such as birth control are not permitted to be taught on campus though.

The Huffington Post notes, “Though Liberty students may now carry loaded weapons to class, Liberty rules continue to prohibit R-rated movies, un-Godly musicdancing, kissing or staying in a motel room with a member of the opposite sex, as outlined in the student handbook.”

  • jholdeng

    Uh-oh, sounds like a comprehensive background check will be performed. I’m sure the NRA will have something to say about that.

  • Raeann Thomas

    Well, get ready to see a sharp uptick in the number of “godly” persons going to meet their maker at Liberty University.

  • nidevets

    No more F s in those classes. I know if I taught there all my students would pass my course. I wouldn’t want to get anyone upset

  • DisqustYouOut

    “Students ought to have the ability to protect themselves…”

    Except, apparently, in residence halls.