Mom leaves kids unattended in a car with a loaded gun, 3 year-old shoots baby sister in the face

After being shot in the cheek by her 3 year-old sibling, a 10-month-old infant in Idaho is recovering. According to KTVB, The Canyon County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the accidental shooting after the mother left them in the car alone at around 4:15 p.m. with a loaded gun in the vehicle.








Sheriff Kieran Donahue said, “Those kids were in the car, which may not have been bad in itself except there was a loaded firearm in the car and unfortunately, children being children, found access to it and discharged it. The bottom line is the two children were unattended in the car.”

Watch courtesy of KTVB:


Donahue said that the mother, who buckled her 10-month-old into a car seat, went back into her home for a brief moment when the shooting happened. He says during that time, the 3-year-old found the high caliber pistol near a seat and fired it at the baby, grazing the child’s cheek near the mouth.

Authorities say that are still investigating the shooting, and no charges have been filed yet.


  • Deborah

    How this isn’t child abuse is beyond me.

  • Blagoliuff

    The three year old was obviously a criminal who would have just acquired a firearm some other way if the gun grabbers had their way. Very lucky the baby was not killed and it just goes to show you, if the baby had been armed this never would have happened. It takes good infants with guns to stop criminal siblings who have no regard for the law.

  • Sally

    No charges? Let’s charge the the NRA with stupidity for making this woman afraid to NOT have a loaded gun in her car. Then let’s charge her with child endangerment for leaving it loaded and on a seat. Did she leave her keys in the ignition too, and the care running, so the 3 year could practice his driving? Isn’t this the state where The Citadel community is planned? Yo know, pay the rubes enough cash and you too can live in a gated community where all children are trained in shooting and all people carry laoded weapons to protect themselves against the big bad government…what could go wrong?

  • Carla

    10 years ago this happened so rarely, it was considered an accident and parents were rarely charged or charged with a low level crime. Everyone pretty much agreed they had already been punished enough. But in the last 5 years or so with the change in attitudes and the whole “gun culture” – this much change.
    Each and every time a child is able to put there hands on a gun and discharge it, regardless of the outcome the Owner needs to be charged with a serious felony and spend a minimum of ten years in prison. No exception. I don’t care if they are law enforcement, parent or grandparents – I don’t care if they are home at the time it occurs. If these grown ass adults cannot be counted on to properly secure their weapons, they go to jail. They lose their right to ever own a firearm again and possibly lose their children. This is beyond ridiculous.

    • Susan Norman

      I really agree with you Carla. This is child abuse in the worst kind of way and the parents need to do time for it.

      • Carla

        After an hour of googling for follow up, it looks like no criminal charges as there was no “willful intent”, there may or may not be a state “DFS” type of investigation. Not for the gun, evidently with a permit it’s legal to carry in the vehicle in Idaho within certain parameters. No indication if this incident met these parameters. The actual issue under investigation would be leaving the children unattended in the car, which is pretty much illegal under every circumstance in every state these days – but would be doubtful it would rise to any actual charges. I am very glad this baby did not suffer serious injury.

  • Joseph Sinkovic

    Ain’t Idaho a republican state or blue state or dummy state. Republicans got shit for brains.

    • Bink Binkerson

      As someone fond of shit, I am offended by your assertions that Republicans are made of it.

      • Guest

        Friend of Mr. Hanky?

  • Bink Binkerson

    The Russian government had informed the FBI and CIA about this kid. They chose to ignore this info, as usual. It’s Obama’s fault, I tells ya!

  • husball

    The only thing that will stop a bad toddler with a gun is a good toddler with a gun. MORE GUNS FOR TODDLERS.

  • Freefall

    No charges yet? This better not turn out to be another acceptable “OOPS!”. I know people think their guns have rights, but KIDS HAVE RIGHTS TOO! Don’t they???

    • Caroline Werle

      I don’t think they do, why should they?

    • treetops

      well, apparently they have the right to shoot their siblings in the face…

  • Caroline Werle

    How irresponsible she was to Leave the kids in the car by themselves! Stupid people in the world. Then has a gun in the same area too? Like to wring her neck