The Irony: GOPers pass 'Women's Right to Know Act', forces doctors to falsely link abortion to breast cancer

Lawmakers in Kansas passed an extreme anti-abortion measure Friday night 90-30, hours after the Senate approved it 28-10. Gov. Sam Brownback is expected to sign into law, according to NPR. The bill defines life as beginning at ‘fertilization’ and blocks tax breaks for health care providers that perform abortions. There’s also a clause where a doctor must convey a particular lie, linking abortion to breast cancer to the female who is seeking an abortion.












Republican Kansas Sen. Steve Fitzgerald, a supporter of the bill, said, “The human is a magnificent piece of work in all stages of development, wondrous in every regard, from the microscopic until full development.”

NPR reports, “The bill, called  also requires doctors to provide controversial information to patients either seeking or inquiring about an abortion of a link between the procedure and breast cancer. The National Cancer Institute concluded in 2003 that abortion does not raise the risk for breast cancer, but physicians would have to address the issue as a “potential risk” for women seeking an abortion.” (my bold)

There is no link between abortion and breast cancer. So, about that anti-science thing Republicans continue to escalate — it’s not to our betterment unless dumbing down America is the ultimate goal. So, why not just link abortion to _____  then just fill in the blank with random, frightening diseases if a physician sees that a woman would like to go ahead with the procedure. Must interfere at all costs….

If the Governor signs the bill and it looks likely that he will, then this bill goes into effect on July the first.

Fitzgerald said as a candidate in 2012, “One cannot support the Democratic platform and be a follower of Christ.” In which case, I contend that one cannot accept scientific facts and be a Republican. There, I said it.

  • Carla

    The bill also prohibits their involvement in public school sex education classes. I’m guessing to ensure the misinformation is more easily managed.

  • Bigdog327

    Unbelievable, just unbelievable! How stupid do they think people are?

  • Pat n

    They want to dumb down citizens not in the just the risks of getting breast cancer. They want the citizens to become dumber. That way they will have everybody where they want them. Qnly a sellect few will even get an education. Can you see where this is going. You will do anything to have a job so your children can eat and be clothed.

  • Carla

    from the state that went to court in 2005 to teach creationism, because “evolution had been proven false”.

  • Sally

    The ‘Democratic platform’ on abortion is that it is legal. The GOP platform is “screw the law, ban them all.” Now, which platform is more likely to attrack voters? And as far as him claiming Christ…ha. When he is as against war and torture as he is women, let’s talk. Until then, this is not about God’s creations. It is about control over the female body. Period. If they truly wanted to end abortions, they would be in the forefront of ways to get more copntraceptives out there, and educating boys about keeping their pants zipped. Nada.

  • heychief

    He’s got it backwards. Not a person until birth

  • carole smith

    Somebody is finally getting it right.