Rush Limbaugh rants over the cost of welfare for Amanda Berry’s 6 year-old daughter

May 7, 2013

Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michele Knight were all rescued Monday night in a stunning turn of events which the nation is celebrating. Well, everyone with the exception of Rush Limbaugh who connects the Cleveland kidnapping to President Obama, then ponders the cost of welfare for Amanda Berry, who was rescued due to the heroic efforts of a nearby neighbor, Charles Ramsey.










Along with rescuing Amanda Berry was her 6 year-old daughter, obviously born in captivity after being missing for a decade.

Audio courtesy of Media Matters. 


Limbaugh’s assumptions are abundant as he declares that the three brothers who allegedly kidnapped the women, voted for President Obama, then goes on to say about the brothers, “One of who has a baby. Double welfare benefits if one of the women has a baby. No, I don’t know. Fascinating that the same thing happened on Hawaii 5-0…and I guarantee you people watch it. It happened on T.V. It is for real.”

Incidentally, Amanda Berry was kidnapped over ten years ago. Obama was not the President. Is Rush Limbaugh saying that Amanda should have had an abortion? He’s also assuming that the kidnapper was on welfare, or that Ms. Berry will be.

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  • treestar2010

    There’s nothing to say any welfare was ever involved. As for now, I guess Amanda should just get a job! (sarcasm). Or, that’s what conservatives would say.

  • Jose Lopez Maldonado

    I can assure you that these three young ladies will not have to worry about finances, they will be on syndicated talk shows, book deals, Lifetime will probably make a movie.

    • Robyn Kern

      you got that right, they may also sue the state or local government as the the young lady who was kidnapped for 18 years who got a settlement from the state of California. No, these girls will not need welfare.

  • Rodney Neal Powell

    I’m with Wanda Sykes: I hope Limbaugh’s kidneys fail

  • AllergicToGunNuts

    Oh, Rush? mm-bye. Costa Rica is waiting for you.

  • pattreid

    Is this asshat held accountable for nothing?

  • working guy

    Rush should engage his brain before he engages his mouth The kidnappers should get the electric chair . Have a national lottery on who gets to pull the switch and give the earnings to the victims. No prison costs or welfare. The victims will be set for life and it would save the tax payers millions.

  • Alexander Cardosa

    Oh my mr. lost my marbles is mad about something. Who would have guessed. Must be a slow week with him.

  • John Michael Defalque

    She was missing and presumed dead for a decade. Rush hasn’t a clue how the system works. You must show up the office ocassionally, submit to a job search, everything you earn will be clawed back, cost of living while going to school wil be clawed back, paperwork has to be regularly submitted. If anyone of these women aren’t immediately ready to work after their liberation-have some understanding and some sympathy, if they need a long vacation, some counselling, time to be with their families-so be it-they just came out of a dungeon.

  • Rhonda Lowenstein

    And speaking of welfare you fat piece of sh%t, how is that 40 MILLION dollar contract treating you that you don’t deserve and didn’t EARN??

  • Rhonda Lowenstein

    Why does anyone listen to this fat, drug addicted, right wing blow hole?? He should shut his trap for once! These women were kidnapped, tortured, and raped for 10 years! It isn’t like birth control was available to them! But then again, Rush would have just called them sluts for that anyway! Since he is a member of the “pro-birth” party, he should probably be more upset by what happened and the fact that these women were raped repeatedly and then beaten until they miscarried! Piece of garbage; FIRE his A$$ already! I am so sick of this histrionic idiot!

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